Big Fish Games, France

In November, 2007, Big Fish Games, Inc launched Big Fish Games France. The site offers all of the most popular Big Fish Games titles localized for the French speaking audience as well as all of the newest content available online for French speaking casual gamers.

To help celebrate the first anniversary, Big Fish Games France is offering 40% off all games for one week beginning Friday, November 21st.

We’ve asked Sebastien Petit to sit down with us and reflect on the last year. Sebastien was born in Paris and grew up close by. He currently serves as Big Fish Games France Site Manager.

Tell us about Big Fish Games France’s first year.

The past year has been great. Our French speaking audience is growing very fast and we’re working hard to meet their needs by offering new games as fast as we can.

How often are you able to publish a new game for the French site?

When we first launched the site in 2007, we were able to offer two games per week. After a couple months, we were able to ramp that up to three games per week. Now, we’re at five games per week and we’re shooting to release A New Game Every Day – just like

What challenges does releasing A New Game Every Day pose?

Well, we strive to offer games that have the best localized content for customers and that takes time. Making sure the linguistics are accurate is critical. Big Fish Games users have come to expect excellence from the Big Fish Games brand so as we launch new sites, part of our job is to maintain that level of brand quality.

How have Big Fish Games France users responded?

Growth has been strong over the past year and Customer Support has received lots of positive feedback. So that’s good news. One customer in particular sent a long message telling us how she and her husband stayed up all night solving Azada together and how thankful she was to have a French version of the game. It’s great to hear people say things like that.

What does this process for launching a game on Big Fish Games France look like?

Matt Decker (Big Fish Games Localization Manager) and Keely Alexander (Big Fish Games Localization Coordinator) take a look at the games targeted for the .com site and make decisions about what content would be best for the .fr audience. From there we reach out to the developers and work with them to set up a contract to offer a French version of the game.

Of course, it’s the localization that takes so much time. Everything is translated by hand and we consider this a big deal. We don’t rely on a computer to give us some kind of poor translation. We’re trying to be as creative as we can with our translations to provide the French speaking customer with the best gaming experience possible.

What do you anticipate for year two?

The number one goal is to continue to release great games and to always be customer focused. Also, the Online Games redesign was just launched so we’re anxious to see how the French audience will react to it.

Any last second thoughts?

We’re always looking for French speaking translators and game testers. If anyone reading this is interested in being a part of a really fun, fast growing company, take a look at the career opportunities at Big Fish Games. We would love to speak with you.

Thanks, Sebastien

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