Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

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Nancy Drew heads for Japan where she’s staying at a traditional ryokan (inn) for a little RnR with Bess and George, but when reports of a vengeful ghost start scaring away the guests, Nancy’s vacation takes a turn for terror! It’ll be up to you, as Nancy Drew, to uncover the secret that lies beneath the surface, before the ghost can take its revenge in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge!

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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge


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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

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Customer Reviews

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge 3.7 5 43 43
creepy fun In terms of atmosphere, this is one of the best Nancy Drew games, with plenty of spooky noises and strange happenings, and a mysterious family curse to solve. Like the other Nancy Drew games, this one is much tougher than most HO games- at several points I had to read the walkthrough because I was completely stuck. There are also a lot of number-puzzle type games that you have to play (no skipping!) in order to continue through the game, and these got tedious after a while. I also wished I could fast forward through Nancy's sometimes lengthy conversations with the other characters. But overall, it's very well done and worth buying if you liked some of the other games in this series. November 22, 2011
One that will make you jump I have always enjoyed ND games - this one will make you jump at least once - much better than the previous release. Enjoyed the mini games that I had to fine them on line to play. Nice job!!1 November 29, 2011
Japanese Ghost Story Nancy Drew goes Japan. Bess and George are in the same city for an expo, but - as usual - she only contacts them via phone. She should have stayed with them, cause she ends up in a traditional Ryokan, which is supposedly haunted. The Good: + all the Japanese clichs are in there (reserved family, self-made clothes, ghosts, ceremonies...) + Nonograms, Sudoku and Renograms + hard Bento logic puzzle + scary at times (secret bath! WHOA!), mitigated by the fact that it's quite predictable when the haunts are coming + two different endings (which aren't really that different) + spot on voice acting (Japanese accents did not sound fake to me, those roles were cast with Asian people) + more phone interaction with Bess and George... The Neutral: o ...but they don't give you many hints, if any o not quite logical: you are snooping through the Ryokan and night and nobody notices at all o also not quite logical: the Subway Puzzle. Say you have to take the "U1" for three stations - would you get off the train twice to board the next train of the same line again? (at least they give you a short cut after the first time) The Bad: - only three locations outside the Ryokan - plot hole: you have to stay in Yumi's Apartment because of no more trains that are running - I have taken trains at later times already - the game does not tell you how often you have to repeat Bento and other things to get an award Bottom Line: The neutral and negative points are fairly negligible if you are into scary, puzzle-heavy adventures. Definitely one of the better Nancy Drew games. August 19, 2012
Scary and entertaining Ive been doing all the ND games in order of release, and this one is just wonderful. I really enjoyed playing it and the biggest miracle was that navigation was fairly decent this time around! I would like to point out, this game is premised on a "Japanese" theme, so it stands to follow that there will be themed puzzles and such in the game - the robotic cat is an example. Fun Factor : Loads of fun here and all nicely themed puzzles and games. In addition, game time freezes while you are doing them. YaY! I personally love Sudoku, and Nanograms are easy enough, but I did need a walkthrough to complete the Nonograms. The puzzle box was a headache tho. The Pachinko game is fun at first, but does get a little boring after the first round, so fire them all off as fast as you can and just let the odds work in your favor. There are some frightening challenges to get your heart pounding as well. Visual / Sound : Awesome! The sound effects and music perfectly set the mood and help to immerse you. The graphics are really good and at times will give you a a good scare! LOL Voice acting was .. ok. Only Miwaka sounded right and the rest.. really bad impersonations. Level of Challenge : Overall, there is plenty to keep you busy and difficulty ranges from novice to expert level. Upside, you get to use the amazing train system, but the downside is you can only travel to 4 locations. No sight seeing which was a real disappointment. Once you manage to navigate your way to each destination, the next time around it will auto nav for you (thank goodness!) Storyline : Ok, so here is one of the weak spots of the game. There was sooo much they could have done with this, but didn't. The story isn't really that great, and the side story is just.. bland and leaves you scratching your head in confusion. The Historical and cultural components were fun, but left so much out. For some reason after the 10th ND game, the historical / educational components went severely downhill and seems to just get progressively worse. Fortunately, this game offers so many other perks that you can overlook the pathetic storyline and still enjoy it. This is one of the best ND games as far as immersion goes and I would highly recommend this game! If you are a novice to ND games, you may want to start with one of the easier games first so you can get a feel for how ND games work. January 9, 2014
Another Greay Mystery This is another fine addition! February 25, 2012
What Happened? I have played two Nancy Drew games before this (Waverly and White Wolf) and I found the quality of storyline to be lacking in this one compared to the others. There was a very confused atmosphere in this game. I think it was because the developers attempted to cover all of Japan-both the hyper-traditional and hyper-modern versions. In the end, all that happened was that you got a very small portion of each as well as a feeling of being limited. As in, you feel a bit taunted, because there are so many train stations and you want to look at what they lead to-but! Nope. You are limited to the ryokan (mostly hallways leading to rooms you cannot enter), the garden (the most enjoyable destination, but nothing more than pleasant), the expo centre (sounds huge right? fully explorable in four clicks.), Yumi's apartment (consists of one room# and a miniature arcade where you can play games #after you make enough money to buy two things, you're done there). This Nancy game is practically raved about on here as being creepy and awesome. Maybe I was expecting too much from it, or maybe I'm just rebelling against popular opinion, but it was not creepy. There was one timed puzzle where my heart was pounding in a rhythm that sound somewhat like: "You do not want to know what happens next so get out of here!" You were in a small room. The door locked behind you. There was rattling coming from the wall, along with hissings, whispering and banging; all growing louder by the second. You had to unlock the door to get out by completing a puzzle. I failed to complete it. Guess what happened next. Did the ghost slither in, grab her throat and squeeze the air from Nancy's lungs? A piece of wood I could have been sure was not there before fell on her head. And killed her. Not to doubt the dangers of chopped up trees, but? Now we get into the really important stuff: There were no subplots. None at all. One of the main, if not the main, reason I love Nancy Drew games. I love finding out about things you would never expect because you're focusing on the main plot line. And Shadow at the Water's Edge was completely bare of them. I seriously, severely hope this is not going to be standard in new Nancy Drew games. Also, the characters were not very engaging for me. They weren't ridiculously unrealistic, but they were kind of annoying. Not that I don't know anyone who is annoying in real life, but you are in contact with the other characters alot in this game for questioning's sake-even versus other Nancy Drew games. I think, this being considered, the character's personalities should have been made more complex than usual-not simpler. Usually Nancy culprits have far better motives than the culprit did in this one. When they went on their usual 'this is why I did this and I am fully justified because of it' speech I was sure it had to be a cover. And, -I cringe as I write this!- not a very good one. Yet it was real. Now, I have saved the worst thing about this game (in my case) for last-THE. MATH. If you do not enjoy math, I absolutely do not recommend this game to you. Puzzles are integral to Nancy Drew games and the game focus in Shadow at the Water's Edge is graphs, math and numbers. I had to constantly use walkthroughs for the games, and many of the puzzles were still extremely frustrating for me. I wish I wasn't, but...I am really dissapointed in this game. It just is not the Nancy and I have quickly some to love. February 28, 2012
Great, but not quite Japanese... When I first heard that this game will take place in Japan, I was so excited (especially the trailer that shows in the previous game), the game itself is creepy but too bad there're quite a few 'holes'. First, the characters don't speak Japanese accent except Miwako who is voiced over by a Japanese. You will find it weird that Yumi pronounces 'Nancy-chan' like 'Nancy-chen', Nancy's offensive attitude like asking over and over about how a person died is really not likable. But the good thing is, you learn about Japanese culture and make Japanese bentos. The music is good and the game is long. This game is creepy and makes you think you're in 'the Grudge'. May 10, 2012
Must like Sudoku I'm a big fan of Nancy Drew games; I've played almost all of them. However, I found Shadow at Water's Edge to be a mixed bag of good and not-so-good. As far as the "creepy" element, this game ranks high on the ND list. The characters/plot line are wanting somewhat; a few of the characters are believable and interesting, others just plain annoying. There is enough suspense and intrigue to keep with it, but somewhat anti-climatic throughout. As far as the games and puzzles, this is where I felt the producers fell flat. Little variety; Challenge depends on your taste for certain games. Overall, this is a ND game not for the beginner, but for the intermediate who likes a good scare, yet doesn't mind monotonous puzzles and riding a rail to nowhere, for no reason other than - it's a Nancy Drew game. April 22, 2014
Not as good as some of the others... I liked a lot of the other Nancy Drew games more than this one October 18, 2012
"The Ring" comes to ND I didn't care for this game. I was excited to play this after finishing "The Ghost at Thorton Hall" which is a newer one. Unfortunately, this is nothing like it, and I was really disappointed. Pros: -The scenery, particularly the garden is very nice -The subway is a pain in the butt, but you only need to do each station once and then you can fast track to any station. Thank god. I would have quite the game out of pure annoyance if they had made you go through the whole thing every time you needed to run around. -The robotic cat was adorable. Cons: *sigh* -There should always be a skip button for the dialogue. Especially if it is long, and the character's speech is so incredibly slow. I kept reading it at my own pace, then I would have to sit and wait (and wait...and wait...) for the character to catch up. Dialogue is a major part of this game, so get comfy, because you aren't going anywhere. -There isn't really a lot to do. Most of the time you are listening to long dialogue and walking back and forth between empty scenes. I say empty, meaning there are no tasks required there. They serve no purpose other than to fill space for you to walk around. Personally I need a balance between being actively involved (i.e.) solving puzzles or collecting inventory items, and being inactively involved (i.e.just walking or talking). Too much of the latter. - The story line is pretty identical to the movie "The Ring" or "Ringu" for the Japanese version. If you have seen either, you pretty much know the story here. -There is pretty much only one thing to do at a time, and they need to get done in exact order, before there is another task that opens up. It's a very linear gameplay. Overall, I can't really say I'd recommend this. I would play "The Ghost at Thorton Hall" instead. August 10, 2014
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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

Uncover a secret that lies beneath the surface of a traditional ryokan! Stop the terrifying ghost before it has its revenge!

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