Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Collector's Edition

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The Dark Piper strikes in Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper! The fiend unleashes infested rodents into the town of Hamelin using the magical Pied Piper Flute. As the Fabled Inspector, you are summoned by the duke to investigate and stop this mysterious figure. Defeat the Dark Piper before he leaves a trail of destruction all across Europe!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus Gameplay
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Concept Art
  • Stop the Dark Piper!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 684 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Alcohol Reference
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Mild Blood
  • Mild Violence
Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Collector's Edition

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Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Collector's Edition

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Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Collector's Edition 4.2 5 100 100
Good, but the developer made better games I have to say this is my favorite HOG developer, and I play all of their games, so I can say they made way better games, even if they are older. Still, this game deserves a bravo for the way it presents itself. I thought it would be better than Dark Parables, but it wasn't quite like that STORY: You play as a detective who has to stop the piper and, of course, his rats. You try solving a mystery and stopping a plague. I might be wrong, but I think the story takes place around 1800, from the way the town looked. It's a smooth going storyline, but no matter how mean the piper was, I felt bad for him at the end. A lot of supernatural elements are involved around the game. GAMEPLAY: Pretty large area for you to move around. You have a map that tells you where you have objectives and HOS. Very annoying journal that keeps popping up whenever there's a new entry. I like reading the journal, but when I want, not when the game makes me to. You have a cat that acts as a hint. There are 20 morphing objects that make your hint recharge faster, but they are hard to find and I personally didn't need them, since I don't use the hint much. I found 2, and those by mistake. Along the game you find some sort of "superpowers": a flute that summons a raven, a key that opens everything (almost), and closer to the end you get the flute that controls the rats. There's a lot of running around for items, at least you get a map. HOS&PUZZLES: The hidden objects scenes are quite simple. Not much fuss is needed to find what you need, since most of the items are big. You have 2 sets of items that interact in each HOS and at the end you always have to find another item that goes in your inventory. The puzzles were the ones I didn't really like. The one with the horse on squares is so repetitive. I think I playd it more than 5 times. The variety is horrible, and they are not challenging at all. Come on guys, I know you didn't run out of puzzle ideas yet. GRAPHICS&SOUND: The strong point of this game are the graphics. They are so clear and beautiful. Very realistic made. Some people say they are blurry, but digital painted animations look different from the 3D ones, they are smooth, not blurry. The music is calm and beautiful, but you might want to turn it down a bit, because the default set is very loud. You don't really hear it along the game, but it starts when you're in a HOS or puzzle. There are tons of cut scenes and animations everywhere. EXTRAS: You have a bonus game, with some new areas in the underground cave and tons of doors to open. It's of medim lenght and pretty easy without looking at the map. Is not really related to the dark piper, that's why I have the feeling they are working on another one. It's about people being turned to stone by Medusa's head. 9 extra puzzles 6 soundtracks 6 beautiful wallpapers 20 videos (the cutscenes from the game) 18 conceptual character and environment artworks and works in progress Overall Pros: well structured, stunning graphics, lots of cutscenes Overall Cons: popping journal, repetitive and easy puzzles, very easy HOS I recommend it for begginers and maybe itermediate players, but experts might find it a little bit frustrating. August 14, 2012
gorgeous graphics at a town festival in the town of hamelin one evening, someone questions the existence of the pied piper, which seems a reasonable thing to do, especially when trying to make casual conversation. except someone else overhears and doesn't appreciate this skepticism. this mysterious someone else uses the pied piper's magical flute to unleash his wrath -- in the form of a plague of plague-infected rats -- upon the town. you are a famous inspector, summoned by the duke of hamelin to investigate what's happening and to stop this mysterious figure. graphics: i really enjoyed the graphics and the mini-games. the graphics are generally well done (the horses left something to be desired, however, and seriously, rats really DO NOT have fangs!). you can interact with a number of objects in the scenes -- crows, rats, etc. the hidden object scenes included objects that needed some assembly, but the scenes were often kind of junky looking. interestingly, other items in these scenes could be interacted with but were not included in the immediate list of items to be found. why: are these items assembled in later searches of the same scene? i really enjoyed the mini-games, which required some thought, but were not overly difficult to figure out -- especially important before that first cup of coffee in the morning. the game also includes morphing items and the hint button is, appropriately enough, a housecat. there is a map, and it shows you were you are and whether there's something of interest for you to investigate at each location. the journal, which i rarely use anyway, had the annoying habit of popping up unexpectedly. although i was supposed to investigate the mysterious bad-tempered flautist and his evil motives, i found myself wondering why it is always nighttime in hamelin. warning: if you are creeped out by rats or large very hairy spiders, you may wish to skip this game, cuz they're everywhere (especially the rats!). my interaction: one hour demo, causal mode. my four-star rating is due to the quality of the graphics, which are superb. the story itself is ok, but nothing that will keep me awake at night, not even with all the spiders in the game. June 1, 2012
Four and a half stars really! I knew I would have to buy this as soon as I saw it pop up as the new release. I really enjoy Blue Tea games, and I question my reasoning somethimes. They are always done to the same formula so each new game I play by them feels like an old sweater! However the execution is always exsquisite and this new offering is no exception. Based on the whole game and bonus content - 5-6 hours of play in total- I have to say this game is a real winner. I played in normal mode - so few sparkles and found it to be the right mix of HOS and puzzles. The storyline is relatively fast paced but there are some moments where I thought "I have had this item for an hour now - where on earth do I need to use it"!!! There is a map which shows you where points of interest are which is a good thing as this game is big and you get special powers as the game goes on. You also have to find morphing objects and these are tough to spot! All in all I spent a fun Friday forgetting about my eye infection absorbed in a pretty fab game. Nice one Blue Tea May 12, 2012
A lovely game with a few disappointments As a stand alone, this is a terrific game with gorgeous art and decent puzzles. Compared to previous work by this developer, it's a let down and feels too formulaic. It is visually stunning with lovely music and decent voice over. A few of the puzzles are better than average, one logic puzzle in the first chapter is sublime. H0's scenes are interactive with some extra interactive items that are a red herring and can't be used, a nice little layer of challenge. Morphing objects appear at different times and require a sharp eye. Using inventory items is sometimes tricky. As the game progresses you are given powers and this is where the game shines. In hardcore mode, you are not told when to use them, the game lets you figure it out for yourself. But compared to previous games like Macabre Mysteries: Curse of the Nightingale, this game falls short. The art is detailed but not as lush. There are H0 scenes instead of the fractured objects broken into pretty pieces. Sound effects are occasionally jarring and out of place. New areas open up regularly but after the middle of the game, these feel perfunctory with little variation and little to do. With Nightingale each new area was different, detailed and involved. I was most disappointed by the mini-games and puzzles. There is one at the beginning that is genius but it was never repeated. Instead there are sliders, discs to match up, jigsaws. All the usual games. Inventory items were mostly straight forward. it was more a matter of wandering back and forth to use them, The bonus game is fairly long. The puzzles and inventory items are a bit harder. Although the story is a little cramped, I enjoyed the game-play more than main game so the CE price wasn't a total waste. But I will be wary of CE's from this dev in the future. May 12, 2012
P(l)ay the piper - A guy's review *review based on completing the full game in normal mode, including the bonus game play* This game is really good, and I was almost about to give it a 5 star rating. But there are some small things that do push it down to 4. If I was able I would have given it 4.5. The graphics are really well done, and so is animations. Everything is sharp and crisp even in the dark areas. Nothing seems pale or grey. Not the same story when it comes to the intro and the cut-scenes. They are noticeably blurry, and does not live up to the quality found in everything else in this game. Music and sound effects are non-intrusive and plays well in the background. Note though, that I play with the music turned way down low. Voice-overs too are very nicely done. Everything is animated, so no live actors. I am of the opinion that suits these types of games best, though I seldom complain about live acting either if it is integrated well in the scenes. The story is a spin-off of the old Pied Piper story and I found it quite interesting. It is well thought through, and kept my interest through the whole game. Game mechanics are well done, and everything feels smooth. There is a nice mixture of adventuring, HO scenes and puzzles/mini-games. Some quite original in the layout. In the CE edition you also collect morphing objects and get extra puzzles, plus a quite nicely sized bonus chapter to play. I actually really feel I got my money's worth from buying this game. There is a journal and a map. The map shows you where there are objectives and other things going on, but there is no fast traveling option on it, so expect a bit running back and forth. The HO scenes are clutter scenes, but never feel overcrowded. They are very crisp and clear, and they are also all interactive. Sometimes you must really pay attention and think during some of those. There are 3 levels of difficulty you can play: Casual: Hints/skip recharges quickly, sparkles on areas and items of interest. Normal: Hints/skip recharges slower, sparkles on puzzles and HO scenes. Hard: No hints or skip, no sparkles at all. Playing through this in normal mode, I felt that the game was still rather easy, so if you want a challenge you might want to go for the hard mode. I absolutely enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone. Though supposedly a dark story it never feels scary or morbid in any way and should suit most casual players. I feel it is even worth going for the Collector's Edition on this one. And I can not wait to see what this developer comes up with next. For the guys: After playing through this game, all I know is that I was called "inspector", though through some of the cut-scenes you can see your hands which seems womanlike LOL. That did not bother me at all, nor do I think it'll bother any guy. The story itself suits both genders. TJ May 31, 2012
long and gorgeous I thought this game had a lot going for it really. it's long and absolutely gorgeous This developer seems to get better with each time out and this one shows a good progression in storyline production. I really liked the addition of the morphing objects and they were harder to find as they didn't always morph first time through, I also liked the abilities.. a raven you could summon, a master key and the rat flute. Very entertaining. I really enjoyed the art work of the town just beautifully drawn. The VO's were pretty good. On the con side it did have a lot of back and forth which some players don't like but I do so I didn't find it a problem. I find having to backtrack sometimes only adds to the game. It also had a lot of HO scenes. Again ok with me but some may find that irritating. I thought that just a huge amount of work went into this one and it showed. I for one, appreciate it when developers put in that much effort to make the game stunning and long. It may not have been the smoothest flowing game but Good job BTG's. May 27, 2012
Another Winner from Blue Tea I've come to expect quality products from Blue Tea and this game is no exception. High quality graphics & audio, good story-line linked to a classic tale. Game-plays easily with no glitches. Cut scenes and dialogue are not intrusive and adavance the story effectively. Bonus game is good. I played on Casual mode so found Hidden Object scenes & Puzzles quite easy but next time I'll try a harder mode. If rats don't bother you then this game may be for you. May 11, 2012
Kitty's Thoughts: Flute vs Flute This is one of their better side games besides the usual blue tea epic game series we all known as Dark Parables. However, I will tell you why this game deserves your attention. Storyline: Basically, you start off as a festival, but not all goes well. A mysterious character known as the dark piper summoned bunches of rats to the city. Yes, I will emphasis on the rats. However, as a detective you jobs is to scoop out and find out what really happened. Overall, the story is pretty compelling, and I will say this, "There is soo many twists, but it all worked out." They really did a good job on the story. Level of Challenge: This game is well balanced as you progress in the game. It starts out as easy, but the puzzles and clues start to become more difficult to comprehend at times. One thing I liked that was an add on is the extra tools which they never add in other games to help you in your findings. Though they are limited, it still adds a spice to the challenge of when to use these special tools. Visiual Quality: Unless you are in the hidden object scenes, the game contains nothing but silence. However, the music is pretty decent in the hidden object games. If you like the music in these types of games, your not going to be as easily annoyed. Overall, a few of the sounds I did remember hearing before to be honest. I believe it was best that most of the game is silent since you are indeed traveling in an empty area. Fun Factor: I had to say, the combination of the mystery, the animated scenes, and the methods are very catchy. I was pretty much hooked til the end of the game. I was also caught off guard by one of the twists as well which like I said does add some spice. In the end, I would recommend this game. This definitely suits more of the adult and teen players. I wouldn't advise it for anyone under because the game is overall pretty dark and scary especially the rats. I mean they probably could, but I wouldn't let them play it like at night. In the end, the game is awesome to try. Kitty Out! September 10, 2013
Another offering from blue tea Nice hidden object game which is different from Blue Tea's usual fragment finding, which I was dissapointed to find as Blue Tea had really bucked the HOS trend. However, this is still a good game with an interesting, but at times confusing, storyline. The graphics are beautiful and capture the dark theme of the game without making objects difficult to see. I especially liked the rats which you could interact with and make scurry away. The mini games were challenging and interesting, but not up to their usual standard for Blue Tea and some of them were very repetitive. Overall, I think the game is interesting and a stand alone good title. However, if you have ever played previous Blue Tea games, 'Rise of the Snow Queen' or 'Exiled Prince' you will be dissapointed as it isn't up to the usual standard. May 15, 2012
Great Game! Nice game. Very nice game play, nice voice overs and graphics. Simple games. The setting seems very familiar, but I can't remember which game I played that had the same set up (just a little change in the buildings and lighting). I'm sure it was the same dev. I do wish devs would pay attention to what choices they give you. When I select "system cursor," I expect the system cursor, not a smaller version of the one they put in the game. Those things are distracting to me for some reason. Only real complaint I have is the HOGs. There are numerous items that you pick up, but don't get used for anything in the HOG or game. You waste time looking for what it goes to or needs to be added to. Didn't care for that at all. Game says there are morphing objects, but I only found one and the SG doesn't list them (at least I didn't see where they were on the pages and they were not listed in the SG instructions). Otherwise, it seems like a long game. Very much a straight HOG. I did like the game and will purchase, but not today. Will put this one in the puddle and see what else comes down the waterfall. Thanks for the reviews. May 10, 2012
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Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper Collector's Edition

The Dark Piper unleashes infested rodents into the town of Hamelin! Defeat him before he leaves a trail of destruction all across Europe!

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