Big Fish Studios

Creating world-class games you want to play every day.

"I'm blessed with a dream job where I work with the brightest creative minds, in a company that genuinely cares about our well-being. A day in the office is another chance to learn something new, to be inspired, and to know I'm making a difference."

Janet Chang - Senior UX Designer

"I get excited walking into the office knowing I have the opportunity to work with such an eclectic mix of creative, intelligent, passionate and humorous team members, where all of our hard work and dedication, always leads to fun, laughter and phenomenal games."

Amy Bice - Event Coordinator

"While I have always loved making games, what I really love is working with creative people every day. The level of creative inspiration, learning and fun has made me love being a part of Big Fish for 9 years"

Patrick Wylie - VP, Studios

"Everyone is friendly, supportive, and good at what they do. It’s a great place to learn, try new things, and gain new skills."

Garth Bonikowski - Senior Software Engineer

"I am new to Big Fish, but coming here felt a bit like re-uniting with old friends. The studio is full of warm and welcoming folks with talent, intelligence, and a healthy approach to work and life. It’s a big company, but with an inclusive and openly creative atmosphere where no good idea goes unnoticed!"

Eric Rea - UX/UI Designer

"This is a dream job and I am working for a dream company. I actually look forward to coming in to work every day. Every artist is willing to share their knowledge. It’s an incredibly creative and nurturing environment to work in."

Jeff Willis - Game Artist

"I love working with people I genuinely like. We work together, but then we also hang out after work together!"

Daniel Woodling - Game Artist

Thrive with Us


People are a critical part of our success. Develop your expertise and achieve your potential by making an impact on projects you feel passionately about. We support a healthy work/life balance that leaves you recharged and ready for the next challenge.


Our studios are collections of great teams comprised of talented, creative, smart people who love working together to realize a shared vision. When set up to succeed, great teams will do exactly that.


This is at the core of everything we do. Everything! If you don't have fun making a game, people won't have fun playing it.


We put our heart and soul into what we do and believe that our games best represent who we are as game makers.


We trust you to bring your own ideas to the creative process. We trust you to innovate and experiment, to fail fast and keep trying. Knowledge is power and with access to data, teams have the independence to take risks and achieve shared goals.


We put our heart and soul into what we do. Passionate people create games that change the landscape. Passionate people develop the next big thing. While experience is optional, passion is mandatory.

About us

With Big Fish Studios in Seattle, and Self Aware Games in Oakland, we offer an oasis of creative game development in two amazingly rich and diverse cities. Our teams thrive in an open, inspiring environment. With no standardized teams or heavy corporate structure our award-winning artists, engineers, and designers are given the best opportunities to craft the best casual games in the world. 

SkyRocket Studios

Join SkyRocket Studios in Seattle and thrive in an open, inspiring environment! With no standardized teams or heavy corporate structure our award-winning artists and developers are empowered to creativity channel their game-making passion.

Self Aware Games

We make successful games that communicate our passion for delightful and truly social games, with beautiful art and cutting edge tech. We love what we do and know it’s our teammates and players that make it worthwhile. Self Aware Games joined Big Fish in 2012 and is the studio behind the #1 social casino app, Big Fish Casino.


Lead by example. Inspire others. Your work is a reflection of you. Make an impact!