Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

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You lived through their side of the story—now live through his!

Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story—if you escape.

This is an intense psychological thriller that may reveal deep-seated fears. Not for the young or faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.

Please note: This is the biggest and most intense offering from the Big Fish Games Studios to date. If you are not sure if your computer will be able to handle the game, please try it before you buy it!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 1179 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst


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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst 3.3 5 435 435
Different & thought provoking! For those thinking of trying the game, heed the warning that is given. It deals with a subject matter that may well make some uncomfortable. It's not a "guts & gore" type of thing, it's more of a psychological type of unsettling, but something that is all too real in life as well. That's what makes it even more unsettling. I have all the MCF games & have been a huge fan for years. This one is a bit different, but I found it refreshing & intriguing. A LOT of thought & talent went into this game & it shows. The Morphing Objects is a change from a regular HOG, which I liked. Not sure I'd want all the games to go this way, but it was a nice change of pace. The story line really has you feeling pulled both ways, for & against the main character. The *only* thing I was a bit disappointed in was that some of the play/puzzles were a bit too hard for me. I had to rely on the walkthrough a few times only to realize I had skipped a section & didn't even know it. So a bit more direction to keep us on track would have been very helpful. Overall this was an amazing game & I would recommend it to anyone who loves MCF & psychological mysteries. Not so much to kids or even teens. December 25, 2011
One of the best games I've ever played This game is brilliant. Granted, the plot is not for everyone (you WERE warned, it's scary and disquieting) but I found it to be engaging and most of all a lot of fun. I really like the morphing objects. Frankly, hidden objects were getting a bit old and this was a refreshing change. The graphics, music, acting, all top notch. I highly recommend this game. December 22, 2011
Creepy, yet fun! Very good game indeed! When I read the warnings on the Big Fish Games page, I thought that they weren't serious. The past games that I had purchased never gave me nightmares and this one didn't either. But, some of my dreams were related to the game and it was quite creepy! Only happened once before, even after many horror movies! Definitely not for younger audiences, so beware of who plays it! I liked the difficulty of the game, while I did have to go to the online walkthrough at times. For those who have played the other two Ravenhearst games, this is a must have! This game contains some explanations, but does leave some questions. There are some videos of real-life actors in this game, which I wasn't sure of at first, but it really worked well in my opinion! Some of the gameplay for hidden objects might be criticized by some, but I sure did like the morphing objects better! Sometimes, for regular hidden object games, some of my family members had a difficult time since not all of the words were known to them. So, all in all, my favorite game this year! :) Better than watching a scary detective movie and costs less for Big Fish members than an actual movie ticket! Enjoy! December 26, 2011
AMAZING morphing object adventure game! Okay! Let me start off by saying that I think I am the ONLY Big Fish Gamer that has NOT played the Ravenhearst MCF games! I've played all the other MCF games, but not sure why I haven't played the Ravenhearst games?!? That being said, I can't compare this game with the first installments .... yet! I played only the demo of this game, but I'm going to give my review of the little bit that I played, go back and play the first Ravenhearst MCF games and then purchase this one! I will say that I will probably purchase the CE though! I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but there were times during this demo that I got stuck and found myself wishing that the hint button worked in more than just the morphing object scenes in this game, so I'm guessing I will probably need the stategy guide! I try not to use the strategy guides at all when I purchase CE games, but after running around for 20 minutes I get rather impatient and end up peeking at the strategy guide from time to time! This tells you that there is no assistance or guidance on "what to do next" or "how to progress in the game", because the hint button does not work at all, unless you're in the morphing object scenes, which leads me to the next important detail I think fellow gamers will want to know. There are no hidden object scenes in this game! #judging ONLY from the demo alone that is!# There may be some further into the game, but for the first hour of gameplay I didn't come across any, ONLY MOS. I really am a fan of the morphing objects, I love this different approach in recent games, however, I wasn't a huge fan of that being the only way to get the object needed to progress in the game. I do like finding the "bonus" morphing objects, like were in Stray Souls, but that's not how the morphing objects work in this game. I have great eyesight, but some of the MOs were very hard for me to see/find. Although they are "morphing", they did not "catch my eye" like changing items in scenes normally do, but that's just me. There are other things moving in the scenes, such as leaves, and that kind of distracted me from the MOs. They may be easily spotted by others, this was just my experience. The clicking penalty in this game is you lose some of the MOs that you've already found. They go "back into the game". If there are no HOS throughout this game I will find that to be rather disappointing. I don't like a ton of HOS during gameplay, but based on this game and the MOS, I'm not a fan of only having MOS during gameplay. I would like for it to be mixed up a little, some MOS and some HOS. The graphics and voice-overs in this game are absolutey AMAZING! I just can't say enough good things about the beautiful, dark and eery details! WOW! I normally turn off the music in all the games that I play, but this one I didn't even notice the music, which means it was not at all annoying to me, like I find it to be in so many games. There are 2 modes of gameplay in this game. I almost always just play the casual mode, so I did in this demo as well. I didn't get to all the "gore" and "disgust" and "indecency" that so many reviewers have talked about in the many reviews that I read. Having grown up in a family of law enforcement officers, federal agents, and district attorneys and, having followed in my family's footsteps in my final career choice, I have seen SO MANY real life horrors that absolutey NOTHING in a game, or anywhere else for that matter, could disgust, disturb or horrify me. I have read several reviews discussing the "horrorific" and "gross" and "disturbing" elements/scenes in this game, so anyone reading this review should refer to other reviews regarding any disturbing or disgusting elements and/or scenes in this game, because I just don't find anything disturbing anymore. This game is VERY large, so be sure to take the recommendation given in the game description and try the demo first to make sure your computer can handle this size file. The hint button recharges fairly quickly #casual mode# and there is a "diary" that will help you keep up with the storyline and the items found. There was quite a bit of backtracking in the demo, so I can only assume that there will be backtracking throughout the entire game. This doesn't bother me, but I know some people do not like a lot of backtracking so I thought I'd throw that in. Oh yes, some of the morphing objects were on the lower part of the screen so you have to pay attention to the arrow and cursor, because there were a few times while clicking on a MO that I ended up backing out of the scene entirely. I hope this covers about anything a gamer might want to know regarding this game. I think I should also add that this game/demo was somewhat hard for me to follow. This has also been noted by other reviewers and is certainly worth noting again. I will certainly leave a more detailed review #if that's possible! Ha ha!# when I finish the other Ravenhearst games and finally play this one in it's entirety. ENJOY! HAPPY GAMING BIG FISHERS!! December 23, 2011
Uniquely Awesome Game! MCF does it again! It was uniquely refreshing to find morphing objects instead of the usual hidden object items. Some of the things needed to do be done in the game were kind of gross, and some things were funny. To fully appreciate the story line I recommend playing Ravenhearst & Return to Ravenhearst. Also, if you have a computer w/HD capability, it makes the scenes more vivid. December 22, 2011
More like this please When I saw that this Mystery Case Files game only had a 3 star rating, I was really surprised and disappointed. However, when I started reading some of those bad reviews and they were full of things like "too difficult" "not enough sparkly helper things" and "too scary" I knew I had to give it a try. I'm getting bored with the overly-easy games, where obvious items are used in obvious places, and the sparkly "helpers" make me feel like I'm a mouse clicker being lead through a story, rather than actually playing a game. This is completely different, and requires out-of-the-box thinking and brainpower. It's a challenging game, which sucked me right in, and I haven't played one this well planned and devious for a long time. This is easily one of the best three games BFG has ever offered, and if you like a multi-day challenge, and not just an easy 3 hour breeze, then this game is for you. February 20, 2012
Another Great Addition to the Ravenhearst Saga I read many reviews before trying this game out. Lots of these reviews were very negative calling the game "over the top" and disturbing. I took their warnings into account, however after enjoying the hour long demo I went ahead and purchased it as I didn't see anything too bad. I encountered the portions these reviews were talking about and although I agree they were disturbing, I felt they played right in line with the Ravenhearst saga. These games have always been creepy, unsettling, and yes, disturbing, but that really only adds to the overall charm. My often dark sense of humor was satisfied with tidbits like the cause of death stated on the mannequins' toe tags in the morgue. The gameplay is fluid and vastly fun. The sound quality is superb and the scores perfectly creepy. The visual quality has to be some of the best I've seen in a game with very nearly seamless use of green screens. The acting is wonderful! I was very impressed with the actor who portrayed Charles as he ran the gamut of facial expressions and vocal manipulation. While I understand that certain portions of this game have put people off, I really didn't think they were that bad. No, I would not recommend this for children or those who are just looking for a light romp, but as a Ravenhearst fan, I enjoyed every weird, zany, and yes disturbing moment of this game. If you are also a follower of this series, I encourage you to check out the demo and form your own opinions. You would be missing out on a great game! April 7, 2012
Shocking, Compelling, Baffling! BASED ON COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS INTENSE!! This game gives new meaning to the word. Telling this story involves looking at some of the uglier sides of life, so this game is right on the edge of decency. And it is a VERY challenging game to play. The feel of it is that of the more heavy duty of adventure and RPG games. Almost everything you need to do you must work out for yourself, and it is rarely a straightforward process. It opens with a news report, that looks totally believable, and segues into a series of increasingly insane flashes on some disturbing construction work. Then the madman reveals his goal ? to ?make you understand?. Well, nothing good can come from trying to understand Charles Dalimar! SIGHTS & SOUNDS The professionalism in the introduction is carried on throughout the game. Graphics are superb. The sound track is varied, exciting, deadly, restful and silent, depending on where you are in the game. Background and ambient sounds are, frankly, distressing, and for part of the game I had to turn them off. Dalimar is really spooky, face and voice. Integrated from actual video, but suffering from poor reception, he nevertheless seems more real, more dangerous than your surroundings, and that works very well with what?s happening. WHAT?S HAPPENING It?s hard to give an indication of the story without spoiling it. You return to Ravenhearst manor after a series of disappearances in the surrounding area. The house is a burnt out wreck. The lighthouse is barely functional. Seems everything has been destroyed. The ghosts of Emma and the others try to warn you away, but offer to help you when you won?t leave. But their power is limited, whereas Dalimar?s... MAKING PROGRESS Where to start? In keeping with the tradition of the Mystery Case Files series, Escape From Ravenhearst takes some radical departures from the known and accepted. And after years of hand holding from other games, this game gives us almost no help at all. There is no map. There is no hint outside HOP scenes. The journal keeps story info but does not record clues. There are times when there is no information, no logic about where next to look, and you must systematically scour the area for signs of new information. The game geography is complex and strange, and with no map, very hard to navigate. Then there are the HOP scenes. These are not like any others. You are given the number of MORPHING objects in a location and no other information. Included in the scene will be other objects with other roles, and there may well be some that require more than one move. They are far more difficult than you?d imagine, because the entire scenes are in constant motion. I completed only one scene without the use of the hint button. And I usually don't use any hints at all for HOPs. There are also a couple of standard word list HOPs, including one which is a sketch book and cleverly done. There are also plenty of other very challenging puzzles. Most of them were too difficult for me to complete without the help of the walkthrough and/or skip. Even using a code or clue is more difficult than it seems at first glance, because you must interpret the information in unusual ways. FINAL VERDICT However you look at it, this game is not a walk in the park. It is a gruesome and gruelling trek through madness and hate. Yet, it is undeniably, compulsively, involving. Audacious and challenging, it is a MCF ?tour de force?. January 22, 2014
Escape from Ravenhearst Loved the game. I won't say more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But it was excellent in my opinion. December 21, 2011
Cool game I've played all the mystery case files games, but this was awesome. February 4, 2012
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Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst

Return once more to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor to uncover new details about this poignant saga. What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story-if you escape.

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