Legends of rainbows have existed since ancient times, whether the rainbow was the Norse Bifrost that served as a way to enter the realm of the gods, or was just a way to get to a pot of gold. In our selection of Rainbow Games, you’ll not only get to see colors in the sky, but create your own! And there’s a lot more magic to a rainbow than many people realize.

For example, Did you know that when you see a rainbow, you’re seeing something that no one else is? The colors that a rainbow displays are very dependent on the angle of light being reflected. When you and a friend look at a rainbow together, you’re looking at it from two different angles, so seeing a rainbow is an entirely unique experience. Luckily, our Rainbow Games won’t constantly switch things up on you!

rainbowwebget-this-game rainbow-web-2get-this-game rainbow-web-3get-this-game rainbowmysteryget-this-game
lucky-cloverget-this-game rainbowruffleget-this-game rainbowsget-this-game weathermasterget-this-game

All you need to enjoy our diverse selection of Rainbow games is a little appreciation for atmospheric beauty. In addition to thousands of downloadable games, we also offer streaming Rainbow Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Play instantly today!

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