Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition

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After your son, Bobby, mysteriously disappears, it’s up to you to find him in Surface: The Mystery of Another World! A peaceful train ride to the coast goes way off course and now strange occurrences are happening all around you! It seems that there is another world just past your reflection. Use your Hidden Object talents to explore the mysterious area and save Bobby before it’s too late in Surface: the Mystery of Another World!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Awesome Concept Art
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 905 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Alcohol Reference
  • Mild Violence
Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition

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Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition

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Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition 4.3 5 171 171
WOW !!! Excellente New Generation of HOS Finally a game totally different from all others !!! An unmissable game !! A great investigation - where is or what happend to Bobby? - at amazing locations, in a suspenseful and immersive atmosphere. - Graphics are so perfect,... it seems that you are watching and interacting in a movie, with real people ! - Sound and voice over are outstanding and super appropriate to the scenes. - Impressive special effects. - Lot of interactive HOS, not too challenging, but very well done, colorful, clear, and really enjoyable. - Some things you collect throughout history, will use in HOS, or in locations further afield .- Hint fills fast. - Many mini games, some are challenging, others less. - Some funny scares along the way ... - Warning: Do not forget to collect the red flowers ... They'll give you bonus! February 2, 2012
Now This Is What I Would Call A Game - This ROCKS! This review is based on the whole game and playing in Advanced Mode. 4 chapters plus a bonus chapter. 3 play modes: Casual, Advance, Hardcore A map you can use to travel back/forth locations. Voice Overs and real characters. Integrated strategy guide which you chapter select and remains where you left it. HOS: (hidden object scenes): The usual word list however some of them you have to use inventory items to complete them, going to different areas of the game and then coming back to the HOS. Quite a few mini-game. Hint/Skip also charge up in about 30 seconds or less. The hint can also be used outside the HOS if you get lost in the game. There are MANY achievements to be earned. My overall impression of the game: I'll start with the top-notch intro movie with real characters along with voice overs; also the graphics as they are by far one of the best I've ever come across in a game. Just WOW as I can sure tell that there was some time and thought put into this game. I found that this game had quite a few different locations to go to traveling back/forth and the hint is just excellent if you do lose your way in the game. I didn't need the strategy guide since this has such an excellent hint system, however I did check it out just to see how it worked and I found it to be well done. I also enjoyed the HOS as the graphics were definitely nice, crisp, and clear and using inventory items for some of them in order to complete them. The mini games to my pleasant surprise as most of them were quite enjoyable, I also liked that this game had so many achievements that could be earned. As for game length: Though this is only 4 chapters plus a bonus well it's not a short game by any means, well at least not for me anyway as I got at least 6 hours if not longer out of it and I didn't skip a whole lot (puzzles) or use a lot of hints. So I definitely give this a 5 star rating and also every bit worth the CE price in my opinion. Thanks Big Fish and the developers of the game. This ROCKS! : ) February 4, 2012
one of my top 3 favourite HOPA of all time, review at end has bonus pros and cons I loved this game. Elephant continues to push themselves and the results are worth it. It truly is an A grade HOPA. Best game yet from them and one of my top 3 all time favourite HOPA. It even gets better as you go along. The graphics were really well done. I didn?t like real people in 13skull because of the way it was done, here it was well integrated, (although the lip synch was way off and was off putting). They brought us back the integrated transporter map and I love them for it. What is even more amazing is that each chapter is completely self-contained and quite vast, and you have a new transporter map each chapter and each chapter is completely different (you don?t revisit scenes from previous chapters) We have had kidnapping before but not in this sci-fi setting and how it was done is different. I played on the middle of 3 choice of settings (as I like the option to skip puzzles if I need to) so I had no sparkles including hidden object scenes and no random click penalty. The puzzles were very well done and some were unique and took me a good time to play some of them ? excellent. There are a lot of options in setting up, which you don?t often see. The hint button I did appreciate it but wish there was another option to not have spoilers but see if you have missed anything in a scene. Each chapter took me roughly 2 hrs each even using the hints and only looking at walkthrough a couple of times. If you play this with sparkles or with a walkthrough, or skip puzzles, obviously gameplay will be much shorter. The cloud ? hidden object scenes, they were junk pile. Oh why elephant when you push yourself so far in every other area you fall short in this one, it marred the beauty of this game. The saving point of the hidden object scenes, were the crystal clear graphics and the great twist on them ? you need an inventory item on something in each scene. But you don?t repeat them and no random click penalty (yeah!) The villain is like a comic book villain (think of the movies like superman etc) and that is good as the game doesn?t feel like a ?dark? game. SE play ? 8hrs. (usually a SE would take me 5-6hrs.) bonus ? between 1hr and 1hr 30min at the max BONUS PROS AND CONS Pros - - Finding flowers in bonus usually it?s over in the main game - 3 extra pipe puzzles (not the great pipe puzzle early in the main game but basic ones with a simple nice twist.) these are opened separately when you collect a certain increasing amount of flowers. When completed nice surprise on your main menu. - Extra bonus play, was in comletely new area had a couple of nice puzzles - Achievements - music unlocked - 3 mini videos (robots dancing around, and a hooded man dancing, and very short villian trying to dance but laughing at himself) at least it was a nice touch. - Usual concept art, wallpaper etc. Cons ? Only 3 puzzles from the main are unlocked for replayability if all of them were unlocked it would have been great. Extra play was the shortest chapter (between 1hr and 15mins and 1hr and 30min) main chapters took me 2 hrs each. February 26, 2012
Loved it! Excellent game with a story I hadn't seen before involving parallel worlds and a coming invasion. There's a great variety of puzzles--something for everyone. I think I would call it just difficult enough...but if you need help, there's a superb strategy guide and a hint system that fills quickly. The art is not overburdened with shadows, which I was very grateful for, and varies between strict realism and realism with impressionistic backgrounds. The artist seems to have liked playing with light and color in certain places, creating a shimmering effect. And there's tons of bonus content--extra gameplay, extra mini-games, music, name it, this game has it. Definitely a buy for me. February 2, 2012
HOG With A Difference Quite a different game with a mixture of graphics and video. A very suspenseful start with where is /what happend to Bobby? Great locations and totally engrossing. For once a game that doesn't have tiny objects to find (loved that one) - not too challenging. Lots of hints (if needed) and the mini-games/puzzles are moderately challenging. Sound is good without the annoying background music. Do not forget to collect the red flowers for bonus mini-games. A very enjoyable trial period - will probably buy this one. February 2, 2012
Played on Hardcore This appears to be an excellent game! The one thing that I disliked at first, was the fact that we were continually given hints, when we go into a magnifying glass scene. Further on though, as there may be more than one item in these places, it was handy! LOL! The game made me laugh in various pleaces, I will not say where to avoid any spoilers. Very, very clever game. I cannot understand some of the "expert" reviewers, playing on less than hardcore and then to say that it is not challenging! I can assure you, that, IMHO, it is! It will not be challenging, if you continuously use hints, will it? Or is that just me. I personally can say nothing, to seriously criticise this game. Excellent in every way! Thank you Dev's for the great interaction H0 scenes. February 3, 2012
Amazing, just amazing. Elephant has set the bar pretty high in this game. Graphics are awesome, story is brilliant - can't comment on music as I always turn the music way down, just a preference. Intriguing that you have to walk away from some HOS without completing them due to an item not being in your inventory. That's right, some of the stuff you collect is actually required to be added to the HOS, what a clever idea! I was aware that I had to be red-hot about collecting the red flowers, but I still only found 59 out of 60 (ggrrrr). You fall about 10 flowers short at the end of the game - ah ha! The remaining flowers are in the bonus game! I don't quite see how that's going to work with the SE though, unless you get bonus play with that edition also. Forced myself to walk away at the end of each chapter - one way to prolong the pleasure of this game I guess, when what I REALLY wanted to do was stay at the computer and continue to follow each new development until I passed out from exhaustion. This is truly one of the best games I have played and in a few months I'll play it again - this time I'll find ALL those flowers! February 6, 2012
Very Intriguing Game The Artwork is great, the story is interesting and the sound is good. There is a lot of going back and forth between scenes which is a bit maddening.The hints are very helpful if you get stuck. The SG is good to have. I only played the demo, but I am hooked. I definately want to find out what happens next. February 2, 2012
Great Play to the very end... I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It starts out quickly and continues to move along with a sense of purpose. The graphics were excellent with some of the scenes being really stunning and unique. - hats off for a a job so well done. The music was fine, went well with the graphics and I didn't feel the need to turn it down or off as sometimes happens. The cut scenes were well done - campy and fun. I loved the whole game interface look and feel - from the cursors to the way hints were managed, to the setup of instructions for puzzles, etc. These folks really seem to have their act together. As a slow player it took several hours to complete the game which was nice. The puzzles were easy but clever and fun. There was enough HOS to make it fun but not so many that it became work schlepping from one to the next looking for items. Some of the HOS were novel (to me any way) in that they could not be completed without items collected from other scenes already in inventory. For example in one HOS a mitten is "found" by locating some knitting needles elsewhere and applying them to a ball of yarn. Turns out the needles were several scenes away so I had to leave the HOS "incomplete" for a while. This one was completely entertaining throughout. I highly recommend. March 1, 2012
Great Game--LOVED IT!!!! After playing for 30 minutes, I just fell in love with this game. Graphics are crisp and clean. Started off pretty good, but when you get into more of it, it gets much better. Game play has 3 difficulty levels, which I like. Story line not much different than most games, just a little different. Well, I'm off to buy. February 2, 2012
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Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition

After your son, Bobby, mysteriously disappears, it’s up to you to find him in Surface: The Mystery of Another World!

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