Robert Tercek Presents Gaming in the Connected Age

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 20, 2011

Robert Tercek took the stage at Casual Connect this morning to share his thoughts on the state of gaming in today’s connected world. He began his presentation by pointing out that games are not needed everywhere. The over-gamification currently happening clearly is not to Robert’s liking (a theme very popular among presenters at this year’s …Read more

Casual Connect Asia Targets Singapore for 2012

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 20, 2011

Jessica Thames took the stage at Casual Connect Seattle following Torsten Reil’s keynote address and announced the latest Casual Connect conference will head to Singapore in 2012. There isn’t a lot of information available at this point in time, but we expect the Casual Games Association will be releasing details in the near future. Stay …Read more

Big Fish Games Workshop Brings Fans and Developers Together

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 20, 2011
Big Fish Games Workshop Brings Fans and Developers Together

Game developers from around the world joined over 60 customers at the 2nd annual Big Fish Games Workshop in Seattle on Monday to discuss everything from upcoming titles to current game trends. The goal of the workshop is to get customers in front of the developers that create the games they love. By having this …Read more

Mom Gamers Speak Up at Casual Connect 2011

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 19, 2011

As many of you can attest to, women over 35 comprise the largest demographic of casual gamers in the world. These women aren’t just gaming on their PC or Mac at home. Many of these women are branching out to other gaming platforms including mobile, social, and browser based. Owais Farooqui led a panel of …Read more

Torsten Reil Delivers Casual Connect 2011 Keynote

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 19, 2011
Torsten Reil Delivers Casual Connect 2011 Keynote

Torsten Riel, the CEO and co-founder of NaturalMotion, delivered the Casual Connect keynote this morning and discussed the development of his company’s Euphoria Motion Synthesis Engine. In illustrating the development of NaturalMotion’s technology, Torsten showed video of a biped learning to walk. As the creature moved from first generation through to twentieth generation, the improvements …Read more

Casual Connect 2011 Networking Events Schedule

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 18, 2011

To kick off our local coverage of Casual Connect 2011 here in Seattle, we thought we would thrown down what every attendee cares about most – the networking events! Each event offers a grand opportunity for meeting new people, connecting with key industry icons, and having a great time. Also, if you are new to …Read more

Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) Offers Free Indie Gaming Event

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 18, 2011

Seattle’s historic SODO district welcomes the Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) tonight. A FREE event for exhibitors and attendees, SIX is devoted to Seattle-based independent game developers and their current projects. SIX will take place in loft space just south of Safeco and CenturyLink Fields. If you are an independent game developer on a small budget …Read more

Casual Connect 2011 Coverage

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 17, 2011

Next week the annual Casual Connect conference again unfolds in downtown Seattle. For those who aren’t familiar with the conference, it brings together the biggest players in the casual gaming industry for a three day conference featuring lectures, round table discussions, networking events, and, of course, parties. We’ll be blogging from the event to keep …Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Facebook Fan

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 16, 2011

At this point, it’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing about Facebook. But…did you know it’s not only a great place to keep up with all your friends, it’s also a great place to following your favorite brands and actually chat with the people behind the website. As some of you may already know we …Read more

Saran Wrapped Desk Traps Studios VP!

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 13, 2011

Welcome to the latest edition of "Desk of the Week" where we celebrate the long lived tradition of office pranks here in the Big Fish Games office. This week we take a look at the desk of one of our Senior Producers, "Shawn". Shawn has been integral in nurturing our relationship with Nintendo and getting …Read more

Best 30-Minute Meal Recipes Earn Felix’s Top Chef Award

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 5, 2011

You know it’s a good day at work when part of your day’s responsibilities is tasting a bunch of yummy recipes sent in from our customers. That’s a meeting invite I’ll accept any day of the week! Joni B., Director of Customer Service and our honored judge, tastes the goods. The subject for this month’s …Read more

Top 30-Minute Meal Recipes Selected for Taste Testing

Posted by Conor Murphy on June 29, 2011

The Big Fish Games community has spoken and our top 5 recipes have been decided! This week the forum moderators will follow these recipes ‘to the letter’ and recreate five fabulous 30 minute meals. Then Joni, our Director of Customer Support, will have the honor of tasting the dishes and deciding the winner. The winning …Read more