Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ Collector's Edition

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$ 19.99 USD

$ 13.99 USD or 2 credits

You lived through their side of the story—now live through his!

Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story—if you escape.

This is an intense psychological thriller that may reveal deep-seated fears. Not for the young or faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.

Please note: This is the biggest and most intense offering from the Big Fish Games Studios to date. If you are not sure if your computer will be able to handle the game, please try it before you buy it!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus collect and match quest!
  • Exciting bonus quest featuring the Case Book
  • Additional Hidden Object scenes
  • Integrated strategy guide
  • Check out our Blog Walkthrough
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1524 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ Collector's Edition

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Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ Collector's Edition

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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst? Collector's Edition 3.6 5 845 845
The best MCF title yet! I love the Mystery Case Files series with a passion, so was thrilled to see a new title join the stable. Game structure: the game keeps the same absorbing atmosphere as Return To Ravenhearst, but where RTR lacked a real selection of mini-games and puzzles, Escape From Ravenhearst is brimming with them - all of them new and original, yet keeping the same entralling atmosphere that RTR brought to the series. Some people report no 'skip' button for the mini-games, but there was always a 'skip' button present for me. What is great about this title is that the developers have really found the balance between finding objects and solving puzzles: previous titles have sometimes laboured the whole find-more-hidden-objects scenes with a token puzzle here and there, whereas Escape From Ravenhearst is much more balanced between the two. It feels like MCF has finally settled into its niche and I welcome that. Morphing versus hidden objects: both exist in the game, though the scales are tipped very much in favour of morphing objects. This has received mixed reactions, but I think it's a fresh take on the series and fits more closely with the plot. It flows nicely with the story-line where hidden-object scenes used to be an uncomfortable interruption in the game of previous titles. Each morphing-object scene becomes harder and harder #this game is not for the casual player# and you'll need a lot of patience #or the hint button#! There are a small number of hidden object scenes too, but not in the traditional sense. Without giving the game away, the hidden-object scenes are a delightful surprise and ingeniously done. Overall, the bulk hidden-object scenes have been left to the million-and-one other hidden-object titles out there, making MCF depart from the hidden-object genre and become the ruling king of the puzzle/adventure empire instead. Visuals, sound and atmosphere: the visuals are incredible, dark and sinister, sometimes bordering on gruesome. Music is the best of any title in the series. No more classical 'twee' music - now there's a horror-tinged dramatic score that heightens the experience and fits the series so much better! Some of the ghost voices can be difficult to hear, but the game also enables subtitles by default #can be switched off if preferred#. Although a sinister plot, there's still the usual nice touch of humour too - makes you laugh yet does nothing to soften the grimness of the whole tale. Sheer brilliance! Difficulty level: the morphing scenes are harder than the previous hidden-object scenes and they can't be completed in a big hurry. The hint button will help but, sadly, there's no penalty this time for using it #you'd fail an achievement in the previous MCF title#. The puzzles are the same level as previous titles. If you were fine with those, the latest mini-games #and there are a wonderful number of them# will give you the same level of challenge as before. Some people have criticised the Strategy Guide but I've avoided resorting to it as much as possible #okay - I cheated and sought help in the forums instead#. Players of previous MCF titles beware! All those lovely code clues you might uncover are no longer entered in your journal! Be ready to keep notes. I like this approach. It was too easily convenient to flip through journal notes, whereas this game is more like the Myst series of games where it's down to you to note the clues you find. I like this approach personally, but not everyone is pleased with the change. Horror factor: the fear factor is not as paralysing as maybe the game write-up might suggest, but it is creepy, it's dark, it's very sinister. The developers should be congratulated on the storyline and incredible imagination. The game is not going to spook the nervous, but it IS going to thrill. As someone who cannot watch a horror movie, the balance is right for me. However, it might not be suitable for younger children, whereas fans of horror etc might find it tame. Collector's Edition: I'm still not quite sure how much extra the CE provides, but there's no way I'd sleep at night not having the Collector's Edition of an MCF title! One thing I'm a little disappointed about: the achievements and challenges of the last CE title #13th Skull# have gone #although only icing on the cake, I did enjoy these#. There is a hidden bonus level I believe, but I've failed to find it on my first play of the game. The game has definite replay value and I will enjoy trying harder next time! Problems: None really. I've experienced occasional application crashes, but only when the game has been minimised to desktop. Other people have reported this too, but I've certainly experienced no problem whilst playing the game. The game supports widescreen-aspect screens at last and does it well. My PC is around 5 years old now but it met the minimum requirements and the game plays really smoothly. I only experienced cursor-slowdown just after minimising the game and then restoring #but I get that with other games too - my fault#. A couple of seconds, and then it was smooth again. Conclusion: This is the best MCF title yet, and no longer feels like a hidden-object game with nice bits attached, but a full-on epic thriller puzzle that also contains object scenes. The puzzles are to the same high standards of previous games, all of them fresh and original and all of them taxing without being impossible. This is the game I hoped for in MCF, and I think the developers should feel mighty proud! I would have loved a few more challenges in the CE edition, but overall you still get great value for money. November 24, 2011
Wow what an adventure I absolutely loved this game. Carries on from Ravenhearst and Return to Ravenhearst which I played again before starting this game. Yeah the game does play with the mind, the puzzles are challenging, but I was determined not to get any form of a hint. Sad when the game finished and I am looking forward to the next instalment. PLEASE MAKE IT SOON! March 13, 2013
OMGoodness, what a RIDE! Escape from Ravenhearst can really only be described in one word...THRILLING! And oh you ever escape! Nothing else mattered. Not the weekend, not the sun beaming through my window, not the smell of freshly baked pizza in the oven. I was completely and utterly bewitched. For all I knew, this was a real case and I was hunting down a real demented psychopath named Charles. And what I have come to find through my long list of MCF games is that the harder the game mode, the more believable the experience. Who needs a sparkle? You already have a hand that tells you where to click. Who needs step-by-step instructions or hints on how to solve a puzzle? Half the fun in 'detecting' is figuring it out for yourself. So if you are accustomed to strategy guides, walkthroughs or a detailed diary, you may experience a bit of difficulty with this one - admittedly, this isn't for everyone - but its an excellent choice if you hope to up your skills and try something new. It's certainly the BEST choice if you get a thrill out of being thrilled. The positives: 1. The storyline wow'd me. Very rarely do I have to close my eyes suddenly when something catches me off guard. And that happened. Twice. Not an easy task. Just when you think you've seen it all, something else blows your mind. Fantastically surprising stuff! 2. I absolutely loved the balance between all the elements in this game. All the puzzles (and there were MANY) were unique and appeared just when you felt you could use one. And when you have tired from your puzzle - BAM, morphing objects...All tied in beautifully with some hidden picture finds, codes, twists and turns. 3. Nothing is what it seems. And when you think you have it figured, you don't. Best aspect of the game I think - Something you saw / found at the beginning of the game is only valid when you have forgotten all about it. It certainly keeps you busy and extends your game time significantly. A definite plus. 4. The visual and sound quality / effects were so compelling, those who turned their noses up at this genre of gaming were sitting right beside me, fighting over a chance at the mouse. It was the best 'told-you-so' moment i've ever experienced. Overall, this game by far exceeded my expectations. I never used a single hint and 'skip' was a forgotten feature. No strategy guides or journals were necessary. Why should they be? Nothing bored me. Loved every single minute! March 13, 2013
I LOVED IT!! Finally a challenging game, I loved the puzzles! Other games are sometimes too obvious or easy even on hardcore level. I liked the morphing part, it's a bit harder than the hidden objects, which added to the challenging fun. Hopefully there will be more of these challenging MCF games coming out!! At times it was weird but I had to laugh, it was unexpected, and I loved the fantasy! Definitely worth your money! First time I'm leaving a review because I really want more games like this out there! January 5, 2013
Great new ideas! I love this game and think it is the best Mystery Case Files to date. I particularly liked: - the morphing objects instead of hidden objects - the story line is amazing - the puzzles are quite a bit easier than those in some of the other games. This made it less frustrating and more fun. - the references to other non-Ravenhearst Mystery Case File games. The reference to 13th skull was a riot! What I didn't particularly like: - I miss the "achievements" that some of the other games had. It gives me incentive to play more than once to earn all the achievements. - The built in strategy guide. It certainly makes it easier, but I prefer to have to figure things out on my own and this just makes it too easy. - The "rewards" for the tabbed items were lame. I'd prefer a short but equally fun bonus game in the CE. This is an absolutely great game overall. I am going to play it a second time since I have to wait another whole year for the next Mystery Case files to come out! Robin November 28, 2011
Mystery Case Files Escape from Ravenhearst I've played every Mystery Case Files game; and, of course, they have grown by leaps and bounds since the original hunt and peck hidden object games. I was surprised by the negative reaction by many to this newest addition to the Mystery Case Files games. I, for one, enjoyed finding the morphing objects in this game. While I have played hundreds of traditional hidden object games, I found this one to be a bit different and fun for a change. I really needed the strategy guide for this game and I was glad to have this comprehensive one. That being said, while I greatly appreciated the "skip mini-game" button, I would have liked to see an instruction button for every mini-game as well, rather then just see it outlined in detail in the strategy guide. The graphics and details are superb. I always wait anxiously for a new edition of MCF games to be released; and while I currently have 15 new hidden object games activated and ready to play, I IMMEDIATELY downloaded and began playing this one the moment I saw that it was available. For me, this MCF game did not disappoint. November 23, 2011
The Detective is IN! Ravenhearst rises like a PHOENIX!! Love the game so far !Unique way of presenting hidden object scenes!! Graphics are beautiful! It's challenging for us HO pros and will provide hours of playing time! I hope this isn't the final chapter. P.S I miss having Madam Fate to chatter at me! Maybe she will fix herself! November 23, 2011
BFG Keeps Raising the Casual Game Bar This game was exactly what "Escape from Ravenhearst" should have been, and what I hoped it would be, though somewhat more morbid. What I loved about this game: - The graphics - oh my, the best I have seen ever - almost photo realistic and the details were amazing. I loved how when you touched things they fell down, you had to beware of falling rocks and so on. It felt like you were in a "real" place. - The acting by Dennis Kleinsmith -- creepy, malevolent, and almost sweet at the same time, LOL. - The sound - the music was nice but never obtrusive - climatic when appropriate, and the ambient sounds were terrific, waterfall sounds when there were waterfalls in the background, but stopped when you went inside. - It was a total immersion experience - once I started the game I did not want to stop and for me it took about 12 hours of playing time, and that was having to use hints a bit more than I like and I had to check the SG a few times to get back on track. I am probably slower than the average player because I like to take the time to try to solve the puzzles, figure things out until I reach a frustration level. - The humorous touches - tongue in cheek humor now and then -- especially when there references to previous games. - Non-linear adventure style - We generally work one area at a time, but often when I checked the SG I had done things in a totally different order than they did. You have choices of which room to enter and so on. You do need your sneakers for this game, but again I love that and the adventure of discovering things on your own. - Collector's Addition Extra game play integrated into the game - the door tokens. Loved that feature, and I do prefer that to a tacked on ending to make a game a CE or worse, robbing an SE of a true ending and just making the end of the game the bonus content for an SE. - No hand holding - no sparkles, just explore and discover. Makes the game so much more challenging and engrossing. - I loved how it incorporated my character's name into several places in the game. A very nice touch, and very clever developers! Where I am ambivalent: - Morphing object scenes - instead of hidden object scenes. I prefer more adventure and puzzles and fewer hidden object scenes. I love morphing objects as "extras" in a game. Not sure I would like a steady diet of them in place of a lot of hidden object scenes. If BFG wants to do this type of scene in the future I would suggest a lot fewer of them, and make the time between morphs a lot faster so that they are easier to catch. but on the whole I didn't mind them in this game, but they should have been spread out more. There were too many in the beginning and almost no puzzles, and then later there a lot fewer of them and it was just about right. The mad-scientist morbidity -- it is going to bother some people and it's definitely not a game for children, and we had to do some rather gross things, but they weren't done to real, albeit fictional, people! People need to understand that this game is exploring "Why Charles Dalimar is the insane person he is!" And I think it did that quite dramatically. What I don't like - - The hidden items in the journal were not explained - would have been nice to have a hint about that somewhere. I kept clicking on the tabs and nothing happened. Mine said 1-15 and 1-16 at the end of the game. I had no idea what they were there for, until I read a thread in the forum about them. I was able to go back and get most of them. They could have been handled by letting us click on the tabs, finding out what they were for, perhaps with outline of the items to be found? or some kind of hint to tell us what to look for. - Need an info button for some puzzles - Please just a line telling us what to do when needed. Visual clues in the SG were helpful, but sometimes the SG gives more info than needed or wanted. - Important Clues were not entered in the journal -- map clues, and numbers needed for codes are not entered. Keep notes! All in all I think it is a truly fantastic game. I had graphic issues when I first tried to play it and had to update my AMD ATI drivers. After the upgrade the game played fine. It IS a very graphic intensive game. Potential buyers heed the warnings, check your computer specs and upgrade your video drivers! Thank you Big Fish Games for bringing us another truly great game! Worth every penny for sure! And Kudos to Adrian Woods and the fantastic design team at BFG. Outstanding! November 24, 2011
Clear your diary... You won't want to Quit till the story is done. Atmospheric, absorbing and stunning visually, this game will draw you in and keep you there as you work through the insanity. The morphing objects make a wonderful change from the usual hidden object scenes. The acting is excellent and the integration of live action and CGI is seamless. The story is strong and grounded in good plot, with puzzles varying from the obvious to the tricky. In short, this gets 5 stars only because I can't give it 10, it was a fully immersive game and one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long time. November 26, 2011
Superb game.. This game is not for the faint hearted! The graphics are phenominal, the sounds keep the spooky atmosphere and it has to rate amongst the very best iHOG games ever. I love the morphing HOG scenes, rather than looking for the usual junk stuff. Not an easy game, and I've been stuck many times. The SG could be more helpful, and at times is frustratingly not helpful at all. A long game, and one you'll probably need to go back to after resting your brain for a while! Would welcome more games like this one! November 25, 2011
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Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ Collector's Edition

Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story-if you escape.

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