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Join Myra, a young witch, on a fantastic journey to save her best friend in Grimoire Chronicles, an incredible Strategy game! Enter a world at war and take on elite warriors who are at war against all of the magical kind. Find new characters, hidden dungeons, amazing bosses, and incredible weapons! Complete unique quests and discover secret areas as you explore an incredible realm in Grimoire Chronicles.

  • Explore a magical world
  • Discover secret areas
  • Help Myra save her best friend
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 7.0
  • Hard Drive: 93 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Grimoire Chronicles


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Grimoire Chronicles

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Grimoire Chronicles 2.1 5 26 26
Funny Game! I have to say I found this game fun....I bought it with my credit the minute the hour was up. I had to say the prior reviews gave me pause....not really sure how it would be, but I found it fun.....okay...disclaimer...there will be a lot of reading at the start...I like reading. So I enjoyed that part. The one liners to me were funny....okay they were cheesy, but I must say I enjoyed the humor of them.... One particular line comes to mind... "I'm the tooth fairy come to loosen your teeth" Okay...I may have a wierd sense of humor but I thought it was funny as well as some of the other's..certainly try the hour if your not sure. As to the battle sequences, I found them to be nice, with the usual ability to pick which attacks to use. Some were slightly tougher than other's so the attack's came in handy. The monster's were nice. I HATE the invisible monster's that some RPG games have, so I didn't mind the tornado like monster's barreling down the paths towards me. To be fair i could avoid a few but in order to power up I had to fight a lot. I didn't mind that part as it comes with the territory of an RPG. Overall I liked the game and the story. There are lots of chests to open, and it's fun talking to people in the game as quite a few of them had something funny to say. I may be easily amused. SO JUST TRY it and decided for yourself. I thought the music was fine, but i had to turn it off due to trying not to disturb others, and while the music went away the battle sounds didn't. Not a deal breaker, but if I hit turn of music and that's the only sound volume I do expect it to turn of ALL the sounds. I minimized it since I can only work on part of my computer and it took it down to a four in square box that was rather small but I could still play on. Full screen is fine, but I couldn't use it because my computer screen is broken. I think it's fine as a nice soothing RPG....Not too overcomplicated. Just fun! January 7, 2012
Nice RPG Its a nice RPG, if u like 3 star od destiny or Ayenond games u will like this one. January 9, 2012
Not for someone new to RPG's! This game is not for someone new to RPG's. There are little in game directions, so you have to read the dialogues! They actualy do tell you what to do or where to go next. However, there is no journal to go back to. As someone who LOVES these types of games, its an extra challenge for me. The monsters are just right, not too hard, not too easy. If you develop a good system you can knock them out without much HP loss. Some bosses are hard, but they are supposed to be. I had to go and level up to knock out a couple of them. Just note there are forums out there that address the most common questions or problems you may encounter, so don't get frustrated. The game won't let you go anywhere you are not supposed to. Over all, I liked it! This is not a 4- 6 hour collectors edition Hidden Object game. This game takes commitment! I'm not done, and 30 hours in. Some people have finnished in 50, so you get your money's worth! January 16, 2012
I actually liked this Due to the ridiculously high encounter rate, I played this in short bursts over several months. It is not the kind of RPG you play in one weekend or so. I liked the art style (the backgrounds are similar to those in Vagrant Hearts) and the music. A couple of the towns and dungeons were cleverly designed. March 3, 2013
Great Game i read all of the bad reviews...this game is like any other online RPG....all have a LOT of dialogue and monsters...but it was FUN!! December 18, 2013
I liked it Fights are annoying and boring, but other than that, i enjoyed playing it. I really dont think it is as bad as some of the reviews on here say it is though. January 24, 2012
Not the best, but not a stinker, either I've played through to the end, and while this is no Aveyond, the game does have its merits. I don't regret buying it and I had fun while playing, so, I guess that makes me a happy camper, overall. On to the particulars: 1) The story has a logical flow. You know what the characters are doing and why they are doing it. There's a little mystery with Elphaba, but it doesn't interfere with your other tasks and you'll get the answer to that in due time. That said, I really don't like the whole "the rich rulers are oppressing the masses" speech, which seems to be such a trademark of these types of games. Probably because I'm a business major and know a thing or two about macro-economics. The way this game and others like it (particularly Millenium) try to explain the "problem" is ridiculous and one can tell the writers have no clue in matters of Economy, or philosophies. It reads like propaganda or socialist rhetoric, so that bothers me a bit. Although, to be fair, this game does it less than others. 2) The dialog is funny and witty at times, which is always a good thing. But the spelling and grammatical errors are disappointing. One in particular that drove me a bit crazy is the use of the word "then", instead of the word "than". That mistake is made A LOT of times. Also, the wrong use of the words "there" and "their", and "its" and "it's". It really bothers me when I find that. The number of mistakes increases toward the end of the game, with typos even in the characters' names, missing words, and transposed letter. This makes me think that the developers were on a deadline or that they were just tired and wanted to get it finished. 3) The overall flow is very linear, which is neither good, nor bad. It?s a matter of what a gamer likes. I don?t mind linear stories, they are easier to follow, and in games without tutorials, walkthroughs, or strategy guides, such as this one, that may be the best way to go. The chances of you getting lost or accidentally doing something that messes up your game are practically zero. That?s one thing that always bothers me with ?non-linear? games: if you do ?X?, then you will never get quest ?Y?, and the game doesn?t have a warning, so you end up having to go to a previous save to complete it. You will not find that problem here. Also, while non-linear games, like Aveyond, let you visit every town in sight, enter any dungeons you want, etc.; you will find yourself running around and around for hours because you don?t know where to look for something or where to go next (lots of wasted time), or you will get killed if you enter a dungeon before you have leveled up enough. So, it seems that non-linear games are bit more linear than gamers think. Also, you don?t get multiple endings here. And, again, I can?t say this is a good or bad thing, particularly if the game is setting up for a sequel. I have found that in non-linear RPGs with multiple endings, when you get the sequel, the ending you chose might not be one your developers had in mind and they ?reset? your chosen ending to what they need for the sequel. This doesn?t bother me at all, I just don?t see the point of having multiple endings if they are going to change it for the sequel. In Grimoire Chronicles, there?s only one ending, but it seems to be set up for a sequel, so, I think that?s very appropriate. 4) Fighting has lots of room for improvement. The monsters are visible, but practically unavoidable, so, they may as well be invisible. These monsters will actually chase you to the very end of the screen; the good thing is that your characters are rarely in a level that will get them killed (given the non-linear aspect of the game), so you will defeat the monsters. That said, there are way too many battles and they become repetitive. Once my characters got the multiple hit spells, it was practically the same strategy for the all the dungeon fights, so, they just became a time-consuming chore. Other games have monsters that require magic to be defeated or hits to be defeated, or monsters that are particularly vulnerable to one type of spell, thus making your choices in battle more relevant. As someone else mentioned, you don?t see your characters in the fight scenes and you don?t know who is hitting or in what order. Deadly Sin does a great job at this with animated characters and probability of which character is going to get hit, but that game has other drawbacks, and this is not the place to discuss it. The point is that Grimoire Chronicles could do a better job on this front. That said, I played while watching TV, so, I was able to do other things while my characters were fighting, so, I guess you can multitask while playing, giving you the chance to not get bored. 5) No Strategy Guide, Tutorial or Walkthrough. These are always a plus, although because the game is very linear, I wasn?t in need of one too often. What the developers did do very well, was have the dialog clearly guide you to were you need to go. You have to READ what the characters say, and if you do, you will never get lost. I think this is a good thing because the tasks then become something organic that came from the story, and not some guessing game that you have to spend hours solving or go online to find out how to do it (For example: the quest is to find a chalice but the game doesn?t tell you where it is, turns out you have to go to a house and press enter in a particular spot, then the floor crumbles and you find a secret room, but the game or the characters never gave you a clue; you found the answer in a walkthrough). The main problem is that if you missed the dialog, then you will have to ask somebody what to do because there?s no other way to know. I think developers and BSG are missing a big opportunity here. I paid full price for Millenium 4 and full price for the strategy guide at the developer?s site, just so I could have everything needed to complete the game. So, if any developers are reading: build strategy guides and walkthroughs!!!! 6) No Quest Journal. This I didn?t like at all because I had to write down everything I had been asked to do, just so I could remember. That said, there are only 15 side-quests, so, it?s not a daunting task, but it is annoying. 7) Restorative Items and Equipment: I give this aspect an A+. While there were few places at the beginning to get them, monsters drop a lot of these, and with all the fights that you do, you end up having plenty. Also, you find a lot of valuable equipment in chests throughout the game. The best thing was the prices. It always frustrates me when I've done a lot of fighting in a game to reach a new town and when I get there I can't afford the best equipment. In Grimoire Chronicles, the prices for items and equipment are reasonable, so you can always have the best stuff on your characters and enough restorative items for the next dungeon. Overall, I liked the game, it gave me a couple of days of fun, but it can be improved. January 14, 2012
Story vs. Tedious Battles The biggest problem with this game is that the battles take forever, and there are a lot of instances where you have to backtrack through areas. This factor alone can make you grit your teeth if you're playing for a longer amount of time :P However, despite the grammatical errors, the story itself become very engaging, plus the humor in the dialogue is often very entertaining. For that reason, my review is very skewed. For the battles/backtracking, I'd give this rpg about a 1.5. It gets really old! But the story and dialogue are usually very good, and I'd actually give the game a 4 for that. January 8, 2012
Train is a Pain! Rather old school graphics that we've all played before on Big Fish RPGs. Sounds during battle were rather annoying. Also, I'm a bit of a stickler for spelling & grammar and I had plenty to "stickle" on this one. However, BFG has so few RPGs that come out, I usually put up with it. Story is pretty standard, not very well-thought-out. Two biggest complaints: levelling up & the train. I hate to get to a new level & have no points to spend! I like to customize my character & choose her spells. You don't need to hold my hand on this. Fairly early on, you ride a train & need to jump from car to car. If you don't get the cursor in just the right place, you end up stuck between the two cars & can't move---AAARRGHHH! Now if all I had to do was save & reload, fine, but you end up stuck again, have to go to a previous save & load from there. I am a firm believer in saving all the time, but this was just frustrating. I wish I could recommend this game, but sadly, cannot. There are many other RPGs out there worth the money, but not this one. January 19, 2012
Recommended with reservations A simple, straight forward rpg. Fun in it's own way but not highly intelligent. February 3, 2012
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Grimoire Chronicles

Join Myra, a young witch, on a fantastic journey to save her best friend in Grimoire Chronicles, an incredible Strategy game!

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