Big Fish Games in The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Conor Murphy on February 3, 2009

On Thursday, January 29th, Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal visited our Seattle office to do research for an article titled, "Out of Office: Job Loss in the Age of Blogs and Twitter". The article, which appears in today's Wall Street Journal, discusses how the internet is acting as a social anesthetic for Americans "grappling with layoffs and grim economic news".Read more

Big Fish Games in Times Square

Posted by Conor Murphy on January 30, 2009

The recent Big Fish Games / Harlequin partnership announcement has made its way to New York City! The licensing agreement was featured on the Reuters Sign in Times Square. The 7,400 square foot digital billboard captured the headline, "Harlequin and Big Fish Games Announce Licensing Agreement" while the smaller photo board featured the Big Fish Games logo.Read more

Big Fish Games Featured on Q13 Fox News Seattle

Posted by Conor Murphy on January 30, 2009

Big Fish Games was featured last night on Q13 Fox Seattle News! Reporter Amy Allen and crew visited our Seattle office to do a piece on Puget Sound companies that are still hiring despite the current economic situation. Paul Thelen (Company Founder and Chief Strategy Officer) and Peter Anderson (Vice President, HR & Recruiting) were featured along with several BFG employees.Read more

Big Fish Games Teams Up with Harlequin Enterprises

Posted by Conor Murphy on January 27, 2009

On January 23rd, Big Fish Games and Harlequin Enterprises Limited announced a new licensing partnership. The agreement will see Big Fish Games publishing a new line of interactive games beginning summer, 2009. The games will be inspired by Harlequin Presents, the most popular romance-novel series in the world. Additionally, Harlequin will publish a branded series of books inspired by the Mystery Case Files series of games and written by Harlequin's bestselling authors beginning the second quarter of 2010. The award winning Mystery Case Files line of games has sold over 3 million units and is widely recognized as a leading franchise throughout the gaming world.Read more

Diana Fortune in the Lost Temple of Gold

Posted by Conor Murphy on January 21, 2009

Big Fish Games Studios is proud to announce Diana Fortune in the Lost Temple of Gold, a new free online game available for Big Fish Games Community players! Join archaeologist and adventurer Diana Fortune as she travels to the overgrown jungles near Tikal to explore a recently discovered Mayan temple. The floor of the temple is mostly quick sand, so you'll have to create paths for Diana using ornate stepping stone tiles. She can use these paths to travel around and collect valuable treasures to send to local museums!Read more

Big Fish Games on the iPhone

Posted by Conor Murphy on January 9, 2009

With so much buzz around mobile gaming on the Apple iPhone, it was only a matter of time before a Big Fish Games title made its way to this capable and exciting platform. Following on the heels of the successful development and release of Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir for the Nintendo DS, Hidden Expedition: Everest was targeted as the first release for the iPhone. Learn more about this great title and other Big Fish Games for the iPhone and iPod touch. Shawn Wood (Lead Artist) and Tyson Chihaya (Lead Programmer) were tasked with transitioning Everest from the PC to the iPhone. A downloadable gaming hit, the Hidden Expedition series of games have established themselves as a well known brand among casual gamers. This resulted in the redesign of Hidden Expedition: Everest carrying with it certain expectations. "We wanted to make sure we kept the core integrity of the game intact, however, our #1 goal was to make sure it remained a good game. Also, this was our first game for the iPhone so we felt a bit of pressure to get it right," said Shawn Wood.Read more

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Sketches

Posted by Conor Murphy on December 12, 2008

The final scene in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst finds the user in Charles' chamber attempting to put an end to his wicked scheme and free the trapped souls. Poking around in Big Fish Games Studios, we came across the original sketches used to plan this climactic scene. We thought it would be fun to share them with you. For those who have completed the game, these sketches will give you some insight into how Jeff Haynie developed the look and feel of the chamber.Read more

Artist Spotlight: Jeff Haynie, Art Director

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 26, 2008
Artist Spotlight: Jeff Haynie, Art Director

With the release of Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst taking place tomorrow, we thought it would be fun to sit down and talk with Jeff Haynie, Big Fish Games Art Director. Jeff is the driving force behind the artistic direction of the Mystery Case Files brand. A veteran of the entertainment industry, Jeff has been involved with gaming for over a decade. Having started with DreamWorks, Jeff moved to Big Fish Games two years ago. Jeff was recently awarded the Big Fish Games Innovator of the Quarter Award not only for his amazing artwork, but also for the amazing influence he has on everyone he works with. Congratulations to Jeff!Read more

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Release Date Announced

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 22, 2008

The official release date for Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst was announced today in the form of a new teaser video. The game is set for release to the general public on November 27th, 2008 with Big Fish Game Club members gaining access game on November 26th, 2008. Check out the Official Big Fish …Read more

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Teaser 2

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 21, 2008

Rose is back on Facebook and has released the second in what appears to be a series of Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst images. The door behind Emma's locket is being removed to reveal whatever lies beyond. We'll continue to keep our eyes on Rose's Facebook page and will post whatever we find here.Read more

Big Fish Games France Anniversary Sale Celebration!

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 20, 2008

In November, 2007, Big Fish Games, Inc launched Big Fish Games France. The site offers all of the most popular Big Fish Games titles localized for the French speaking audience as well as all of the newest content available online for French speaking casual gamers. To help celebrate the first anniversary, Big Fish Games France is offering 40% off all games for one week beginning Friday, November 21st. We've asked Sebastien Petit to sit down with us and reflect on the last year. Sebastien was born in Paris and grew up close by. He currently serves as Big Fish Games France Site Manager.Read more

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir – Developer’s Voice Trailer

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 17, 2008

In early September, members of the Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir development team were interviewed for the Developer's Voice series on the Nintendo Channel. Shawn Seavers and Adrian Woods of Big Fish Games were featured in the video as well as Sean Harrold and Elaine Eudy of Griptonite Games. The interview took the better part of the day and gives you a unique glimpse inside the art of game development.Read more