Top Ten Epic Video Game Soundtracks

Even when we had only 8-bit games to choose from, music was integral to video games. At my funeral, I want Super Mario Bros. above-world …

Posted by Tyler J. Hill on March 14, 2016
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Level Up Your Language Skill with the Power of Video Games

Meet Paul. A few years ago Paul was just your average college kid with a few years of high school Spanish under his belt and …

Posted by Taylor Stein on March 9, 2016

How Video Games Promote Personal Development

With 97% of the youth of the United States gaming on a daily basis, it is important to look at what effects video games can …

Posted by Tyler J. Hill on February 29, 2016
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Learning about Cosplay:An Interview with Two Avid Cosplayers

Have you ever seen an amazing costume at a convention and thought “I would like to be able to do that” or “I wonder how …

Posted by Faith Price on February 24, 2016

Can Video Games Be Art?

In 2010, famed movie critic Roger Ebert declared that video games could not be art. He did so with little gaming experience and seemingly no …

Posted by Tyler J. Hill on February 17, 2016
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Lifeline and Three Minute Games

Be our valentine? Feel the love from 3 Minute Games this weekend! Whether you’re a fan of the roses, chocolate, and hearts of Valentine’s Day, …

Posted by Krista Lofgren on February 12, 2016

7 Video Game Easter Egg Archetypes to Hunt For

As much as we love playing video games, sometimes it’s hard work. That’s why the joy of coming across an unexpected surprise along the way …

Posted by Lauren Hall-Stigerts on February 11, 2016

10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Geeks and Gamers

So, what do you have planned for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? What, you DON’T KNOW?! Naw, I’m just playing with ‘ya. It can be …

Posted by Lauren Hall-Stigerts on February 10, 2016
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2016 Video Game Statistics & Trends Who’s Playing What & Why

It’s that time again! It’s become a yearly tradition for Big Fish to put together a comprehensive view of the state of the gaming industry, …

Posted by Krista Lofgren on February 8, 2016
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Guide to the Best iPhone and iPad Games – January

January Traffic Rider Genre:Driving Game Price-pointFree I was very impressed by the mechanics of Traffic Rider. You play as a motorcyclist travelling city streets, going …

Posted by Krista Lofgren on February 2, 2016
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Incredible Foods Inspired by Video Games

Video games are a sensory experience. Your non-gamer friends might disagree, but think about it, not only do you use your eyes to process and …

Posted by Taylor Stein on February 1, 2016

Types of Zombies to Expect in the Apocalypse

Updated January 29, 2016 with new artwork by Erick Lingbloom Excerpt from Zombie Survival Today article Zombies and You: A Guide for Homesteaders by Zane …

Posted by Krista Lofgren on January 29, 2016