Customer Support Tests Drawn: The Painted Tower

Posted by Conor Murphy on September 3, 2009
Customer Support Tests Drawn: The Painted Tower

Our Customer Support team in Seattle took a short break last week and dove into the world of Drawn, the new release from Big Fish Games Studios. Between answering emails and chatting with customers, they were able to get a small taste of what our Studios team has been cooking up for the last several months. Although they were only able to play the first few levels, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. "The game seamlessly combines adventure, puzzles and intrigue. You will be hooked in the first 5 minutes! Not to mention the artwork is amazing. Players will also be awed by the concept and storyline. Who can resist Iris, our magical heroine in distress?" - Nicole, French Customer Support Representative "I enjoyed the illustrative approach and thought it fit in nicely with the theme and title, Drawn. The game was very engaging and challenging. I didn't want to stop playing it!" - Odessa, Customer Support RepresentativeRead more

Felix the Ninja?

Posted by Conor Murphy on April 30, 2009

A funny thing happens when Big Fish Games employees have insomnia. They don’t lie in bed counting flying sheep (or flying fish), they get up and put their creativity to work! Dennis Kendrick, one of our Customer Support Reps, is a case in point. As he puts it, "I was bored, tired, and couldn’t sleep. Naturally, I decided to get on my computer and have a little fun." That ’fun’ turned out to be a wildly creative interpretation of our own Felix the Fish as...a ninja? Why a ninja, you ask?Read more

We’re Here to Help!

Posted by Conor Murphy on April 29, 2009

Online Customer Support has become quite the popular destination these days. Last month alone, the Big Fish Games Help pages had over 1.9 million visits! With all this attention, we thought it might be time to spruce up the place and take part in a little spring cleaning. But instead of breaking out the old broom and mop, we’ve put our developers and support gurus to work. They’ve pulled out all the stops in turning our once humble service station into a do-it-yourself depot.Read more

Hunt for Easter Eggs with Customer Support

Posted by Conor Murphy on April 10, 2009

The Easter Fishy surprised our Customer Support team with colorful eggs filled with treats hidden at their desks and now our representatives want to spread the holiday cheer. We’ve added in a few Plush Felix, and some Marshmallow Peeps to create a silly little hidden object game just for you. We hope this is a nice intro to a wonderful holiday weekend for each and every one of you!Read more

Is Big Fish Games Haunted?!

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 30, 2008

Greetings Master Detectives! The time is drawing near for the hunt to begin again! The Big Fish Games Customer Support Team is eagerly looking forward to the release of the Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst and we thought, "What better way to celebrate than with a few haunted house decorations?"Read more

Reeling in Customer Support

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 10, 2008
Reeling in Customer Support

Ever contacted Customer Support and wondered who you are working with? Well, say hello to the Big Fish Games Customer Support team! You might think they spend their entire day answering emails and instant messages. Here is a look at what they're all about.

Read more