Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition

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Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear! Find the missing people and save the day in this exciting Adventure game! Battle the gods of yore to restore the seasons and repair time in Hallowed Legends: Samhain. Depart on a fantastic adventure and learn the secrets behind an ancient Gaelic festival!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Stunning soundtrack
  • Concept art
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 885 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition

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Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition

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Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition 4.1 5 20 20
better than expected I initially started playing this because I like celtic culture and myths. But I found a lot of changed and invented things between the actual celtic folclore and the game. Still, that's another story, the game was pretty good overal. STORY: Pretty long detailed story, overused concept. Your ex boyfriend goes missing and you go to find him. On the way you save more people and fight against supernatural beings. The story and the place where everything takes place is a mix between reality and fantasy, the player having to use the modern technology and the ancient pagan rituals on its way. GAMEPLAY: First of all, I advise you to use the journal in this game, otherwise the story will get very confusing. There are more details in the journal than the game gives you on the spot. I ended up reading everything from the beggining, because about 30 minutes in the game I couldn't understand anything. There's no instant map, still there's a strategy guide in case you get stuck. The game area is big, and you don't run all over the place for items. Once you're done with a part, you move on. There are plenty of achievements to obtain as well. HOS&PUZZLES: If you're an expert and have a trained eye, the hidden object scenes are extremely easy. There's no interaction, between the items you have to find, but sometimes they're stacked over eachother, so you have to find one in order to see another one under or behind it. Puzzles are from easy to medim difficulty, decent variety. GRAPHICS&SOUND: Pretty good graphics, painting mixed with 3D animation. There are plenty of cut scenes. Music is well chosen, but i prefered to turn in low because the abient effects were better. Everything has a creepy feeling that almost makes you cold. EXTRAS: You get the bonus game in the CE. You play from Robert's perspective. You go back in the town where the main game ended, You don't get many new scenes, but the town looks changed because it's been rebuilt. The ending is very sudden and it doesn't leave room for anymore information, probably because it will be continued. As far as I know there's a part 2, but i dont know if it's related to this one yet. Anyway, it was a nice overall experience. There's a lot happening in it, and i personally had to take a break from time to time. I will definately play the second one too. August 16, 2012
I liked it Now I originally picked this game up just to support Elephant games because I love so many of their games I'm willing to to just get them without a second thought and even though this one isn't up to par with any of the Grim Tales games it was still enjoyable. The story wasn't as interesting as I thought it was going to be in the beginning as I sort of got disconnected with it as I was playing since I was just having fun with the simple act of playing. It's a decent length or average depending on if you like playing through with no help. I did use the SG here and there when I didn't understand something and I actually wanted to get all the achievements in this game. The ending was good and felt wrapped up in comparison to other HO games. The bonus chapter was also just fun for extra game play. This game would be just as fun with the SE but if you love Elephant games or just plain love having CE then grab this game if the trial seems fun to you. I do recommend this game ^_^ July 21, 2012
It was great! I bought this game after experiencing many games from Elephant Games and this game is like their very first game released, so there's no voiceover, but it's still creepy and exciting. There is no map available so I have to go through SG several times. The bonus chapter is fine but since there is little background music and no voice over, it takes a bit of the excitement and those rushing feeling like being chased by a real Celtic demon. Nevertheless I love this game and I am ready to play 'Templar' ;) April 6, 2013
Enjoyable Game This is one of Elephant's earlier games and is a very enjoyable game. I have all their games now and this game is now part of my collection. Hidden objects can be slightly difficult at times, but not too challenging. I enjoyed the story behind it. Mini games are easy to play. Quite a long game and you are getting your money's worth. The graphics are good and easy to see everything. Music mostly quiet in the background until you see some action and then it gets up there. Overall, recommend that this game is worth buying and adding to your collection. I will definitely be playing it again in the future. August 5, 2013
Love The Sound The music and click sounds and other noise were pretty good. Wish there had been voice overs. There was so much to look at and read that my eye could not enjoy one thing without missing some of the other. Nice puzzles, Nice HO's, Great Graphics and good game play. I own two other Hallowed Legends so this will have to go with. December 21, 2014
I?d Play It Again! I enjoyed this game! While it didn?t have what I would call a new storyline, it had one of the types I enjoy, and it was easy to follow. The graphics were nice; there were a few rough patches but nothing negative. The game play was lengthy, and the hints were most helpful and they charged at a nice speed which was nice. You do have to wait for your hint to charge even if you?re stuck and need to know which way to go, but because they don?t take long at all to charge, this isn?t a big deal. The game did not have a map, which really wasn?t needed but is always nice in these games. Another feature I liked about the game was the skip button on the puzzles didn?t take long to charge at all. There are some puzzles I just do not care for in most of these games and prefer to skip them so it?s always nice when the button?s charge at a fast pace. The game had lots of puzzles and lots of hidden object scenes which added to the enjoyment along the way. You have a choice between two types of game play; casual or advanced. The bonus content that is found in the collector?s edition has extra game play, wallpaper, screensaver, concept art and music. Overall, very nice indeed; I enjoy this game. January 5, 2013
Why do I always... Why do I always fall for the reviews. I was looking for something great to play so I chose this game based on the reviews. Its very boring and non-eventful. January 23, 2013
(SE will get 3 stars and a recommendation) What a difference 18 months make... This isn?t elephant?s first HOPA, I think that was MT: the void but this feels and plays like their first (the lost games I put in another category). Comparing it to their recent games what a difference! It doesn?t feel or plays like their other games. While this would be a good enough straight SE (and I don?t recommend the CE as bonus wasn?t long and apart from achievements there are no extras and you get achievements in the SE) if you are expecting an ?elephant? game then I think you will be disappointed. There is no transporter map, graphics are a weird mix of grainy to OKish, there are a lot of HOS and even more puzzles. Main story was OK you are off to try and find what happened to your ex, with of course twists to it. Bonus story didn?t understand it but it was a bonus. The difference between this game and the hallowed legends templar is big but it shows how far elephant has come. Here there are only two modes of play which is changeable during the game but advanced does still have faint sparkles sometimes and has sparkles on the HOS. There is also black bar tips. You can hide the inventory bar but hint button is in middle with diary to the right and inventory to the left. Hint button isn?t their usual mini guide just shows you in a scene and if it?s not in the scene just one back button won?t keep going back to show you where you should go. There is no voiceover just dialogue boxes. It?s hard to describe but something you have to see for yourself why the quality isn?t here compared to their other games. Apart from graphics, plot isn?t really there and I feel they put in a lot of HOS and puzzles to pad the game out without being part of a game. Here I felt like I was picking up one thing in one scene to use it in next and the backtracking is huge here. I know all HOPAs are like that but the really good ones don?t make you feel like you are doing that. 24 HOS At least it?s their usual never repeat, and no random click penalty on their all list types. Most were junk pile or very nearly, some weren?t. Some were quite good in clarity and sharpness but others were more grainy. Some tiny items but not many. Don?t think any were interactive. 34 PUZZLES Quite a few were very easy so very quick to do. Others were all varied hardness and some hard ones. Most of them were really old school but a couple were new. EXTRAS 14 concept art 10 wallpaper Screensaver 5 music Achievements Bonus play Most of it was in old area but there were a few scenes that were new (70/30?) The ending was very abrupt and so quick I didn?t know what happened and wasn?t really following the bonus plot. I counted 3 HOS and 7 PUZZLES (in addition to above numbers). It wasn?t quite the hour but very nearly but I skipped a puzzle (and didn?t spend much time on it). The time is there for the main game - good bit over 5hrs and nearly another hour for the bonus. But I skipped about 3 puzzles in main game (was bored didn?t want to do them) and another in the bonus. But as this has a lot of puzzles if you are going to skip quite a few then I think it will be a short game. This so isn?t worth it for a CE. If you are looking for a good enough game with length and a lot of HOS as well as puzzles then get the SE. October 19, 2012
Not a Legendary Game, sadly. This game was less than OK. Based on the very positive reviews I expected near perfection. a. The best part of the game were the HOS. In all fairness, they were excellent. Among the best I've seen. They were hard, and presented a big challenge, not as a result of bad coloring or junk piles or poor descriptions. The objects were just very well placed and hidden. This would have been a good purpose for the game and a good place to stop. b. There was a lot of variety in the puzzles. Some were hard some were not. But this is the biggest letdown with the game:easy or hard, the instructions were absolutely terrible. They were not clear and they were not instructive. Success was either because the puzzle was super-easy or a result of trial and error without knowing what I was doing. c. There were achievements but no collectibles. The achievements were earned in the normal course of the game: not skipping puzzles and not using hints for the HOG. One achievement, "Take more than 10 minutes to complete a puzzle" I achieved because I left the room and forgot to turn off the game. d. The visual quality of the HOGs was very good, as I alluded to above. The rest was not impressive at all. The sound quality was lacking or really not applicable as there wasn't much sound. Music was spare and I don't recall any VOs. There was one scene where the background music was genuinely spectacular: it built as the tension built and made me feel like I was trying to beat the clock. This was good. e. Outside of the HOG, the challenge factor was not quite OK..really a 2.5 out of 5. I like to understand how a game is progressing and then find challenges with that knowledge. It was very hard to follow what was going on without constantly consulting the strategy guide. There was a LOT of back an forth and while that's challenging, it's also referred to by another name: a waste of time. f. I complained about this in two consecutive games now: the grammar was off. It doesn't seem like an English speaker wrote the text and clearly there was no editing. I'd point to the puzzle instructions as the prime best example. Still, there were other, very clear, very straightforward errors. g. The story line was hard to follow. As I played the game I forgot what the premise was and thus the reason I was doing things. I just knew I had to get the bad guy. There were very few characters. The town was abandoned. The hero, her companion who was a victim; a father-daughter duo and finally one "out of left field" character was it. In an otherwise empty city, one character just appeared, needed saving, hung around to thank his hero (me!) and that was it: he played no role whatsoever in the progress of the story. Inventory acquisition at times made no sense. It was just there because it has to be in an HOG. I'm starting to ramble...and that reminds me too much of the game. Sorry. I'm surprised with myself here, but, I'm not going to recommend this game. For one thing, it's definitely not worth $14. But beyond that, I didn't play the bonus content because I just wanted it to be over. The game was a half-off promo and I still don't think it was worth it. I'd avoid this. Final warning: I got it after the one-hour trial. I almost always do the trial now, not wanting to depend on other reviewers. I remember being on the fence about this, but it was a promo so I got it. I regret the decision. June 14, 2013
Too many glitches I'm having trouble enjoying the game because there are just too many glitches on the puzzles. I'm not even totally finished with the game and I've had to skip 4 puzzles because they either froze up and would not do anything (weight puzzle and lion ball puzzle), they would not function correctly (gear puzzle would not allow me to put gears where they belonged), or didn't work right once solved (animal puzzle---had all the blocks in right place, but fish kept turning anyway). I know these issues belong in the forum according to Big Fish, but you should know you're buying a game that doesn't work right. Especially at $13.99 for a CE. If you overlook the tech issues, I still really didn't like the game. The storyline isn't making a whole lot of sense to me, and there's too much bouncing around from enviroment to environment----I HATED the blizzard environment. January 17, 2013
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Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition

Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear! Find the missing people and save the day!

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