Gabe from Penny Arcade Plays Fairway Solitaire More Than Any Other!

Posted by Conor Murphy on April 25, 2014 in Big Fish Studios -- Share:

It’s not every day when a gaming icon compliments your game. Rarer still, is to hear your game has truly “hooked” that icon into hours and hours of play. For our studios development team, that perfect day came when Gabe from Penny Arcade recently estimated that he’s “… probably put more hours into Fairway Solitaire than any other game.”

We couldn’t be more tickled that Gabe is also loving the newest iteration — Fairway Solitaire Blast!

I’ve probably put more hours into Fairway Solitaire than any other game. It has always just sort of filled in the cracks of my life.

— Gabe from Penny Arcade

In addition, Kate Rice, winner of Penny Arcade’s Strip Search came up with a fantastic new comic strip for the launch of Fairway Solitaire Blast! Check it out below:

I was initially attracted to the visual style of the game, and now I can’t stop playing.

– Katie Rice

Have you tried Fairway Solitaire Blast yet? If so, are you addicted like Gabe & Kate?

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