Who Can Build the Best Garden in Bush Whacker 2?

Posted by Selena Hutchins on May 12, 2013 in Events -- Share:

Being Seattle natives, spring time is a welcome respite from the rain. And what’s a better way to enjoy the sunshine than putting together the perfect garden?! The developers of Bush Whacker 2, DJ Arts, feel the same way so they’re hosting a limited time spring event and a photo contest to go with it.

To participate, play Bush Whacker 2 and plant seeds to create different flowers and arrange your ideal garden. Judges within the game will give you a score.

Here are some of our favorite designs so far (click on the pictures to enlarge):

You’ve got until May 17th, may the greenest thumb win!

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Selena Hutchins is an associate game producer of Free to Play PC content at the Big Fish Seattle office. When not at work, you can find her at the nearest beach (even in the cold Seattle weather) or at a coffee shop with at least two or three great books.