Game Developers Embrace PlayWrite Tablet

Posted by Conor Murphy on April 1, 2011 in Game News -- Share:

PlayWrite Gaming Tablet
We’re happy to announce “9: The Dark Side”, a new game designed specifically for the PlayWrite tablet. Created by game developer, Play Favorite Games, “9: The Dark Side” can be played on your PlayWrite gaming tablet right out of the box!

“Big Fish Games has always supported developers when they move to new platforms. We are very happy to return the favor by working together with them on this amazing new product,” said Eugene K, founder of Play Favorite Games.

Big Fish Games’ Game Producer, Bob Givnin, had this to say, “Play Favorite Games has really done their homework with this game. It integrates seamlessly with our ground-breaking display technology.”
9: The Dark Side

The game offers the following features:

  1. Native integration with operating system
  2. Optimized for all PlayWrite accessories
  3. Soft touch interface
  4. HD graphics

Look for the game to be available the second you purchase your PlayWrite.

PlayWrite Gaming Tablet

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