Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus Invade Gaming Space

Posted by Conor Murphy on July 21, 2011 in Big Fish News -- Share:

Big Fish Games Desk of the Week
It’s that time again, time for us to celebrate the mischief and office pranks that take place in the offices of Big Fish Games! In this week’s edition we celebrate the 27th Birthday of one of our favorite QA testers, Emily:

Emily’s best friend and co-worker, Angela, could not see this momentous occasion pass without celebration! When asked what her first thoughts were when discovering the festive decor Emily stated:

"I thought, oh my, you’re kidding me."

"Angela’s decorated my desks in previous years but when I came into the office this morning and saw that my desk was undecorated, I thought I was in the clear."

Big Fish Games Desk of the Week

No such luck, Angela snuck in during lunch to surprise her best friend and simple saran wrap simply would not do. Hope you like teen heart throbs Emily!

Big Fish Games Desk of the Week

Big Fish Games Desk of the Week

Big Fish Games Desk of the Week

"The only other thing I can think of to say is that Angela better watch her back (desk) on her next birthday. I’m comin’ for her!"

Happy Birthday Emily! You are a Justine Bieber fan, right? What about Miley Cyrus? Of course you are!

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