Combining Focus and Fun

We're passionate and focused on our work, and we have fun doing it. Hackathons, collaboration, and deep challenges get our creative juices flowing. And we know when to let off steam and revel in our accomplishments.

  • I love that Big Fish is a company that moves quickly; empowering its employees to take creative control over projects to drive the company's success. It's rare to work in a place where everyone is working toward a singular vision with such passion.


    Associate Game Producer

  • Everyone is valuable, and has a ridiculous amount of creative control and input. If you look at any one of our games, you can point out and see everyone’s influence and essence, which is great because that can get lost on large projects.


    Game Developer

  • Big Fish for me stands for innovation, freedom, and passion. Here I get the opportunity for innovative thinking and the freedom to explore and experiment with the latest technologies and tools. I'm proud to be a part of our pond of passionate and talented people.


    Lead Release Engineer

  • You know life is good when your career, hobbies, and lifestyle all merge together. Part of the fun is getting to be creative on many different types of games and platforms.


    Senior Game Artist