Earn Free Games with…Novemberfest!

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 3, 2009

Back by popular demand - it’s October...uh, Novemberfest!

October may be gone but the free games go on. And we’ve made one important change: this time, if you buy 6 games during the month, you’ll still earn one credit for a free game. But, if you purchase 9 games during November, you’ll earn a second free credit!

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Gagnez des jeux gratuits grâce au Festival de Novembre !

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 3, 2009

Suite à la demande générale, le festival d’Oct...euh, Novembre continue !

Octobre est terminé mais la fête continue avec encore plus de jeux gratuits ! Nous avons fait d’importants changements : cette fois, si vous achetez 6 jeux pendant le mois, vous gagnez toujours un jeu gratuit, mais si vous achetez 9 jeux au cours du mois de novembre, vous gagnerez un second jeu gratuit !

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Erhalte Gratis-Spiele durch die Novemberfest-Aktion!

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 3, 2009

Da sich unsere Oktoberfest-Aktion großer Beliebtheit erfreut hat, bieten wir Dir nun das Novemberfest an!

Der Oktober ist zwar vorbei, aber nicht die Zeit der Gratis-Spiele. Und es gibt eine wichtige Änderung. Du erhältst weiterhin ein Gratis-Spiel, wenn Du innerhalb des Monats 6 Spiele kaufst. Solltest Du jedoch im November 9 Spiele kaufen, bekommst Du ein zweites Gratis-Spiel!

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¡Gana juegos gratis con el Festival de Noviembre!

Posted by Conor Murphy on November 3, 2009

¡Celebra con nosotros el Festival de Noviembre!

Durante el mes de Noviembre, si compras 6 juegos, ganas un juego gratis de tu elección. Pero, ¡aún hay más! Si compras 9 juegos en Noviembre, ¡consigues un segundo juego gratis!

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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Announced!

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 30, 2009

Big Fish Games Studios is proud to announce the release of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove! Details are slim at this point, but the first image from the game has taken over the front page of the Mystery Case Files Fan Page. We were able to get our hands on the raw image from Studios …Read more

The Dark Side of Casual Games

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 29, 2009

This time of year always results in a flood of frightful entertainment. For gaming it’s no different. Alawar Entertainment’s Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box was recently released on Big Fish Games. The game has been very positively received by our audience peaking at #1 on our charts and remaining in the top 10 since its release. In this post, we’re happy to welcome Yershov, producer of Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box as our first guest blogger. Take it away, Yershov! Come to the Dark Side People like to have their nerves rattled, and the entertainment industry has always been happy to oblige. Hollywood releases a new horror film nearly every week and they never fail to pack theaters with eager viewers. In hopes of repeating this type of success in the gaming industry, casual game developers have begun to incorporate a surprising new theme into their projects that we call, "The Dark Side". Vampires, zombies, ghouls, and other creatures filled with evil intentions and motivated by the darkest of desires. While there were early concerns casual gamers would reject such dark plots, that turned out to be unfounded. This new casual game play theme has been a hit with mystical plots holding their own against more traditional story lines.Read more

Halloween Games to Download and Play

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 28, 2009

Our collection of the top 25 Halloween game downloads available on the web. Herein you’ll find zombies, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, and other assorted monsters (even Dracula is creeping around!). You better check your belt because you’re about to have your pants scared off… As always, each of the Halloween themed games shown listed below can …Read more

Win a $50 iTunes Gift Card this Weekend!

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 23, 2009

To help celebrate the success of Nick Chase: A Detective Story for the iPhone and iPod touch and the subsequent $0.99 sale, we’re giving away two (2) $50 iTunes gift cards. All you have to do is go get Nick Chase: A Detective Story from the iTunes App Store and sign up for the Big …Read more

Nick Chase: A Detective Story Featured in App Store

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 22, 2009

We’re happy to report Nick Chase: A Detective Story is being featured on the iTunes App Store this week! Along with Shrek Kart and Rock Band, Nick Chase can be seen on the rotating header on the Apps home page. That’s good company to be in! This marks the first release from Big Fish Games …Read more

Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle Screenshots Released

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 21, 2009

Big Fish Games’ Studios is proud to bring you the first images from the upcoming release of Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle. Following your epic trip to The Amazon, pack your bags and get ready for a trip into one of the most mysterious regions in the world. It’s your job to piece together the mysteries …Read more

Nick Chase: A Detective Story Available for the iPhone

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 19, 2009

Big Fish Games’ Studios is proud to announce the release of Nick Chase: A Detective Story for the iPhone and iPod touch. Nick Chase, a hard-boiled Private Investigator, is in need of a job. Lucky for him, one arrives from a man known only as The Collector. Solve a variety of puzzles and find hidden …Read more

Computer Games Not Just For Kids

Posted by Conor Murphy on October 6, 2009

Many people’s first thoughts when they hear about video games is to think about kids. As most of our fans know, this is far from the case! While there are plenty designers who focus on making games for kids, the Big Fish Babes are a clear illustration of how adults can get in on the …Read more