Hallowed Legends: Samhain

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Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear! Find the missing people and save the day in this exciting Adventure game! Battle the gods of yore to restore the seasons and repair time in Hallowed Legends: Samhain. Depart on a fantastic adventure and learn the secrets behind an ancient Gaelic festival!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 715 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mild Blood
  • Use of Alcohol
  • Use of Tobacco
  • Violence
Hallowed Legends: Samhain


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Hallowed Legends: Samhain

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Hallowed Legends: Samhain 4 5 63 63
GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY Although there was nothing really new, this was a long game (11 chapters). It was more of an adventure game, but still had a fair number of HOGs. There was the usual mix of puzzles (e.g. eliminate all balls except one, move weights from the left to the right). The hint system generally showed where you should head next. There are numerous locations to visit (mountains, church, snowy mountains, underwater et al) and different modes of travel (e.g. balloon, boat) and, of course, you usually have to make some repairs in order to travel. Each location has good, detailed artwork. No comment on the music as I listen to the radio or ipod instead. The HOGs were fairly easy, with some of the items going into inventory for use later. The one complaint I have on the HOGs is that occasionally an item was located so close to the bottom of the scene that I sometimes backed out of the HOG when I was only trying to click an object. I thought the play was straightforward, until I reached the last chapter, when I had to resort to the walkthrough (the sticking point turned out to be just an error on my part when I transposed some numbers to open a lock and couldn't move forward ? duh!). There are also a number of achievements you earn throughout the game. I only gave the game 3 stars for the storyline - I'm usually not particular about the storyline connecting the dots although I did not find the storyline that compelling. My end conclusion is that this is a good lengthy game for the money. May 6, 2012
Spectacular Visuals BASED ON COMPLETED GAME Hard to imagine this game is already over 2 years old. The CUT SCENES & GRAPHICS are nothing short of SPECTACULAR. Unfortunately, though, they don?t have widescreen. The ARTWORK is breathtaking. The opening scenes feature an ANCIENT CELTIC GOD who looks more lifelike than many ?live actors? I?ve seen in other games. We also get different WEATHER, which I always appreciate, and to me shows scope in an artist. The STORY involves the disappearance of an ex (THAT?S different), and a Celtic rite performed at Halloween. Personally, I found the story a touch CONTRIVED. It is made to incorporate all eras ? ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL & MODERN, and leaves too many of my questions about how they all connect unanswered. I would have liked to have more background on the Celtic lore too. But if you don?t try for depth, there is a FLOW in the GAMEPLAY, and logical sequence of events. You won?t get lost, even with NO MAP. The GAMEPLAY is HOS & PUZZLES dominant, with ADVENTURE tying in things together but still posing a challenge from time to time. The HO SCENES are WONDERFUL. Beautifully designed scenes, easy to find objects, interesting twists here and there. You only visit them once. HINT is very quick, and works outside HOS, but each DIRECTIONAL pointer to another scene takes up a HINT, so you must wait through many hint refills if you are not where you?re supposed to be. The PUZZLES are QUITE HARD. I have to SKIP (also quick) about half of them. They include MANY ORIGINAL ones as well as some STANDARDS that have been incorporated into the game very well. If the puzzles had been a little easier, I think I would have given this game full marks. But some of the FUN FACTOR DROPS when you have to skip so many times to get through the game. This is the first in a series that has a well-deserved reputation of being top quality all the way, and certainly are. I enjoyed them even more than this one. So this is just the beginning! June 26, 2013
Hallowed Legends ? Samhain (Dispel evil & battle the gods) I rather enjoyed this adventure trial based on the Celtic folklore ? your aim is to restore the seasons and repair time in Hallowed Legends while you track and learn secrets to find the missing people. Dispel evil and battle the gods with numerous mini games, puzzles and HOS. I found the game well done when it comes to interacting with parts you find and there is plenty of help for anyone to get into this game and really enjoy it. INTRO ? Nice powerful intro and gives you a glimpse of what this game is all about MODES ? Casual & Advance Casual, easy play, relaxing, extra help, sparkles and other helpful aids. Advance more challenging without extra help ? no sparkles or other helpful aids HELP ? Is available if you get stuck within the game by clicking on the Hint button. HINTS - Hints are not limited and the star refills quickly in approx 40 seconds. This is also the SKIP for mini games HOS ? Clear, light and easy to find items, some items need interacting with other items to be able to pick them up. CLICKING - No penalty for over clicking and I found the clicking to be a nice and smooth action within game play. VOICE OVERS ? None, only text to read GRAPHICS ? Are great, clear and no dark ugly places MINI GAMES ? Nice variety, not hard to work them out and the skip is on hand if you need assistance. I have actually tried this game a while back and I am so glad I got the opportunity to have another trial as this time I enjoyed it more! A great game for both starters and experienced I give this my (((Rawww)) of approval to buy! January 8, 2012
Challenging and Fun This was one of the more challenging games I've played in terms of the puzzles. Was able to do most without skipping but did use skip on a couple I didn't care if I solved or not because I wanted to get on with the story. The Graphics are stunning. Even when the HO scene asks for a small thing like key or spool - you can see it very clearly - no blurry guessing. Each scene propels you from one set to another in such a direct fashion the story is easy to follow and compelling. Not really accurate in terms of celtic symbology but fun and diverse chapters (underwater, in a castle, in the snow) keep the energy high and lively. Most of the adventure is intuitive and you'll figure out what to do with each object. April 18, 2012
Unique Story and Challenging Puzzles Very interesting. Unique story line following Celtic folklore. You play the female lead, a heroin. Sets out to rescue a former boyfriend, a nice change of pace. Nice graphics w/intermixed photos, at least I think they are photos; they are so crisp and clean, very nicely done. This is what dev.?s want to call an adventure with hog?s. Not what I would call an adventure game, more of an HOG with a point and click storyline. But given that, it was entertaining. No map, some to and fro, hog?s as stated, and puzzles. Oh boy the puzzles! I love the puzzles intermixed within a game. Over the years I believe I?ve only passed on 2 puzzles, well here?I passed on at least that many within one game! They are difficult! For the first time I was very grateful for the skip button. Lengthwise it is average, meaning several hours a day?2 days. Compared with other games of this genre I would say it is better than most. April 11, 2012
Well Planned Game I like this game. It took a nice amount of time and was not too hard for me, being I like the Easy level. I am a recent convert to HOGs as I am not particularly fond of them of HOG puzzles. So for me, this game contained too many HOG puzzles. Yes I suppose if you love HOG puzzles, it is great but they make me so tired. I ended up quitting on the HOGs and coming back fresh after a good nights sleep. I also thought the Hint button took too long to refill. I am a lazy game player and if I can't find something right away, I want a hint. Although the Hint button did recharge quickly, it wasn't quick enough for me. Other than that, I found the story line fun and the graphics well done. I especially enjoyed the opening of the game, with the demon and his horn. I think the game programmer should make that their logo. Well done! January 8, 2012
Good Game, Visual Quality is Excellent Not my favorite, but overall a good game. I play in bursts, but IMHO this is a pretty good, long HO/Adventure game. The story is predictable; evil demon kidnaps someone you love. You must rescue them and also save the universe. Yadda, yadda, yadda. This time you are up against a Celtic god. WHAT I LIKED. The game is looong. The areas are varied. You can be in an ancient temple one minute, then a modern weather station, then a swamp and then on to a parallel world. The locations make sense within the story. Great idea from a design perspective since locations and therefore actions can include ancient and modern items. The graphics are awesome! Mostly photographic quality. LOVED that. The mini games are good. Some old classics. Some new twists on older puzzles. Mostly on the easy side, but one or two real challenges. I had to use the walk through once (animal button slider thingy). The actions required are reasonable and make sense. Sound effects are good and, since I don?t remember the music, it wasn?t annoying at all. No voice-overs, all text and you can click through it. There are a number of awards you can get, like no wrong clicks on a HOS. At the end of each major part of the game, you also get an award. I didn?t play the tutorial or spend more than 10 minutes on a HOS, therefore I didn?t get the award for getting all the awards. But, I like the award/ trophy idea very much. THINGS I DIDN?T LIKE SO MUCH. My interest in HOS has waned and this game has a few too many, IMHO. The HOS are not interactive, but the first one had an interesting twist and I was looking forward to more of the same. It never materialized. The HOS are junk piles with clear graphics and mostly well lit. But, a number are very cluttered. It got tedious fast. The story gets a bit sketchy in places. For example, you have to rescue a scuba diver from drowning. Once you do, he thanks you and? that is it. You walk away and leave him. There is no map, which isn?t much of a problem because each area is self contained and has only four or five locations (most with sub-locations). I didn?t get lost, but there is a lot of walking back and forth. Overall this is a good game and if you like HOS more than I do, you will probably love this game. At best, I liked it. July 20, 2012
Fun game, Interesting but not super challenging. I think this would be a great beginner/intermediate game. The HOS were just right in difficulty and the puzzles were easy to a few that were difficult. I liked the quality of the click and match to the inventory items when you solved the spot they go. In other words: it wasn't a game about placing the object in the exact right spot but a fast paced keep the brain engaged adventure. Nice graphics. This is a SE review as I have not played the CE. Get this you will enjoy. June 17, 2012
Fab Gaelic Adventure I played this a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's spooky, but not too occult, after all Samhain (pronounced Sau:in in Irish Gaelic, so I was told by an old friend from the emerald isle) we still celebrate today as Halloween. But I'm sure you all know that anyway. This game as The Weekly Catch is something you really shouldn't let pass. It'll give you a good few hours of HO-Adventure fun and I highly recommend it. If in doubt, do the free trial and if you still don't know then think of all the darker days and longer evenings in the time approaching Halloween when this may come in handy ;-) As all the positive reviews already said anything else I could add, all I say now is: Slinte Wah :-) May 14, 2012
Definitely worth it This is a good game if you want to just enjoy yourself, and not struggle through a really difficult scenario. It's not *easy*, just not incredibly difficult. I loved the graphics, but found the scenes where you were looking through a hood annoying, as it framed the view. A nice mix of terrains. March 25, 2012
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Hallowed Legends: Samhain

Celtic folklore seems to be more truth than lore when the Samhain festival goers disappear! Find the missing people and save the day!

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