5 Steps to Casual GamingEveryone remembers their first day of high school. You’re not entirely sure where to go. Nearly everyone is a stranger. Helpful resources are still a mystery.

In short, you feel lost.

Getting started in gaming can be a very similar experience. Where do you start? What games should you play? Where can you get help? What’s Game Club? We think about these questions all the time as we try to improve our site.

Today, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 5 simple steps new gamers can use to help get oriented, better understand the landscape, and go from hopeless noob to respected pro.

1. Where Do I Start?

This is the toughest question to answer and yet the one that offers new gamers the most options. Really, it’s pretty simple. You just have to start gaming. There really is no other way. Fortunately, you can download and try our games for FREE so the cost of entry shouldn’t be a barrier.

If you’re struggling with what game to pick, we recommend you visit our Top Games page and pick a couple from a few different game genres and try them all. This should give you keen insight into the style of gameplay each genre offers.

Remember, it’s all about taking that first step and trying your first game.

2. I’m Stuck! Help!

Most games will present the gamer with some level of challenge. Some players relish this struggle, while others prefer smoother sailing. For those of you who find yourself stuck and in need of help, we offer a few options.

First, for many games, we publish Strategy Guides that offer an interactive means of getting help. Collector’s Edition games all feature this guide. We also publish game walkthroughs for many of our titles here on the blog. These walkthroughs offer step-by-step instructions for completing the game.

A second option is to visit our forums where you’ll find other gamers posting questions, comments, tips, and general help about most of our games.

Finally, you can always post questions on our Facebook Wall where we have a wonderful community of over 60,000 fans eager to help in any way they can.

3. Hi! My Name Is…

After you’re comfortable with finding games and getting help, it’s time to make some new friends!

It’s one thing to be a part of the casual gaming community, it’s another level to actually get social and meet new people. That’s exactly what our Big Fish Babes did so well. Use our forums or our Facebook page as a way to reach out to like-minded gamers or to find others in your community who want to spend time together. Who knows maybe you can even get your own game club started!

Beyond the joy of friendship, it’s great to pal around with other gamers as you’re bound to help each other discover great new games to play, new puzzle solving techniques to try, and cool gaming venues to frequent.

4. Maybe I Can Help?

While we’re always grateful when a game walkthrough or a forum post gets us past a sticking point, it feels even better to be the one to offer help to someone with their own gaming challenge.

After you’re comfortable with being a casual gamer, it’s time to be a reach out to others who are just getting started or who are stuck. Share your own tips, tricks, and helpful insights into the games you’ve mastered. You’re effort is bound to be appreciated by someone.

5. Getting Involved

Did you know Game Club members can take part in our Beta Program for Games? This is a program that lets our biggest fans test games before they’re released to the general public. By signing up for Game Club you’ll have the opportunity to access pre-released versions of games to play and rate. Not only is this fun for you, but it helps us make the games even better.

It should be noted the selection process is random so you’ll have to watch your email for an invitation.

Learning about casual gaming and being an active part of the casual gaming community can be a wonderful journey. Best of luck as you take your first steps!