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Investigate a supposedly abandoned island in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle! After a journalist is kidnapped after beginning an investigation, its up to you to learn the truth behind Black Isle. Years ago an earthquake struck leaving the island deserted. None of the buildings seem to be damaged, however, and a hooded figure seems to be stopping people from discovering the truth. Find the missing journalist and learn a sinister secret in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle!

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Mystery Trackers: Black Isle


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Mystery Trackers: Black Isle

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Mystery Trackers: Black Isle 4.1 5 90 90
No negatives for me.. The game was very good. The story was not really as gripping as the artwork and the puzzles (most too hard for me) were plentiful and different. Usually I like a story that is outstanding, but this one had other things that gripped me. There were HOS, but not so many you got sick of them, and some had a twist, like needing something from your inventory. It was not a bunch of "find this key, and that one", but had varied and interesting things to do. The game was pretty long, and the map let you jump to some places. It was a good length, the ending was satisfactory, and I had a lot of fun playing this one. It never seemed kind of dumb to me, and I thought the graphics were extremely well done. I did wonder what all the owls were about, but I am glad I did not get CE because I hate looking for those extraneous items. I am glad, at least, I came here and found out what they were. LOL. No way you can be disappointed or bored with this game. Plenty of interesting tasks and good hints to help you find them. 5 stars all the way, for me. June 15, 2013
One of the best! I played many HO games,and the graphics,HO,and storyline on this one is one of the best. You won't be disappointed! May 14, 2012
very enjoyable game for differences and more detailed reviews about the bonus see my CE review but worth noting you can't collect the owls in SE I am going to be slightly harder on this game purely because Elephant raised the bar with their last game ? surface - mystery of another world. Here they took a step down from that level, I can?t help being slightly disappointed in this game compared to surface. BUT compared to raincliff I think it fares well, in some aspects it is better (map). All 3 of this series (the void, raincliff and now this) have gotten better and I have really enjoyed all of them. But I did prefer raincliff setting, the midnight blue - makes it look like every other good HOPA out there, although it does have colour in outdoor scenes throughout. I enjoyed the live actors, and live animals it is one of the things that make it stand out from the crowd. Although in a couple of cut scenes, the opening being the worst, the lip synch is so way off it is annoying. But most cutscenes how they are done you don?t see their lips. I love Elephants graphics in their games, crystal clear, no wash on them. But those like myself who hate sparkles will be disappointed. I played on hardcore and I still had sparkles on hidden object scenes (in surface no sparkles on middle setting!) MAP AND LOCATIONS The GOOD ? - It has the transporter map, which makes a HUGE difference and raincliff didn?t so that?s a step up. -It also has an exclamation mark in areas that things still need done in. If you hover over it, it will also tell you what it is. The BAD One of the major things that set ?surface? apart, was the variety of the look and feel of different locations as well as the sheer number of them. In ?surface? each chapter was completely different and you never revisited previous chapter scenes even at the end, it was all new. Sadly here not so, like most other HOPAs out there (including raincliff) you do go back into old locations. In black Isle, outside it was mostly raining and always dark. I like the rain it was soothing (apart from the thunder!) but maybe a chapter with the sun would be different. HIDDEN OBJECT SCENES The BAD - 99% junk pile and some bad junk pile. The GOOD ? -no random click penalty - Non repeating scenes, -well spaced out ? don?t have one every time you turn a corner! -Use of inventory item is needed, although sometimes you literally put it in a scene only to lift it out again without interaction but most were well done - I lOVED the mini puzzles in some, would love to see more and that was my favourite thing about them. PUZZLES The BAD - Sadly most/all were easy. I agree the time consuming one was the feathers and I didn't like the 'constellation' one. The GOOD ? Even though most were non original it was a good face lift. I haven?t seen the bee puzzle in ages, loved that but would have liked to have seen it harder, and bigger. I loved the unique take on ?spot the difference? took an old and boring (to me!) game to a new level. I did enjoy the puzzles but please make them harder! And even though they were easy, some did take some time which was good. RE plot I can?t say anything or it would be a spoiler. It?s not a person disappeared case, which you realise quite quickly but a spin on it. It could have been fleshed out more and those that love a lot of update re story during the game will be disappointed. Vague *spoiler* for type of ending - Ending for main game, I don?t like those kind of endings personally. Everything was 100% wrapped up and then.. It wasn?t a ?to be continued in the bonus' but very close. I personally would prefer they didn?t say anything if I was a SE player. SE game time (not including bonus) is a hard one, as I normally don?t play hardcore (no hints, no skips, and only looked at walkthrough a couple of times) it was over 8hrs and I realised how much I must use hints! But my normal play mode (no sparkles, rare walkthrough, some hints) I?d guess 6 -7hrs. If you use sparkles and walkthrough well obviously it?s going to be under 5hrs I?d guess. Even though there isn?t that many locations, it does take a long time. If they had no sparkles for Hidden object scenes, harder puzzles, different outdoor scenery no going back to old areas, I'd give it an A. But then I don't give "A"s out often! April 1, 2012
Good game I agree with gingergal. The designers outdid themselves with Mystery - Surface... However, having said that, this game balances for those who will find enough of a challenge within Black Isle and the graphics, sound, fun factor and length are still well done. Sparkles show up where it is stated that there are none for advanced (too bad). Map is great and most HO and HO/adventure designers should look to this game as an example of what to give the player. April 1, 2012
Enjoyed Enjoyed this game and believe it is worth the download. If you like hidden object then you will enjoy this one. Not alot in the way of different but still good game to play. Happy gaming>>>>>>>>>> April 3, 2012
Another Fine Mystery Trackers Game! I love Mystery Trackers! I have Void and Raincliff and have played them over and over so I had to get Black Isle -- and I am glad I did! The art and creativity are even better than the others It is a fun game and part of the challenge is running this way and back that way and remembering where this and that was. With that said, if I could change anything, it might be a little of this helter skelter routine. I just fnished another game that is very smooth - everything unfolds with some order to it though going to many levels (portals, etc) and the purpose is always clear. In other words you always know where you 'are going with this' and what you need is always pretty close at hand so with just a little intuition you can proceed without help. (and if not help is very clear also). Keep 'em coming, Mystery Trackers! Thanks for all the FUN, Felix! April 10, 2012
Disappointing After Raincliff BASED ON COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS A big disappointment after the spectacular Raincliff, which remains one of the best games ever released, Black Isle fails to live up to the developer?s reputation. Although it has many of the great elements of the other Mystery Tracker games, it is sadly lacking in crucial areas. SIGHTS & SOUNDS By far the worst sin this game commits is in its visuals. They are just annoying. The artistic talent is there, but the technical quality is poor in parts, and many of both the locations and HOP scenes are lit in irritating ways that make it hard to see and concentrate. Also in the HOP scenes, items bleed into each other by having too much gold and/or shiny surfaces, so that again, it is hard to look at. Many are dark, static scenes, with rain further interfering with the eyes. That they can do better is obvious by the quality of the opening segments, by previous games like Raincliff, and even by certain scenes of breathtaking beauty in this. I cannot imagine a sound reason for this approach. The background sounds also drove me nuts in the end. There is only so much torrential downpour and thunder my nerves can take, and allowing that the game is one of the longer games I?ve played (or did it just seem that way?), it is just too much. There is little else to give us a break from it even when we are indoors. The music comes on only sporadically, but it is good and appropriately ominous. The voiceover, at the beginning, is well acted, but a far cry from being lip synched. WHAT?S HAPPENING? In what is becoming a tradition for this series, we start with a news report, and this time it is the reporter herself who is kidnapped, right before our eyes. The supposedly deserted island harbours at least one cloaked and masked phantom, and we, agent of the quasi-secret Mystery Trackers group, are in pursuit. But given the weather, and the clearly paranormal abilities of our adversary, we are in for a hard time. And prepare yourself for some interesting surprises at the end of this one. For fans of the later Mystery Tracker games, this is where we first meet Agent Elf. GAMEPLAY This is a game of evenly balanced HOPs and other puzzles/mini-games. Some of the instructions for the puzzles are vague and I found myself wishing for a strategy guide, which I?d normally never use. And there is an adventure component that is a bit more challenging as well. The HOPs are interactive word lists, in which some items will only be made available by the use of inventory items, which is a nice twist, and one that stumped me for a bit. The interactive jump map is terrible. It opens on only 3 almost invisibly defined large areas, from which you must choose your location. In the locations, you get objectives yet to be completed, not where you can act next. And in any case, you must move in and out of those larger areas to get around. I found it more frustrating than simply backtracking. The hint gives specific suggestions for your next task, but does not take you there (that?s a luxury for later games), and surprisingly, I found even that annoying. Finding the room the hint function is referring to was sometimes a little crazy-making. (Poor game, couldn?t do anything right by me, could it?) On a personal note, I hated that the cute owls we see everywhere were only collectible in the Collector?s Edition. It drove me nuts! And some of them are so cute. COMBINED IMPACT Much of the game is very good. It is an engaging story, which flows at a reasonable pace, although I felt bogged down by the more difficult gameplay. The special effects are excellent, the acting good. The gameplay sufficiently challenging to interest expert players, without being out of bounds for lesser mortals. It is also a long complex game offering intrigue. Mostly, what it isn?t is a game that is visually all it could be. This had the makings of another Raincliff, but the devs simply didn?t pull it off. For my personal experience, I?d rate this a three. But for many players it will be much better than that, so I?ll give it a recommended four. January 31, 2014
Okay Game -interactive map, but does not tell you everything to do -hint system is good, no need for a SG -music is good, graphics are good -mini games must be good, I had to skip a lot of them -no journal This is a game that should be played all at once. You can easily forget what and where you are. April 8, 2012
Good game but... Again a good "Mystery Trackers" game. The storyline is interesting. There are 3 game modes; I played in Advanced mode... with sparkles. - The graphics are clear. The objects in the iHOS are easy to find. - The puzzles are mostly easy. - The hint system is very good: it tells you what to do next. - There is no journal. - There is an interactive map, showing you where there are objectives... BUT... it's not complete: I had often to use the hint system, not knowing what to do next. And it happened quite often that I had a task in a location not highlighted on the map... That was quite frustrating. The fact that there is no journal and that the map isn't really correct is annoying. If I have to use the hints for most of my steps, then where is the fun? - The gamelength is good: it took me about 4 hours to finish... with the hints. All in all, a good game but I expected more of it, in view of the previous "Mystery Trackers". September 28, 2012
A Brilliant Game- Old Style Elephant and My Favourite of the Series. Black Isle is and always has been my favourite Mystery Trackers game. I've just finished playing it again, and I still remember exactly why I loved it: It had a great, unusual story that hooked me from the get go. I was tempted to give it five stars, but the ending is atrocious, so I was forced to take a star away. The story is absolutely brilliant. It hooked me right from the beginning. What I think did it was the fact that it was so unique and unusual, it was just fascinating. I was drawn in and the game didn't let go until I finished. What I liked most about this story is that it's not as straightforward as it seems. At first it seems like the classic ?girl gets abducted, now you have to find girl? type story, but as I progressed through the game, I soon saw I was mistaken! This story takes a very unexpected twist, and the ending is shocking. I loved the story from beginning to end. Even though the ending is shocking, it is terrible. The ending is the worst I've ever seen. It's very inconclusive. The way Elephant chose to end the story is so wrong. They basically started telling the story of the BC in the main game. The gameplay is pretty good. It's a bit different from most other games these days because of the HOS. The HOS are quite good and a little challenging, because they include some items that need an inventory item to complete, or that need to be arranged a certain way. This meant that you couldn't always finish the HOS the first time around, which was awesome because it extended the gameplay a little. I really enjoyed playing the HOS. Towards the end of the game, however, the HOS seemed to pile on. There seemed to be one every couple of scenes. I love HOS, which is why I play these games, but I hate it when developers just pile on the HOS towards the end. It's happened in quite a few games I've played and really bugs me. The puzzles were a bit difficult actually. I could solve a few, but had to skip the majority of them. And some of the ones I solved, I needed the strategy guide for. It was a little disappointing that I couldn't solve many of them. In most games, I can at least solve four or five, but here I only solved about three. If I'm correct, this is the first appearance for the classical Mystery Trackers friend, Elf. Elf is found late in the game and becomes our helper after we free him from the chain. Elf is used the same way as he is in all other Mystery Trackers games. He is used quite often given his small appearance. He is extremely helpful and very fun to use. Other than Elf and the fancy HOS, this is pretty much your average HOPA. It has most of the features you'd be used to if you're experienced, so experienced players will have no trouble with it. The only concern I have with the rest of the gameplay is that I found the map to be more useless as the game went along. It would've been more helpful if the map was done better. I didn't need the map most of the time though, because the hint is really helpful. Overall, I'd say the gameplay is quite good. Unlike most games, it stays that way for the entire game. I'm pretty sure the graphics are real. What I mean is, I think they were filmed in an actual location and the game was played around them. Everything looked incredibly real (if it wasn't, it was ridiculously well drawn) and the actors were real people too. I have no issue with live actors, but personally, I think using real life scenes is kind of over the top. The actors did the voice-overs well. They weren't over the top or over-done, they were done right. I have no issue with them. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hardcore. The differences are hint/skip charge times, sparkles, all the usual stuff. I played Casual. Hint/Skip- both recharged at reasonable rates for their difficulty. The hint is extremely helpful outside HOS where the map is not. Map- I found the map to be near useless. An area where there is an OBJECTIVE would show, but not where your next task needed to be performed. It was a shame. Elf- Elf makes his Mystery Trackers debut in this game. He is found quite late, but is very helpful. He is used the same way as he is in Four Aces and Sleepy Hollow. WHAT DO I MISS OUT ON IF I BUY THE SE? You don't miss out on much, but the CE Extras are nice. Bonus Chapter- This is an epilogue to the game, but in my opinion it is needed. They start telling the bonus chapter story during the main game. Collectible Owls (50)- A very great feature. It was so much fun to try and collect all 50. There is usually one in every scene, but sometimes there can be two or none. Strategy Guide- Very useful. Gives you a step by step solution for puzzles and also tells you where to find the collectibles. Unfortunately, unlike other strategy guides, this one does not have a separate section for the bonus items, so you have to go through every page to make sure you haven't missed one. Achievements- Very fun to try and collect. The majority, if not all, are gameplay based. Concept Art Wallpapers (one of them is my desktop background) Music WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? If it were not for the awful ending, I'd say you'd be happy with the SE, but because of the ending, I say the CE. That's not the only reason though. The CE is very fun in its own right, featuring collectibles and achievements, which were awesome. So, to conclude, the CE is the better buy. This is a very enjoyable game and is one that I will play again and again. It's so close to a perfect game and it would be, if not for the bad ending. So, unfortunately, what would have been a five star game for me must now become a four star. Developers must learn that endings like that are unacceptable. I don't much appreciate it. If I play for that long, I'm entitled to a conclusive ending, don't you think? ON THE GAME LENGTH It felt like I was playing this for quite a long time. I'd say the main game is about 3.5 hours on Casual mode. The Bonus Chapter is an extra 30-45 minutes, so you're looking at roughly 4 hours on Casual all up. January 28, 2014
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Mystery Trackers: Black Isle

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