Chevy Pac Man Commercial
The Chinese arm of Chevrolet Motors decided to mashup the Chevy Cruze and Pac-Man. The result was an amazing live action version of Pac-Man…in cars!

The Pac-Man car features a video feed of the level so the driver can see where he is and where he needs to go. The power pellets are lights mounted on the ground that react to the passover of the Pac-Man car. While the ghosts almost get the upper hand on a couple occasions, in the end, Pac-Man ‘finishes the level’.

Check out some stills from the video (which you can find over on YouTube).

Chevy Cruze Pac-Man 1
Chevy Cruze Pac-Man 2
Chevy Cruze Pac-Man 3
Chevy Cruze Pac-Man 4
Chevy Cruze Pac-Man 5