It’s tough to get enough of a good game and Bejeweled is one that is impossible to put down. There’s nothing wrong with the basic match-3 formula, but why not add a little glitz and glamour? Gem swap power-ups to give your combos the extra juice they need to get the high score in our Bejeweled Games!

Bejeweled has bedazzled players through its addictive simplicity for more than a decade – well, the shiny colors probably helped too. With our collection of Bejeweled Games, you can easily become captivated by fun. Complete with numerous game modes to match your mood and ensure you can have a relaxing evening or a unique challenge to jumpstart your day, our games can accommodate gem hunters of any preference!

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The Big Fish library is filled with all kinds of gems, and there are few better ways to add a little shine to your personal game collection than by bejeweling it!