Timeless: The Forgotten Town

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After stopping a runaway train, you must now escape from a town that is lost in time and space! Explore the mysterious city and solve its riddles to uncover the roots of a terrible disaster. Free yourself from the timeless trap as quickly as you can since the Chronometron is counting off the seconds of your life. Dive into Timeless: The Forgotten Town and use your Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure skills to survive!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.5
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 214 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Timeless: The Forgotten Town


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Timeless: The Forgotten Town

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Timeless: The Forgotten Town 4 5 28 28
Excellent game The graphics are crisp & clear with wonderful colours & the artwork is drop dead gorgeous; the setting is early 1900s & the scenes & objects are from the period. This includes the hidden object items, excellent attention to detail on the developers part, you won?t be looking for any electrical items in this game. The music is a pleasure & I liked the background noises. In the options you can choose full screen which fills my widescreen monitor & you can change the custom cursor; although I don?t think you will want to, the game cursor is long & elegant with a beautiful point. You can play in hard or easy mode ? hard mode does have a few glints but no major sparkles which appear everywhere on the easy mode. The hint recharges in around 30 seconds on easy but a massive 3 minutes on hard so you are not tempted to use it too often. The H0 scenes (there are a lot of these) are a mixture of word lists & shapes which adds interest; there is a misclick penalty ? the cursor turns red & moves around slowly which is ok in easy mode but takes around 10 seconds in hard which seems like an age. I managed to work out the answers to all the mini-games I played during the demo with some thought. Unfortunately there are no voiceovers just subtitles but it did not spoil my enjoyment. The gameplay was very logical; you could work out where you should be going & what to look for. There is a journal which tells your story & gives clues as to your next task but there is no map as you do not need it; there is walking between scenes but they are not miles apart. My one reservation is that the game did seem to end rather abruptly. January 21, 2012
A HO/Adventure with many new twists This game deserves a warm welcome for it is full of ingenuity and imagination. Not only does it offer many HO Scenes - a feature that should delight the aficinados of the genre, and even ravish those who are not too keen on them, for they are all very pleasant to play, although at times a bit cluttered - but also many puzzles and minigames you don't find in other games; some are very original, others are classics with a twist [except one]. I had fun playing them as I had fun performing the tasks and visiting the various locations well crafted with taste and talent. The HO Scenes do not always come with the usual lists, but also with silhouettes, and with objects you need to move aside in order to find the items buried underneath. Interesting. I particularly liked the beginning, the voyage in the bullet train that suddenly turns into an old choo-choo. And for once I didn't have to mute my speakers: the music is not bad at all and there is even a very nice piece that would do well as the main theme of a western or a war movie. Still, the game is not perfect and one could regret its shortness [4 hours for the SE] without skipping anything, the absence of voice-overs, the amount of bactracking which increases half way through the game, the lack of a map [although the Hints show you where to go if you get stuck], and the last part of the ending which is quite unecessary. The storyline is another classic, a ghost story mixed with an evil magician who stops time in and around a town. It's a full 4 star game which I can only recommend, on account of its novelties, several challenging puzzles, good minigames, and many interesting actions to perform. January 6, 2012
Fun, original puzzles and nice graphics This is a polished, high quality HOG with pretty graphics, good animations/effects and good music with a couple of distinguishing features: - Great variety on the standard hidden object scenes including find X object (e.g. find 10 coins), lists of object silhouettes instead of words, moving objects out of the way to uncover objects in the word lists. - Unique, original, challenging (for a casual game) puzzles. I especially liked one puzzle that was like a mini-strategy game; you control a knight that has to defeat monsters and you can pick up resources like weapons, food and keys along the way. I also really liked the idea of a town trapped out of time. I have only one somewhat minor complaint to do with backtracking: you find objects you can't pick up until later on when you need them, then you have to backtrack (for only 3 items), hidden object scenes can activate more than once in the same location so you have to wander around to find them. The latter wasn't that big of a deal for me because I just used the hint which led me straight to active scenes. (Speaking of, the in-game hint system is great, it's basically a built-in strategy guide) The right way to do repeated hidden object scenes is to do it like ERS, where you need to use an inventory item in an old location and you'll definitely pass by the active scene to use it. Overall, I really liked this game. If you enjoy interesting and challenging puzzles, check this one out. May 9, 2012
Lots of Hidden Object Scenes... But...that was ok. They mixed it up a bit. Some of them were the kind where they show you shadows of the object and you have to figure out what it is, and some were "find all 12 of "x" item" not too bad. Really, my only complaint was a lack of a skip button on some of the mini-games. That irritates me because some of them are just so tedious. But, other than that, I enjoyed the game. February 3, 2012
Entertaining little game This game offers a bit of a change from the usual HO/Adventure game. The graphic are very nice, the music good, no voice overs, no map but a good level of play. The HOs vary from the standard junkpile (most not to messy) to silhouettes to identical items to moving items around. Made for some interesting play. The puzzles were also very good and ranged from fair to somewhat challenging. The puzzles required inventory items to complete which again made for some interesting play. The game was a little short but was enjoyable. A little more of the faceless monster would have added to the storyline, but overall a pretty good game. February 11, 2012
Liked it Not a bad game at all, really enjoyed it and had great storyline and the graphics were fantastic! Didn't need a SG because the hint button did a great job of letting me know where to go next if i was stuck. Really enjoyable game. April 1, 2012
Solid, good adventure/HOG with nice visuals. The gameplay is fun and the visuals are cohesive throughout the game. However, I found the story a bit convoluted and confusing, and never got entirely engrossed. Many overlapping puzzles got a bit confusing, too, with many objects in my inventory and no idea what to do with most of them. Still, a fun play. November 21, 2011
really good HO game graphics were clear and the HO scenes weren't too bad. hint/skip took a little longer than i have been used to. i had trouble with mini games but i don't do most of these kinds of games well. i did enjoy it but there is a lot of back and forth, but the hints are good to tell you where to go. no map but there is a journal. the clues in there help you with the game. November 11, 2012
Mostly good I enjoyed the vast majority of the game, but I think I remember there being several times when the next step isn't obvious and you have to go back and visit all the places you've been to see if there's a new search area. I hate having to do that. Some of the puzzles were more annoying rather than fun and challengeing as well, so I ended up skipping a few. All in all though I'd say it's a good game and worth it. Also pretty good length-wise. November 25, 2011
Made you really use your brain... This was a game that made me really think- a lot of walking back and forth to collect items, which I didn't mind so much, (though a map would have been helpful)- but the games were very challenging to get the items needed. Sometimes the "instructions" were not always clear at first. But if you really studied the areas (not always the area you were in), you would find symbols to pictorially describe how to play the game. The journal helped, and had added info not shown in the game, so was important to read- though the info wasn't always deposited right away. For instance, if you ran across something that was the key to solving a later puzzle - it didn't drop into the journal. Only once you ran across that puzzle it pertained to (which could be more than halfway through the game), then went BACK to that earlier area would the page then drop into the journal to help you play the game. All in all, it took some thought, very little was handed to you - but the game play itself was enjoyable. What I did not like- the music. This is the first HOPA game I have played where I wanted to shoot the gramophone. lol- sorry. It was very repetitious, with the same 3 or 4 songs playing on a track the entire game (after 5 hours of this, it gets tiring), and there was one instrumental song I absolutely despised and didn't feel like fit for the game theme at all. The haunting ones with the choir voices were cool, though, and I enjoyed those two- one sounded almost epic, but I finally had to turn the volume down for awhile to avoid that irritating other song, which affected my playing skills (like a leaky faucet dripping in the background - making it impossible to focus on my tasks). Which brings me to my next dislike- Entering that creepy ritualistic area where we developed the picture - the haunting sounds were enough- you didn't need to add the ghostly whispers chanting in a foreign language what sounded like spells- I don't like that in my games. The creepy music and normal sounds of moaning, creaking, etc were enough. I also ended up turning the sound down every time I entered that chamber for a task. At least the game allowed to adjust volume without going to the main menu, so that was helpful since I did it a lot! lol Also once, toward the end, the game did crash, but I was able to easily get back into it and it didn't give me any problems after that. The mini-games and puzzles were often challenging but fun- I really enjoyed the arcade one with pulling the lever and the warrior knight going the number of spaces on the die to get to the top of the hill, fighting the monsters along the way. I could have played that one again and again. :) The theater one was so cute too, with the knight, princess, and evil guy coming out their separate doors - and figuring out the right sequence. Also enjoyed stopping the train, later developing the picture (creepy chanting aside), finding the gears with the glowing crystal, and other tasks/games. Some of the HOS were clear and easy to spot, some were not. A couple I dreaded going back into those dark areas, for that reason, but I thought it was cool how once the objects disappeared, they didn't reappear upon re-entry later in the game. That helped spotting things easier (especially in the dark places, like that shed). The story was nice, but - (SPOILER for end!!! Go to "end of spoilers" if you don't want to know!) - might only be the romantic in me - but I would have preferred to actually *see* the Count and his bride reunite, perhaps even address "me" - before suddenly finding myself back on the train. It helped to see them from a distance, but it would have been nice if you had made their reunion a bigger part of the story, since the evil is what separated/destroyed them in the first place, as well as their love being the reason for its existence. It would have felt more finished this way - once the evil was destroyed, since they were the only ghosts who sought our help and were vital to the entire story. ****END of SPOILER The hint button was pretty good. When I entered an area where nothing was available, it would say "it's time to move on"- and show the glowing sparkles in the direction needed to go, with the hint not needing to fill up in those situations. (this is on casual, I don't know about harder play) While this game wasn't a favorite, there were aspects of it I did enjoy, and I did want to play it through til the end (NOT hoping it would finish soon) so I think it was worth it, especially on the sale I got it for. :) SE or CE? I am a beginner, I guess, since I play on casual and have played only about 6 full games on here (and about 10 demos)- in the two months since I found the BF site. I never needed the SG, the hint button was enough, though it was a bit of a challenge at times. I skipped only one game - and that was because I accidentally read the Roman numerals wrong (my fault, it was a simple number!) and thought I had it all lined up right and figured out, then when the puzzle didn't release the item- I looked again and realized I messed up. lol So, I didn't want to repeat the many steps with the clocks to fix it! lol)- There is a bonus chapter in the CE, which I might look up to see if anyone played it on youtube, just to see that bit of story, but the SE that I played was conclusive to the story of main game. July 25, 2014
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Timeless: The Forgotten Town

Escape from a town that is lost in time and space! Explore the mysterious city and solve its riddles to make it home!

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