Plush Fish ToyWe’ve received a lot of interest in the plush Fish toy we’ve been mailing out. Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know a bit about it.

The Fish toy is a free reward to all Game Club members who have maintained their membership for 12 consecutive months. We want to reward those of you who have been with us for over a year and let you know how much we appreciate your loyalty to Big Fish Games. These toys are not sold or given to anyone else so be sure to take special care of your happy new friend!

What’s that? You’ve been with Game Club for over a year and you haven’t received your Fish toy yet? Yikes! So sorry about the delay but this is a brand new program and unfortunately, we’re a bit behind…but have no fear, your Fish toy should arrive very soon. We’re packing them up and shipping them out as fast as we can.

Hopefully, this answers any questions still outstanding and gives everyone a better idea what the Fish toy is all about. Our number one goal is to let all of you know how much we value you as our customers and this has been a really fun way to do it. If you haven’t been part of Game Club for 12 consecutive months, we hope you’re on your way!

High fin!