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Uncover a mystery and save a town from a curse in 1 Moment Of Time: Silentville! Once upon a time in the small, undistinguished town of Silentville people started disappearing - one by one. Even the visitors suddenly disappeared without a trace. Airplanes and birds, trains and pedestrians, drivers, tourists and even bicyclers - all of them have vanished! Will you be able to solve the mystery and release Silentville from its cursed non-existence?

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 518 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
1 Moment of Time: Silentville


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1 Moment of Time: Silentville

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1 Moment of Time: Silentville 3.7 5 179 179
Fantastic Game! The graphics are beautiful which is important to me as when I'm playing a game I want to be taken away to a new place for just a little while, I love the adventure and a good story. This has all of these! A good buy! November 16, 2014
Loki causes trouble again! I bought this as a Daily Deal, and I'm glad I did! The game was fairly long, had an interesting storyline, puzzles that were do-able for me (which is why I gave it five stars for level of challenge). I dislike games that are so difficult that I have to follow a walk-through for nearly every step. The processes made sense, which doesn't happen in every game. One problem: the mosaic puzzle was a little difficult to assemble, because the rings did not turn easily. I'm not a beginner, but I'm certainly not an expert. I urge everyone to at least try this game. June 28, 2013
WOW! These HOG's are INTERACTIVE!! FUN FUN FUN!!! What a fantastic game!! Never seen anything like it! And I have played a lot.... The storyline flows and is very nice, enough reason to buy it on it's own. But... The HOG's are really unbelievable, never seen so much interactivity in one scene, and they are all like that! Never think you can pick anything up just like that, there is always at least one extra action to it. Incredible fun! The hint is terrific as well. When you click the hint button, you get teleported to the scene where there is an action. Faboulous!! Wow! Kudos to the dev's and to BF for offering this to us - even on sale today! Enjoy everyone! June 28, 2013
Excellent Game! I really did enjoy this game. The game presented several levels of challenges. With the hidden objects, you had to search all over for objects. Some objects required opening doors and drawers, Some required you to activate the hidden object. With the games, a few were simple, few were complex. I had found none were so tough that I had to skip the game. But, they did make you scratch your head from time to time. In all, I did enjoy this game. It didn't take me that long to play. I found it to be at a medium challenge for myself. I would suggest this game to anyone that loves hidden objects. May 6, 2013
Enjoying this game I really like this game! The HOS are clever and fun and so unique. The puzzles are also great. I will be looking for more games by this company. December 11, 2012
fun moments of playing 1 moment of time This game is well made, graphics are clear and well designed, music is cheerful and suitable for this fun game, hint button is very helpful if you're getting lost and don't know what to do next it will transport you to the location you need getting to next. I liked the extra challenge of combining objects in order to find them on the list. I gave this game 4 stars and not 5 because I do not like the font of the HO list, I also think that it is hard to read blue words written on this grayish background, but beside this technical difficulty I think that the game has lots of fun moments, I purchased it and recommend it to all that appreciate great HO games. June 18, 2012
What a Surprise.....I enjoyed the HOG (and I don't particularly like HOG)!! A terrible storm envelopes the town and people disappear (yet there are still people there?).There is a map that does teleport you to available areas (more area's open as you accomplish tasks#. Hint button recharges very quickly. You have a journal that records all necessary information for the tasks you need to complete. There are two options of play casual and challenge mode where hints and sparkles are off. Yes there are sparkles. The voice over is very excellent and makes a wonderful storyteller. You can skip the story, I prefer to hear the story because I enjoy a good story based game, however you are not able to just read the text #I read faster than he talks# and click to advance to the next must let him complete speaking, which while I enjoyed the sound of his voice I found annoying I had to wait. Music is what it is; some people hate the sound in games others don't really care. For those that listen it is what I would refer to as comical dramatic, light hearted. The best part of the game is actually the HOG; they are so interactive it is like an adventure game. You find an item and have to figure out what to do with it. Sounds easy right? Not so fast...they really put some thought into this and it isn't always what you would expect....not like your typical HOG where you pick up a key to unlock a boring! For someone who considers herself more an adventure player I was extremely surprised to find myself enjoying this. This could put a whole new spin on HOG if other dev.?s picked up on it I am sure more of us would quit complaining about the HOG in "HO/Adventure" games. Of course, there are still a few items you can just point and click...usually just 2-3 items #in blue)....I can deal with that. You simply must try this game..demo first I wasn't too sure, but by the 2-3 HOG I was convinced! June 17, 2012
A Good Game However Some Frustration 3.5 Stars This review is for the whole game playing in challenge mode. Story: You have to break the curse that has been put on Silentville and uncover the mystery behind the disappearances of the people. 5 chapters Voice overs 2 play modes: Casual and Challenge: Challenge only shows sparkles of the HOS (hidden object scenes). Some areas of the game when you click on something 'helpful' tips will appear up at the top of the screen and some areas when you click on something will show 'gears' with no 'helpful' tips. Diary: Holds notes and some puzzle clues. Map: You get a few minutes into the game that has 10 locations. The first (train station) is shown on the map while the rest of them have a 'fog' over them until you move along in the game then new areas will open up. You can also use the map to travel back/forth., Also if you hover your mouse it will show the names of the locations however won't show you if there is anything to do in the locations. HOS: All found by word list. The majority are in black text color which are interactive and the ones in blue you find like you normally would. Hint: Takes about a couple of minutes for charge up. Is also helpful outside of the HOS as it will direct you where to go however if you are in a scene where there is nothing to do at the present time will take you to a scene where there is something to do. Puzzles: Just to name a few: Train track, throw the ball into the baskets, shuffle the key pieces, rotate the rings. Skip takes about a couple of minutes. My overall impression of the game: Well I'm gonna start off with what I liked about this game. The graphics/artwork/voice overs I found to be just excellent as I enjoyed the cut scenes when you click on a character to get their story of how the town came to be with the curse. I also found the ending to be satisfactory. I also enjoyed the "screen movement" the screen going up/down and the sound of someone "walking", as I thought that was pretty cool. This seemed to be more adventure to me with some HOS and puzzles as there is a lot of traveling back/forth to this game and so glad there was a map. HOS: I liked that the majority are interactive requiring an extra step. Some scenes in my opinion a bit on the Sanford & Son junkyard side but not too bad. Puzzles: I'm not a fan of these but to my surprise I enjoyed a few of them. Did most of them but skipped a couple of them. Now for the frustration and I'm not the only one according to the game forum for this game as these cannot be skipped: The cuckoo clock on one of the HOS trying to get the clock hands to move, setting the radio to the right station trying to get the knobs to move, the flower potion as I had to consult the walk through for this one part, and the fridge magnet as I got an error message but thank goodness Big Fish had a fix for that when I got to that part of the game so just had to uninstall/reinstall and was able to continue again where I left off without starting over. Oh and I also had to change my screen setting as this game didn't fill my screen. The year is 2012 lets get with it here developer. LOL! As for game length: I got 6 plus hours out of this game cause I quit keeping track at that point so definitely long enough for me. Depending on your game play you may or may not get this much time. Overall I'm actually right in between 3 and 4 stars for this game and since I can't give 3.5 stars, I decided to give it 4 because for a SE version has lots to do, really enjoyed the story and definitely long enough game as I mentioned but couldn't overlook the few frustrations so knocked it down a star and also knocked down the fun factor. Thanks Big Fish and developer for a good game here. As always definitely give it a whirl and decide for yourself. June 18, 2012
Excellent hidden object scenes I don?t know if 2Monkeys is a new developer or simply one I haven?t heard of yet but I love their hidden object scenes. There are so many interactive items & many of them are like a little mini puzzle to try & solve. Apart from the excellent H0s there are some mini games but they are few & far between, there was one where you had to ?throw? balls into baskets, I could not get the balls to move anywhere so ended up skipping. In each scene there is usually at least one task to perform & these were excellent; some took quite a bit of thinking about to solve. Many were along the lines of a ?chemical? experiment in that you had to find different objects & put them together in a specific order. As you might imagine with so many tasks you will end up with a rather full inventory. You get a diary which does contain some helpful clues (for some odd reason it also says task list but there isn?t one) & a little way into the game you get a map; it is interactive between areas but not scenes. This is really useful as there are a lot of places to visit. One thing that really annoyed me was the doors which are everywhere; they open automatically if your mouse gets close so there is the constant sound of them opening & closing at times. The cut scenes are unusual; rather than being fully fledged pictures they show the type of work the artists used to create the game scenery & I really enjoyed them. The voiceovers are good but not clickable so you either have to sit through them or skip altogether but if you do you will miss the story. I was fooled in the very first scene as after the prologue I went into ?click? mode to find where to go; nothing happened & I was wondering what I had done wrong when a pair of hands appeared on screen. It seems I was too eager to start or perhaps the gameplay is a little slow. The graphics are average; a little blurred in places, the artwork good although I did find some of the scenes rather dark. There are two modes of play; casual with a 35 second hint recharge & lots of sparkles/glints to point you in the right direction or challenge with a 70 second hint & sparkles only for the H0 scenes. The hint is useful as it will take you directly to the location of the next necessary action. All in all a good game with a great many puzzles/tasks to solve; there are some flaws but don?t let that put you off if you want to give your brain a workout. June 25, 2012
Fun variation of the standard hidden object game This is as much an adventure (find inventory, use inventory) as it was hidden object game. The design and artwork were superbly done which added a lot to the game experience. Like others said, the hidden object scenes were almost always a combination of items (like snuffing out a candle, or putting keys back on the key ring). Pros: --Outstanding artwork --Music was pretty good --Storyline was engaging --HO scenes were usually quite challenging, and it was nice to play a variation on the standard --Mini games were a good mix of fun, challenging and easy - they're all very quick --Decent game time Cons: --The thing that drove me crazy was that when moving from scene to scene, if you have to go through a door, you have to wait for the door to open in order to actually click to go through. It's one second maybe, but it was annoying. -Couldn't click through voiceovers or scenes when done reading text Overall, great game that I would definitely recommend to others. June 20, 2012
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1 Moment of Time: Silentville

Once upon a time in the small, undistinguished town of Silentville people started disappearing. Help uncover the mystery behind these disappearances and save the town from a curse!

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