Felix’s Favorites Treasure Chest

Posted by Conor Murphy on April 1, 2009 in Promotions -- Share:

Felix's Favorites Promotion

Ahoy there Big Fish Games fans!

Great news…last week, Felix agreed to allow us to dive for one of his many sunken treasure chests in Elliott Bay. The water was chilly and the currents strong, but we were able to uncover a rather large treasure chest and haul it back to the office.

Turns out the chest was full of great limited-edition Big Fish Games loot! Just the kind of stuff we love to share with you. Get your hands on the booty by collecting Felix’s favorite games throughout the month of April.

Learn more about Felix’s Treasure Chest today matey – else ye may be walkin’ the plank! Arrr!

The Loot

Big Fish Games Treasure

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