10 Great Places to Play Mobile Games

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 25, 2011
10 Great Places to Play Mobile Games

With the proliferation of mobile games and mobile gaming platforms, it’s becoming more and more common for gamers to take their obsession on the road. Whether you’re killing some downtime on the bus with a quick game of Rainbow Web or losing yourself at Starbucks in Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir, these days, gaming is becoming …Read more

A Tale of Two Coffee Machines

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 25, 2011
A Tale of Two Coffee Machines

For those of you who aren’t aware, our office is in Seattle and in Seattle, we take our coffee very, very seriously. Coffee. Coffee shops. Coffee festivals. Coffee tours. Shops that are not even coffee shops, but still serve great coffee. Gas stations with coffee. Getting 50 MPG if you add 2 cups of coffee …Read more

Match 3 Games and Your 15-Minute Break

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 22, 2011
Match 3 Games and Your 15-Minute Break

We know how it is with down time at work. Fifteen minutes isn’t enough time to dive into a new project but it’s too much time to just sit there and do nothing. We’ve taken some time to think about how to best handle such situations. The answer may surprise you. We all need to …Read more

Why Digital Products Are Such A Great Gift Option

Posted by Conor Murphy on December 14, 2010

In keeping with the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to take a second to look at why digital products are such fantastic gift ideas. More and more entertainment is moving online and can be accessed directly via the web. Whether you’re interested in movies, music, books, or games, you will find each …Read more

Happy Halloween Flowchart – Guaranteed!

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 29, 2010

An evening of Halloween trick or treating and devilish escapades can have lots of wacky outcomes that require a somewhat sophisticated level of analysis. To help you more efficiently navigate through an evening of tricks or treats, we offer you the following Halloween flowchart guaranteed (not really) to lead to a Happy Halloween every year! …Read more

Chevy Cruze In Live Pac-Man Game

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 27, 2010

The Chinese arm of Chevrolet Motors decided to mashup the Chevy Cruze and Pac-Man. The result was an amazing live action version of Pac-Man…in cars! The Pac-Man car features a video feed of the level so the driver can see where he is and where he needs to go. The power pellets are lights mounted …Read more

The Wonderful World of Gaming Opens at Walt Disney World

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 22, 2010

If you happen to be near the Downtown Disney Marketplace at Disney World this weekend, be sure to pop into the Once Upon A Toy, Disney Interactive Studios. Saturday, October 23rd marks the opening of a new gaming destination at Walt Disney World Resort – The Wonderful World of Gaming. The attraction is billed as …Read more

Vampire Adventure Games – Love at First Byte?

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 22, 2010

There’s no denying it, Vampires are all the rage these days. Their mass popularity can be seen in movies such as Underworld and Twilight, and the TV series True Blood. As is true with many top titles in entertainment, you also find vampires crossing over into Adventure games across all computer gaming platforms. Why is …Read more

Spooky Games for Creepy Halloween Fun

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 19, 2010

October is finally here and Halloween is rapidly approaching. We wanted to share some spooky games you can snuggle up with on cool, dark, Autumn nights. Whether you’re stalking ghosts in Deadtime Stories or creeping around Malloy Castle as Nancy Drew, you’re sure to feel a shiver run up your spine with each creaking door …Read more

Family Game Night Still Bringing Families Together

Posted by Conor Murphy on September 27, 2010

For many of us, the distant memories of family game night without keyboards, Wi-Fi connections, or batteries is becoming more and more difficult to recall. However, there once was a time when we actually played solitaire with a deck of cards and Scrabble with wooden game pieces! That’s right…playing board games actually meant you had …Read more

The Role of Games for Language Learners

Posted by Conor Murphy on September 23, 2010

If you’ve ever tried to learn a new language, you’re well aware of the need to practice, practice, practice! It’s one thing to memorize the lexicon of a new language. It’s another thing entirely to fluidly speak, read, and think in your non-native language. There are plenty of mediums people can use to practice a …Read more

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Posted by Conor Murphy on March 22, 2010

Big Fish Games President and CEO Jeremy Lewis (a.k.a. Lewbabes on our Forums) got an unexpected surprise in his inbox this morning. Customer Tanja Gerstenberger put her artistic talents to use and created a very special drawing in honor of Jeremy’s 41st birthday. According to Tanya, she was inspired by the different holiday looks we give Felix and decided to try her hand at a Jeremy-themed Felix. We love the representation, so from all of us at Big Fish Games – and particularly Jeremy – thanks for the drawing, Tanja!Read more