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If you have an appetite for exquisite cuisine, our collection of Serving games may be just what you ordered! Our diverse selection lets you play as a waitress, or, if reality isn’t your thing, create your own restaurant in space! Be careful, though. If you think Earthlings can be picky, you haven’t tried serving mushroom soufflé to Martians!

A dash of lime, a pinch of mango, freshly squeezed orange juice…don’t forget the garlic and ginger for the most poignant chutney. We here at Big Fish believe that there’s a great video game for every appetite, which is why our selection includes drinks and dishes from all over the world – including ones that don’t exist yet. And better yet, our downloadable games let you deliver taste bud adventures from the comfort of your computer chair.

miriel-the-magical-merchantget-this-game diner-dashget-this-game diner-dash-flo-through-timeget-this-game coffee-rush-3get-this-game
jos-dream-organic-coffeeget-this-game turbo-fiestaget-this-game cooking-dashget-this-game yummy-drink-factoryget-this-game

Whether you want to serve up the most delicious desserts, work at the finest diner in the universe or just settle down as a renowned coffee connoisseur, our selection of restaurant and serving games has something for you. We also have streaming Serving Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Play instantly today!

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