White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition

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After waking up in an abandoned building, you find that you’ve been drugged and cannot remember who you are! Find the antidote before it’s too late in White Haven Mysteries! As a mysterious man taunts you with his experiments, you must use your wits to figure out your identity and figure out where you are. Find Hidden Objects in chilling scenes, pick apart puzzles, and make it to safety in White Haven Mysteries!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Concept Art
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 644 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition

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White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition

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Customer Reviews

White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition 3.3 5 96 96
white haven mysteries The game i s challenging so far I have been able to find the hidden objects and not had to statagey guide, right now I want to know who that mysteries voice belongs to. I brought the game last night January 11, 2012
jennsmom review game was just ok. when i ran that the producers recommend playing with lights off i thought it would really be a great game. but it failed to impress me. have played other games that are creepier. January 10, 2012
Great Game I really enjoyed playing this game. It's a great HO game. The stragety guide, if needed is a great tool. It's a great game for beginning HO gamers. January 8, 2012
Intriguing... ...though the storyline is similar to many others lately. But the graphics are very clear and well defined (my eyes deeply thank the designers for that), the voice off also clear and sets a good mystery mood. The hint button charges very fast and is very helpful, and it's easy to figure out the tasks. All in all, a very nice game. January 8, 2012
NOT ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS I'VE PLAYED MUCH BETTER This review is based on the whole game including the bonus. The story: This has been done many times however I usually enjoy these (the mental asylum) you wake up in an abandoned building finding you've been drugged and must now find the antidote and save a little girl before it's too late! As for how many chapters there are, the strategy guide doesn't give any indication which is the only reason I looked at it was just to see how many chapters there are since some people like to have this info to the game as I didn't need it for any help so no comment there as to how helpful it is if you do get stuck. There are voice overs to this game. There are 2 play modes: Casual and Advanced. I played advanced and still found the hint/skip to charge up pretty quick - about 20 seconds. The hint can also be used to direct you if you are stuck on where to go next in the game. In the "Options" there is a section where you can turn off the interactive help. I played with it on so there is text at the top of the screen that will give you clues as to what to do. If you move your mouse/cursor, you will see an "eye ball" come up on the screen or a ? mark for areas of importance. There's also the "hand" that will come up to pick up items. The only "sparkles" I encountered was for the HOS (hidden object scenes). There is a journal to this game which will show the objectives that need to be completed however there is no map to use to travel back/forth locations. There are quite a few different locations to go to. Sometimes you use the inventory items right away and sometimes you have to go back a few scenes or you use them in later scenes. A couple of areas there are silhouettes of some items and you need to place the inventory items to complete them. Also I did come across one where you have to combine items to make it a whole item to be able to use it. Once an area is completed it will state "area completed" down at the bottom of the screen. The HOS: I found this game to have quite a few which ranged from very easy as most of them I didn't have to use the hint to some scenes that were dark and some of the items were very tiny so I used a few hints on these scenes. Puzzles: This game didn't have very many at all which was just fine by me but those of you who love puzzles may be disappointed as most of them I found to be very easy as you are told how to solve them. The only two I skipped was the "remember/repeat the sequence" and "find the matches - memory game" as I hate these. There is also a couple of HOS scenes. One the shape of a phone and the other a chair. Most of the items to find were very small however I still located most of them. You can also get hints to find them or skip these puzzles. As for the game length: It took me about 5 hours total and I'm a slow game player. The main game was about 3 1/2 hours and the bonus was about 1 1/2 hours. The bonus in my humble opinion isn't a MUST to this game. You may or may not finish it sooner than I did. Now for my overall impression of this game: The story: As I stated been done many times however from the opening scene you are advised to play in the dark, the sound on, and warns you that this "adventure" is frightening. This did start out pretty good but after the demo time quickly went downhill in this regard as it didn't make much sense to me and ended abruptly and the bonus didn't add anything to the story. This game wasn't "frightening" at all. Actually I found there to be very little "story" to this game. There was only one scene in this game that startled me just a little bit but "frightened" me? Um... NO! As for the voice overs: What little there were, the guy when he started talking kinda reminded me of the game called "Trapped: The Abduction" so I thought this was well done. Too bad there weren't more voice overs to this game. The graphics I found to be pretty good considering the setting is "asylum." Overall, I give this 3 stars as I found this to be an OK game. Definitely not "all that and a bag of chips" as my title states. Definitely not the worst game I've ever played but I've definitely played much better games. Yes there is some "adventure" to this game with the traveling back and forth however the majority of it is HOS. As for recommending this game: If you are looking for a great story with a "frightening" experience as this game states you will have along with a lot of challenging puzzles if that's your thing well this won't be the game in my opinion. If you don't much care about the story along with challenging puzzles and enjoy a game with A LOT of HOS well this will more than likely be for you. I'm sorry Big Fish as I usually enjoy the majority of your CE's (collector's editions) but this is one game that I wished I didn't purchase. If to purchase it at all the standard version would be the way to go as the daily deal or catch of the week or using a punch card/game credit. Definitely not worth the CE price in my opinion. January 8, 2012
ok game. I didn't like this game simply because it was short and the ending was terrible!! I've played CE games and NEVER once had a complaint. You no more get into this game, and it's over! Not one I'd tell friends about, especially for the price I paid! January 9, 2012
Decent, fairly interesting, but not out of this world The one hour demo took me past half of what I suppose is the first chapter. The SG does not give any indication as to how many chapters there are in total; no index, not even the page numbers. What I saw and did I in that hour didn't really blow my socks off. At the start, the game advises you to play in the dark, loud speakers on, and warns you that the "adventure" is frightening and might not be suitable for the fainthearted. I didn't find it scary at all..... but I am not hypersensitive. I also turned the speakers down; the permanent sound effects and the music track get very annoying after a little while. The strong point of this game is the voice-overs; truly professional. very natural, in one word, perfectly realistic. The dialogues are well worded and what the mysterious man says, the way he says it, is highly convincing. Intro and cutscenes are very well done. Oh, yes, the plot: the heroine has been drugged [we don't know how or why] and wakes up in what looks like a haunted mansion, except that it is not haunted at all. The inside is, or so it seemed to me, that of an abandoned, derelict mental asylum. Our heroine's goal consists in finding the antidote, escaping, and in the process, I suppose, defeat the man and save a little girl. Not a novel idea but it gave me the impression it was well developed and fairly interesting. Graphicwise, nothing exceptional. The artwork is good, somber as befits the atmosphere, colored with talent. Part of the game is an adventure, though the tasks are simple, unoriginal, and do not require much mental effort. They all respond to some logic in some way. A large part of it is left to HO Scenes. These are neat, not overly populated, and fairly easily managed, save one: imagine dozens of objects, not even half an each in size, all of the same color more or less, and crammed up on... a telephone !! I was happy, for this one, to be on Casual Mode [there are only 2 Modes], with a Hint System recharging almost at warp speed. Besides, you can click as much as you want without penalty. Hints also show you what to do next. But it's difficult to get stuck; the linearity prevents that, and the number of locations to explore is rather limited, at least in the first hour. That's probably why you have no map. Simple, too, are the objectives; moreover they are clearly stated in the journal. Clues also appear on screen. I was hoping for numerous fiendish puzzles. In vain. The first one was a piece of cake, the second, in fact a minigame [make a chicken soup... LOL], perfectly uninteresting, even silly. I didn't get to play a third one which, probably, comes up later on. Puzzles are skippable. I didn't see a wide screen option. Gameplay is fluid. All in all White Haven is not exactly a paradise for true adventure lovers and puzzle aficionados, just another decent game for those who are keen on HOGs and simplicity. However, bearing a full and perfectly objective judgement is difficult in the absence of further information; we don't know how successfully the storyline unfolds, what the rest of the game has in store, how good the other puzzles are, and whether it is long or short. As is this game is okay, though I have seen better, so I can only give it 3 stars. I am waiting for the SE and a walkthrough to fine-tune this preliminary judgement, but I very much doubt I will ever purchase it. January 8, 2012
Just couldn't get into it I played this game for the full hour, and couldn't believe I still had no idea what the story was about (am I saving my life or the little girl# or where it was going. It says to play with the lights out and sound up which I did, but didn't really see the point. The graphics were good. I can't comment on the storyline because you don't really know what's going on and maybe that is the storyline. The music/sound was ok. The voice-overs were well done. The HOs were fairly good, but more numerous than I would have liked. I think I played 3 puzzles, one was really a hybrid HO #a telephone made of tons of objects). Nothing about this game really excited me. Overall I am at a loss on this game. I just couldn't get excited about it. Definitely a no on my list. January 9, 2012
This game was good, but not great... This game was good, but it could have definitely been better. It had decent graphics, very good adventure elements, lots of hidden object scenes and a few extremely easy puzzle-type activities. The length was on the short side, although the bonus game was longer than some others I?ve played in CEs, and was pretty good. The challenge level was moderate on the hard level, in terms of adventure/inventory objects. The game had good, bad, and some rather odd points. One of its strong points was the story which was slowly revealed throughout the game (although it was very much on the dark side). Also good was the creepy soundtrack voices (some general background sound effects got on my nerves a bit, however). I disliked the strategy guide, as I typically do from this developer. This one seemed to start over in one particular spot every time I opened it ?very annoying. Also, there was lots of lost potential in terms of atmosphere and consistency. Although the graphics were fine, they were mostly grim (in keeping with the theme) but some lighter scenes just didn?t seem to belong in the game (for example a pumpkin patch). There seemed to be promise early in the game of hallucinatory-type scenes ? which was very good and creative ? but there actually was only one?this type of thing made the game seem to be a bit thrown together. Also, the ending to the main story was quite abrupt. Oddly, I was left with several inventory objects that continued to appear during the bonus game, but were never used? The asylum theme has been done several times over, and better, by other developers. While I enjoyed this game for the most part, I would definitely recommend Faces, Asylum Conspiracy, or Twisted Lands Insomniac over this one for a similar setting. Previous titles from this developer such as the Princess Isabella and Empress of the Deep series, or Voodoo Whisperer, are also far superior to this game. January 27, 2012
No resolution at ending I had the chance to beta this game and it caught my attention. The plot was the same yet different from so many others: lost, trapped, with a twist of confusion and amnesia. I bought the game when it first came up this morning and after playing for about 3 hours, thought that maybe there'd be answers at the end. Nope, just more confusion. Does she take it or not? Is she safe or in harm's way still? Kind of off-putting and I didn't even feel like going through the bonus chapter. I like games that have an obvious conclusion, really hate games that feel like part one of ten. On gameplay and such, I played the casual level, so there were of course sparkles, but not the eye-blinding, epilepsy-causing sort. And there was no "so sick of finding needles in haystacks" mad-clicking penalty. There were two or three hidden object scenes that drove me mad in their difficulty; they weren't junk-pile, everything was clearly identifiable, but it was... difficult. Honestly, I say this game would be a better buy as an SE. I feel sort of cheated by the CE price. January 8, 2012
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White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition

After waking up in an abandoned building, you find that you’ve been drugged and must now find the antidote before it’s too late!

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