Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

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You lived through their side of the story—now live through his!

Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story—if you escape.

This is an intense psychological thriller that may reveal deep-seated fears. Not for the young or faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.

Please note: This is the biggest and most intense offering from the Big Fish Games Studios to date. If you are not sure if your computer will be able to handle the game, please try it before you buy it!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1245 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Crude Humor
  • Mild Blood
  • Violence
Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst


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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst 3.2 5 432 432
exceptional game Granted,this game is totally different than we are used to get but that makes it new and exceptional.The morphing objects are something to get used to and might seem less interesting to some but you must admit it is a fresh concept in a hidden object game.As far as gross is concerned,you must not forget the story is about a total insane character and therefor you can't expect to see normal things during the game.Some people don't recommend this game because of the gross factor in the story but I do not agree. If you play violent games that blow people up or shoot them in shreds for example,that is far more gross to look at. This game is about insanity and is perfectly presented with both images and storyline,almost like it's made by a real insane person and that is quite an accomplishment! Conclusion is that the game is totally different than what we are used to,has difficult tasks or puzzles sometimes,may gross you out possibly but you are warned about that. And isn't it more fun to get through a difficult game than to just move on from level to level without any diffuculties? From me a triple A score for this game! February 23, 2012
Shocking, Compelling, Baffling! BASED ON COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS INTENSE!! This game gives new meaning to the word. Telling this story involves looking at some of the uglier sides of life, so this game is right on the edge of decency. And it is a VERY challenging game to play. The feel of it is that of the more heavy duty of adventure and RPG games. Almost everything you need to do you must work out for yourself, and it is rarely a straightforward process. It opens with a news report, that looks totally believable, and segues into a series of increasingly insane flashes on some disturbing construction work. Then the madman reveals his goal ? to ?make you understand?. Well, nothing good can come from trying to understand Charles Dalimar! SIGHTS & SOUNDS The professionalism in the introduction is carried on throughout the game. Graphics are superb. The sound track is varied, exciting, deadly, restful and silent, depending on where you are in the game. Background and ambient sounds are, frankly, distressing, and for part of the game I had to turn them off. Dalimar is really spooky, face and voice. Integrated from actual video, but suffering from poor reception, he nevertheless seems more real, more dangerous than your surroundings, and that works very well with what?s happening. WHAT?S HAPPENING It?s hard to give an indication of the story without spoiling it. You return to Ravenhearst manor after a series of disappearances in the surrounding area. The house is a burnt out wreck. The lighthouse is barely functional. Seems everything has been destroyed. The ghosts of Emma and the others try to warn you away, but offer to help you when you won?t leave. But their power is limited, whereas Dalimar?s... MAKING PROGRESS Where to start? In keeping with the tradition of the Mystery Case Files series, Escape From Ravenhearst takes some radical departures from the known and accepted. And after years of hand holding from other games, this game gives us almost no help at all. There is no map. There is no hint outside HOP scenes. The journal keeps story info but does not record clues. There are times when there is no information, no logic about where next to look, and you must systematically scour the area for signs of new information. The game geography is complex and strange, and with no map, very hard to navigate. Then there are the HOP scenes. These are not like any others. You are given the number of MORPHING objects in a location and no other information. Included in the scene will be other objects with other roles, and there may well be some that require more than one move. They are far more difficult than you?d imagine, because the entire scenes are in constant motion. I completed only one scene without the use of the hint button. And I usually don't use any hints at all for HOPs. There are also a couple of standard word list HOPs, including one which is a sketch book and cleverly done. There are also plenty of other very challenging puzzles. Most of them were too difficult for me to complete without the help of the walkthrough and/or skip. Even using a code or clue is more difficult than it seems at first glance, because you must interpret the information in unusual ways. FINAL VERDICT However you look at it, this game is not a walk in the park. It is a gruesome and gruelling trek through madness and hate. Yet, it is undeniably, compulsively, involving. Audacious and challenging, it is a MCF ?tour de force?. January 22, 2014
Good bye (buy) Ravenhearst Congratulations to the Staff and Cast on an outstanding storyline. The level of acting, voiceovers and programming and art work gets my thumbs up. This is a game that makes one think, because in reality some humans do treat other people as dummies. Unfortunatley some, but not all mothers treat their children with disrespect, then wonder why they turn out and end up where they do. Blaming others for the things we don't like or cannot do is never healthy. Play this game to unleash the hidden message in it. Play to the end and watch as the credit list reveal a fantastic sense of humour from the MCF family. Truly, one day I am going to dance like Victor. Was so sad to walk on the floorboards of Ravenhearst for the very last time. December 23, 2011
MCF continues on with Escape from Ravenhearst Good continuance of story line. I've read a lot of reviews on this one and cry babies will always be. Very intense scary at moments but then it said it was going to be that. It's difficult but challenging difficult...I liked it and it took me two days to get through it...but its still even challenging after the first time. Great ending to be able to continue on with more thriller to it. December 22, 2011
MCF goes Polarizing Actually the former reviews for this game were a little deterring for me. I love the MCF-series, yet all these bad reviews made me unsure whether I should send money on this game. I'm glad that I did though! Actually I found Escape from Ravenhearst very enjoyable. I would even go that far to say, that it is the most interesting part of the Ravenhearst-saga so far. I loved the acting, I loved the graphics, I loved the atmosphere of all the locations. For the frist time I felt fully personally involved, and had some of these intense "eeew-moments". Yet I agree that this game is not made for those with a faint heart. It actually IS sometimes pretty scary, playing with primal fears, and some scenes may be (a little) disturbing. This game is very strong in it's appearence. If you don't like horror, this one may not be your cup of tea. If you like eerie stories, you will love it. For the morphing object-thing: Many people disliked this "new" gaming concept. It's true, that Escape from Ravenhearst does not feel like a classic HoG anymore. Personally I didn't mind that. Had no problems with finding the morphing Objects, and in the worst case the 'hint'-button is refreshing very quickly. The riddles: Okay, some of them were really challenging - but after playing all the Ravenhearsts, 13th Skull and Dire Grove in a row, you actually get an eye for the details. You just have to get used to it. It's still MCF-style. Personally I loved the use of the hintbutton in "13th Skull" - getting all these small hints if needed. I would love to see that one again in further Games. Would make things a lot easier, even without a guide. I liked it very much! Hope to get a new MCF-adventure soon =) May 9, 2012
I love the storyline :-) I love the whole game! I love this game its brilliant! i loved the other two but this one is more creepy than both put together i managed to finish return to ravenhearst when i was 8 but i dont think i would want to finish this one at that age! i think the morphing objects were a little stange at first but now i think i was a good change the hidden objects thing was getting old... I will be buying this game for definate and the storyline is brilliant i realy want to know charles' side to the story. February 14, 2012
Extremely challenging; absolutely creative I swore that I would not buy the 3rd Ravenhearst after reading all the reviews and a trial run. I lied! I just finished the game and found it fascinating. Yes, someone had a warped mind when creating this, but the game was so well done/produced! The puzzles were extremely challenging and I actually skipped a couple because I wanted to move forward (and I hate giving up). I may play it again and try to solve them. I "cheated" and bought the strategy guide. It helped with my sanity when I was "running" all over the place trying to find what I needed next. I look forward to other MCP games. February 22, 2012
Wow...What a Game! This game was really entertaining and also a challenge. I loved the morphing scenes...such a refreshing change from basic hidden objects. While the subject matter was quite unsettling, I did not find it any more offensive than any other horror movie or game that I have seen or experienced. Also there is a warning that is meant to caution those who are sensitive to subjects such as child abuse etc. On a deeper level I found the game to be quite an eye opener, so again. I was not offended. I was completely satisfied with my gaming experience, and look forward to more from mystery case files. April 22, 2012
Puzzle Paradise This game is totally for adults. Twisted, twisting, and wonderful! The best varied puzzles since Madame Fate. If you like different kinds of puzzles and a sick storyline, you will love Escape from Ravenhearst. April 19, 2012
MCF-- AN ASTONISHING MASTERPIECE!!! Intense adventure game. A small part is played using "morphing objects" that some dislike. I don't see the problem. They add to this game's many challenges. Purchased & played the CE. The game graphics are other worldy as is the "Sci-Fi" story line. Developers seemed to rush to a close oddly. Great purchase price! December 22, 2011
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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story-if you escape.

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