PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition

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After discovering a new system of caves, the entire town is excited to explore, until Suzy is kidnapped by a mechanical beast! Emerging from the darkness and startling the townfolk, the creature causes a cave-in behind him, leaving no trail to follow. Track the creature down and explore the mysterious caves in PuppetShow: Lost Town, a beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Gorgeous wallpapers
  • Built-in Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.4
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Drive: 609 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition

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PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition

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PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition 4.1 5 24 24
Creepy dolls are creepy! This is the third installment of the PuppetShow series and it is just as creepy as the last two! This game boasts improved graphics, creepier puppets, and good puzzles. The storyline for this one was not as in-depth as the last two, but it does continue the overarching plot well. The HOPs are good. This time there are more "hidden" items in the HOPs. I'm hoping in the next game they get slightly more creative with them. I'm more used to the modern HOPs where there is more to do than just search and click. The non-HOPs are good and challenging. They are also varied enough to make it interesting. There is a strategy guide, but still no hints unless you are in an HOP. This time I did end up using the strategy guide a couple times when I was completely stumped as to what to do next. Overall a great game. Can't wait for the next one! January 22, 2015
great! Just two words, love it! I played this one when it first out and never give a review. So yes, I really enjoy and having fun playing this game from beginning 'til the end. All of this series, is on my favorite list games I ever played. Thanks you ers and good job! As always, I adore your graphics. April 6, 2013
Puppet show - Lost Town Wow! This was one of Big Fish's first hidden object games I played and I loved it so much. It was intriguing and fun to watch, scared the heck outta me a few times, and got my hubby and girls into it from the start. Loved, Loved, Loved it! so am buying the collectors edition so I can play it all over again with the extras! lol February 15, 2013
Surprise!: another chapter I had been away from my obsession for awhile and then gotten back on with "Return to Joyville" and then saw that I had missed a game. Whoops! So I had to go back and get it. I found this one the hardest out of any of them, but the story was less intriguing. It kind of petered out a bit and was just, oh, Felecia is doing the crystal thing again. But still amazing graphics, love the interactive HOS's and the twist at the end of the bonus level. Collector's edition for this game are always worth it to me because I couldn't stand not knowing the real end of the story and since I love the design so much I love having wallpapers and the music. July 30, 2012
Very good game except.......... I was thoroughly enjoying this game when to my annoyance the underground train scene slowed right down. It was probably a glitch in my computer operation as I did not see that any other reviewers had a similar problem. The next scene was o.k. and then as I progressed further another couple of scenes went the same way. It was all right at the end. Other than that it was akin to a couple of other 'Puppet show" games in the series ---- very well done. The plot evolves around the fact that an entire town is excited about the discovery of a new cave system when a young girl is taken by a mechanical beast who leaves a cave-in behind him as he escapes with the girl and heads deeper into the labyrinth. The dialogue is adequate and the diary is helpful when it appears. The graphics are clear and defined and the music is pleasant and easy on the ear. The puzzles, on the whole, need a bit of nutting out and are quite challenging. Most of the hidden object are well hidden and require some close attention. A great Collectors Edition game again and I would have given if more stars if it had not been for the small hiccup during play but maybe I should not blame B.F. for this. September 17, 2012
very good its perfect art is very good and generally very very fun thanks for this game June 17, 2012
Collector's Edition I've played 3 of the other puppet show games and have enjoyed them all. They have a good mix of mystery-solving/strategy, mini-games and HO scenes. I absolutely loved the music from the other games, and this one has the same music. However, I didn't like the fact that the background music changed from scene to scene. This is annoying if you are walking around looking for something and the music is not contiguous. It detracts from the experience to hear a few notes from a different song each time you peek into an area to look for clues. Also, this is the first CE that I have purchased. It includes 15-20 minutes of bonus game play, lets you download 4 of the music tracks in WMA format, strategy guide and wallpapers. The other games had a 'hint' button in every scene (HO and non-HO) so if you're stumped for something to do, it would point you in the right direction (or say 'there's nothing here to do'). Maybe because it's a CE and has a strategy guide there's no hint button in non-HO scenes? If I'm stumped, I prefer a hint button, as there's no fear of accidentally reading ahead and discovering things you'd like to find out on your own. August 4, 2014
Overrated - HOS after HOS after HOS Review based on completed game in casual, the 1st of 2 modes. I keep running across reviews that reference Puppet Show as a kind of standard to which other games should aspire. After playing, I have no idea why. As a rule I love ERS games, and was ready to be wowed. No such luck. The game starts out strong with a beginning scene that is thoughtfully done and original. The "puppets" are for the most part derelict mechanical robots. Some good, some evil, no real rhyme or reason as to why. The theme is well worn, after a young girl's disappearance a detective is called in only the find that an evil woman seeking the fountain of youth who wants to trade bodies with a little girl. What has changing life forces between bodies to do with robots you ask? Please let me know if you find out. Very late in play the story is tied together by the introduction of "crystals". Again, what do crystals have to do with a ghost town full of broken robots and an evil woman's desire to remain young? Again, would love to know. Likes: --Inventory was accessible by a button on the bottom left of the screen. This was very handy as in other games, accidentally dipping too close to the bottom of the screen brings up the inventory list when it isn't wanted. In some games the yo-yo effect of the inventory bar can bring on motion sickness. Not so here. Tools only show on request. -The graphics are crisp, clear, and in the beginning very well thought out and original. -The mini-games were easy, but fun and there were a couple I had not seen before. There were also a couple with some challenge which I appreciated. -HOS, in the beginning these were well thought out, well executed, and enjoyable. Dislikes: -Shear number of HOS & repetitive nature of items -As the game progressed HOS was piled upon HOS upon HOS sucking any fun to be had out. Not sure what to do next? Keep back tracking until you find an active HOS. The same places were used and re-used. In at least one instance a HOS in another location had the same contents of a HOS played earlier in the game somewhere else. Not content to pile HOS on top of HOS, the items didn't vary - button, crow bar, butterfly, bow-tie, cane, umbrella, stamp, compass.... nothing new. -Theme, there just wasn't much story giving the appearance that HOS after HOS would fill the gap. Had they added more mini-games it might not have been as painful. -Most disappointing, despite the game covering a whole town and a mine many of the rooms and scenes could not be investigated and did not serve much purpose. Many scenes were look from the doorway, solve a puzzle, complete a HOS, move on. Come back in case the same HOS area becomes active again for no predictable reason. -The music became grating even once turned down. -The game is short. I played it in only 3 hours and I am a very slow player. Other: -Map? No, but none is really needed. There is some backtracking but there is nothing that is hard to find. -Journal? No, but again, not really needed based on the way the game is constructed. -Hints. Very good for HOS and in casual mode refill quickly. This was good because a couple of times items were misnamed, such as "safety pin" which turned out to be a "straight pin". Did not use hints otherwise so can't comment. -SG: Well done. Very helpful. As a suggestion, offering "Match 3" as an option to completing HOS. Despite all of the above, I do recommend this game because of the fun puzzles. However, if you tire of HOS quickly or like a strong storyline tying action together throughout the game, this is NOT for you. December 26, 2012
Well . . . . . . There is only one thing keeping me from giving this game more than stars, and it was the fact that you had to backtrack back and forth and back and forth and back and forth quite a lot (same with the second game in this series). That got kind of tedious after awhile, and frustrating. For example, you'd be in a location where you need to use a tool that you don't have. Then, you're halfway through town, and find the tool you need, so you have to go all the way back to where you were to use the tool. Then, you find out you need *another* tool you don't have . . . . . well, you get the idea. But the graphics were wonderful, and I loved the music of the game. I mean, I liked the game, and I love this series. It's just that it gets annoying when you have to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth . . . . . . . well, you get the idea. May 4, 2012
HOG's Interfer with Flow of Game It is quite an original story, refreshing change from the usual ghouls, witches, vampires etc. (although I have enjoyed those as well). I had seen this game offered before but it didn?t really interest me until it was offered as a bonus purchase. Based upon the reviews it had at the time (17 five stars and 3 four stars with 100% recommending, impressive) I then decided to purchase. It appears this is one of several in a series, although it did not require playing the previous one(s) to understand what was happening. While the scenes can be a little surprising with the visual content (no spoiler), the dev.?s have tried to balance the shock value with rather pretty details on the borders of the close-ups (when magnifier appears), and your tool ?holder?. Don?t get me wrong, there is no real gore or disgusting things, just some things that made me go, ?oh creepers!? And if you don?t like bugs fear not, you get pesticide! The graphics are very good. I was immediately impressed when I could see tears in the eyes of several characters. Starts out with voice over, which disappears when the story continues. The music is subliminal and not obtrusive or annoying. There is no map or diary (miss the diary, helps to remember what you were going to do when you return from a break). There is considerable to and fro. I played in expert mode, which has no hint button except in the HOG?s. There is no click penalty, and while they are cluttered they are not what I would call a junk pile. Items are not that difficult to find, although you always have that evasive one. At first it appears there are not many HOG?s, and then you get one after another after another, sometimes three in a row (seriously). And yes, there is a crowbar?.I personally like the crowbar, I find it a very useful tool. :) That said, this is a good game for HOG lovers, if you?re looking for straight adventure not so much. Just when your getting into the story and searching/investigating another HOG pops up, and like I said sometimes it goes on 3 times in a row. After that 3rd HOG your left wondering what was it you were supposed to do. I would rate this a 5 if it had no HOG?s, but (in my opinion) they obscure the flow of the game, I give it a 2.5 Conclusion: Good story, nice graphics, entertaining. I will recommend for fans of HOG?s for those reasons. Not recommended if you want straight adventure. April 14, 2012
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PuppetShow: Lost Town Collector's Edition

After discovering a new system of caves, the entire town is excited to explore, until Suzy is kidnapped by a mechanical beast!

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