Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Alice is bored sitting next to her sister who is reading a book without pictures ... While she observes thoughtfully around her, she sees a rabbit in a frock coat, running and looking at his watch! Intrigued, she follows the rabbit into its rabbit-hole and finds herself thrown into a wonderful world, strange and without logic, populated by whimsical characters. Help her go through this strange world and return home in this fun Hidden Object game!

  • Curious characters
  • Fantastic action
  • Go on an adventure in Wonderland!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 112 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2.9 5 40 40
Just ok Just ok.Some fun puzzle to many jigsaw type ones. Sorta of a 3D effect in some. April 6, 2012
It could've been so much better Unless you really REALLY love the story of Alice in Wonderland and don't mind inferior quality to your gameplay, then I would strongly advise you not to get this game. I liked the book well enough and the game looked pretty for my taste, so I tried it but lasted only about 10 minutes of the trial. There are just too many things wrong with it. For one thing, the developer is not a popular one among seasoned gamers, and I found that other games I'd played by this dev used the same subpar interface. The items in the scenes are incredibly small and you need to adjust the brightness before you can make out any of them. Although they give you a magnifier, the zoom feature is not always helpful and can leave you frustrated. Especially in one scene with the rabbit that is so surreal that it actually made me nauseous. It made me feel like I had vertigo. But for some strange reason, I kept thinking about this game even after deleting it. Maybe it was because I wanted something different in my game collection besides the usual dark themes that make up the majority of them. And I loved the fairy tales from my childhood so I decided to give it another chance and finished the demo. And I was surprised to see that not all of it was bad. The game follows the story well enough and its puzzles and minigames incorporate the details of the story quite well, although some of them cannot be skipped. This is a major fault of this game because two of them may take a long time to do if you don't like this type of puzzle. One is finding a series of four matching pictures behind many doors and although I happen to like concentration games, this one can take some time if your memory isn't so good. And the one of "painting the roses red" is a nightmare. You have to paint something like 58 white roses red and many of them are so tiny that you're sure to throw a fit. Hints are available but take some time to refill but by then your patience is gone. And although there are two modes of play, timed and standard, I implore you to NOT use the timed feature as you'll run out every time and it's infuriating. Case in point, the game where you have playing cards shooting out in a general mess and you have to find 15 heart cards within 3 minutes. Even with the magnifier and using hints, it's extremely difficult to find all of them and I've always run out of time with a few seconds left. The one time I did manage to find all of them with 2 seconds left, I couldn't even glory in my triumph because I now had to find 15 face cards in the same pile of mess within the same 3 minutes. Only thing is that once time ran out on the second set, the whole game got reset to finding the 15 heart cards again! So you can't proceed until you do the entire thing over even when you'd finished the first set in time! It's like you're getting punished for doing it right the first time but failing afterwards. This is not a good way to get someone to keep playing, so the best way to get through this game is to play in standard mode. At least you'll be able to finish it. Even after all that, I did find some things to like about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It was very colorful and offered some fun puzzles. Most of them are jigsaws, which is one of my favorite kinds. They start easy and get progressively harder although none are too difficult, save for the one of the gears which I always skip. Most of the other jigsaws are actual illustrations taken from the original book which I thought was a very nice touch. Two sliders, a match 3, and a couple of target shoots make up the bulk of the remainder and I liked all of them but wished there were more of a variety and just more in number to fill out the time better. The best part of this is that you can replay all of the minigames at any time after you've finished the main game, but like I said, there aren't many overall (23 total). An interesting feature that I hadn't seen in any previous game I'd played before this one, is the horizontal movement in some of the scenes. The opening scene is an example of this, where items may be hidden behind other parts of the scenery. You see this better illustrated in later scenes and I thought it was very clever and unique. The biggest glaring fault, however, is in the game controls themselves. Game instructions were unclear and icons were nondescriptive. In addition, to move a jigsaw piece, you have to use one game button to select it and another one to rotate it. For experienced gamers like myself, I found the sequence very awkward and caused mistakes with selection and rotation. Other games make use of the left and right mouse button to alternately select and rotate pieces, so why can't this game use it too? This is just one of the many things that irritate the advanced gamer and even beginners might have a problem with it too. The game is short overall, taking a little over 2 hours for me playing in untimed mode and skipping one puzzle. The negative aspects I described above seem, to me anyway, to be the developer's way of lengthing the gameplay. They could have done that better just by embellishing the story with more details or providing more puzzles. It would have made for a better game and a longer one at that. I used a free coupon for it after reading all the negative reviews here and in the forums so I'm pleased with my "purchase". I wouldn't have wanted to pay more than $2.99 for it and I don't think the quality is worth a half off sale price either. But don't take my word for it as I don't pretend to speak for anyone. Try it out for yourself and see what you think. The one hour trial is long enough for you to tell if it's something you'd like to play. May 27, 2013
Entertaining Grafic is okay, storyline not to good, a little boring game. November 15, 2011
ridiculous I like hidden object and hunting for clues i like a challenge but this is beyond ridiculous, you have no choice but to randomly click things hoping thats an item in the list or keep asking for clues and you only have so many clues. You have to look for a carrot a cat the carrot was so small you couldnt recognize it, zoom isnt really zoom it doesnt help at all. "the cat" looked like a bird or something. A few were clearly visible, the rest impossible. Very frustrating and mostly annoying. To bad, looked like a cute fun game. I chose this game because it got great reviews top stars. October 19, 2014
Alices adventures in wonderland I thought i would like this game. In fact if there had been some movement in the game i would have loved it. My eyes were aching at the end of the game. The objects to look for were much too small and you had to peer at the screen incessantly so it was not good. I got tired of the picture puzzle there were too many of them think there could have been some other puzzle other than the same thing. Overall it could have been good if there had been activity with the characters but it was too much like a cardboard cut out game i am aftraid i would not recommend this game. June 26, 2014
WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IF NOT SO TINY, EVEN WITH MAGNIFIER I really wanted to like this game a lot. And I did like it. But the objects were too small in a great space - even the zoom didn't help much. I did find them all, but it was difficult and time consuming. The puzzles became more difficult to complete to get the extra hints. The artistry was very good; the music was not but that's minor since it can always be muted. Kids would enjoy it (they have better eyesight anyways, without the zoom feature). So, although I liked the game, it's too difficult to see those tiny objects - looking for butterflys (for example) seemed like you were looking for them in some distant scene. Too bad - that made it not so much fun. I don't consider it a challenge. Otherwise, I would certainly consider its purchase. October 22, 2013
Puzzle Game for Kids Based on the demo. This game has good graphics and sound. The instructions at the beginning of the game tell you to set your screen at the brightest level, and that is all I needed to see everything. The puzzles are fairly easy, and the hidden objects are mostly easy, some moderate. Kids who like fairy tales should like this one. April 20, 2012
Alice's Adventures show Hdo Improvement I had stopped playing games from Hdo mainly because they were very 'glitchy', but I made an exception for 'Alice' as she is a favorite fairy tale heroine. Although Hdo still has some work to do on translation, #particularly on their 'room of doors' activity where Alice finds herself after the fall down the rabbit hole#, I found AIW showed many improvements over previous games. I have noticed that this developer seems to be prolific and have creative potential, so I hope my remarks are helpful as I would like to see them be more successful. Alice is not a sophisticated top challenger appropriate for seasoned HOS/puzzle players and tends to follow a pattern of alternating HOS - find X number of this or that - scrambled puzzles, at least as far as I got in the demo, but could be satisfying game play for beginners and children gamers, provided they have excellent vision and a large screen. The story is fairly true to Lewis Carroll's original, and they use John Tenniel's beautiful illustrations for some of the artwork and puzzles. Other graphics are colorful and generally clear, though objects are very very small in many cases. Hdo seems to all too often substitute 'small' for 'clever' and there is no interactivity in the HOS's. I did not find their 'zoom' feature helpful. HOS's seem to culminate in a puzzle before moving on to a change in story and scene. The last puzzle I worked before my demo ended was actually fairly challenging and required rotation and a discerning eye. I am still deciding whether or not to buy at the DD price. While Hdo still has a ways to go in developing sophistication and getting beyond their language/translation issues, I found Alice to be enjoyable and an improvement over some of their previous games. I really like some of their story and theme ideas and hope they can get the support they need to take it to the next level. April 20, 2012
Meh.... This follows the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. About the only good thing about the game. Hated the voice overs. Wanted to skip them and I did. The graphics are really grainy and objects are hidden behind other objects so finding them is hard if you don't see them peeking out behind. Hate the movement from side to side with the mouse just to find and object. (Which you really didn't need to do most of the time anyways.) Didn't listen to music much. Which is a good or bad thing? You judge. Overall hated the game and felt like I was going blind looking for the objects. Always try the trials first as everyone has different tastes. August 9, 2012
Really annoying "tools" The graphics are wonderful, the story is mostly accurate [as far as I was able to get in an hour], but I hate that you have to pick whether a puzzle piece slides or rotates, rather than being able to do either with the mouse buttons. I will never buy a game with this kind of control feature, it is WAY too frustrating. Without that, or with a much faster-loading "skip" button, I might have been interested, but mini-games which should have been fascinating were made to be time-consuming and annoying. No thank you! April 21, 2012
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Follow the rabbit into its rabbit-hole and help Alice find her way in a wonderful world, populated by whimsical characters!

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