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Life under the rule of the winged Skyborn race isn't so bad for Claret Spencer, the star mechanic of an independent repair shop. She can patch up just about anything...but when a certain cravat-wearing customer turns her life upside-down, she finds herself pulled into an epic, city-wide conflict that's going to take a lot more than elbow grease to fix! Join Claret on her journey through a tale of magic, metal and mystery as she unravels the secrets of the Skyborn!

  • Unique story-driven adventure
  • Multiple character classes
  • Breathtaking orchestral soundtrack
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 205 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later


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Skyborn 4.8 5 81 81
RPG fans will LOVE this ...and if you're merely RPG "curious", this is a GREAT introduction to a wonderful genre of gaming. Quality RPG games are far and few between. I remember reading an interview with the creator of the wonderful Aveyond series. She spoke of the amount of time and commitment and sleepless nights to flesh out the full story of just a single game. She mentioned how hard it was to find people to produce something like Aveyond when other gems, such as the wonderful Grim's Hatchery, which she also created, could be produced in relatively little time (and therefore expense) and become a far greater commercial success. Therefore I have admiration for any RPG that can find its way to a site like this one, if only as a soft release. This game however, blows every other RPG out of the water... yes, even Aveyond. The artwork has been lovingly crafted, the interface is smooth and runs fantastically with a mouse. The story is told in such a way that you don't need to click through pages of tiresome dialogue (though do note, this game does require reading, there are no voice overs). Like other RPGs, this is a scrolling game. You have an open world to explore, party members to recruit and inventory items to scour. For those who wonder - what is the difference between an RPG and an adventure game? - Both follow a story based on a central character - Both require problem solving, picking up needed items and working out how to use them - Adventure games focus on the story - RPG games focus on character development: this means your character may have levels, almost certainly has some form of statistics (stats) that can be improved and is able to learn particular skills depending on which path you take them - common paths may be that of a fighter (weapons), a thief/scout (stealhy) or a mage (magic). - RPG games are more likely to involve combat, and offer greater options and variations on the approaches you can take. - RPG games tend to have different character points-of-view, and are more likely to have you controlling a party of characters rather than just one. One of the great things about RPGs is that they have far more replayability than a stock adventure game. Often several choices are presented to the player and almost certainly different endings become available based on these choices. I haven't finished Skyborn yet, but the last RPG I played had 76 different scripted endings. Skyborn is a lovely rendition of a classic genre. It has the old-school feel of classic RPG games combined with upgraded graphics, a smooth engine and a user-friendly mouse interface (actually rare in this "old-school" genre). You play the role of Claret (what a great name) who is introduced in a simple and lovely sequence that teaches you the basics of what you need to do to get started. The adventure becomes yours to make of it what you like, although there is a story to follow, the choice is yours on how fast you wish you to progress through the storyline, or simply explore the world around you. Thank you, Big Fish, this game is delightful and will hopefully introduce a few new fans to a really fun and engaging experience. June 23, 2012
LUV RPG'S, Deadly Sin Reborn? I luv, luv RPG'S. This is like the Deadly Sin 2. I don't know if it is the same developers, but has much of the same play. The story line so far has kept me playing. I didn't want to stop. I am a 60+ gamer, trying to keep up with my grandkids and this is one for me. My daughter may let them play, after she tries it. The game play is smooth, the graphics are clear and the fights are alot like Deadly Sin 2. There are quest to be done, people to help and bad guys to fight..FUN. You have to read a little, but it is clear and is an important part of the story. I don't mind it at all. There is several modes you can choose. The mouse can be used, great for these old hands. If you like any RPG'S this is one of the better ones. I don't play with the sound on, so can't say if it is good or not. June 23, 2012
Just an Excellent game!!! I have been playing RPGs for nearly 30 years, am a beta tester (~Not~ for the developer of this game), and Skyborn is just an outstanding RPG. The story and characters are completely enthralling. The visuals and sound are on par with any good SNES game, the navigation and menus are great--You have the ability to change difficulty of battles at any time during the game if you find the battles too easy or too difficult--and the tutorials about how certain features in the game work are terrific. If you are new to RPGs and find them intriguing, this is the one to play as the tutorials will explain a lot of things that are known to hard-core RPG people but may not be readily apparent to somebody who is playing a Role Playing Game for the first time. Again, the characters and story are marvelous, and the quests are clearly identified and very logical when you attempt to pursue them. I cannot say enough nice things about Skyborn. A Really, Really Fun Game!!! June 23, 2012
An Elevated RPG Experience ...and not just because a lot of it takes place in the sky. A wonderful little gem from the makers of the Deadly Sins series. The characters are likeable, well fleshed out with good back stories and tangled motives. The only reason that I gave the storyline 3 stars is that it's still nothing experienced RPG'ers playing RPG Maker games haven't heard before; ie girl from humble beginnings gets thrust into an epic adventure to save the world. But that's pretty much the weakest element of the whole game. The rest is just fantastic. Well designed equipment upgrades, the use of attunable gems for more complex item creation. The ability to craft your own weapons and armor. Well designed combat using a threat meter which determines who your adversaries attack for added strategy. Adjustable difficulty to give everyone from beginner, casual, or hardcore players the game experience they prefer. Well designed, fully functional and integrated mouse and keyboard support, and bold orchestral soundtrack. The only real downside is that is considerably shorter in length than other epic RPG's such as their Deadly Sins games, Aveyond, Millenium, ect. but is not necessarily a bad thing for those who don't want to spend weeks or months to finish. Reportedly, the game can be finished in as little as six hours if you stick to the main storyline, add twelve more if you do all the side quests, and a bit more if you love exploration, crafting, and is simply an OCD completionist like me which can bring the game up to a good meaty 30 hour RPG romp. All in all, very little to not like about it if you're an RPG fan. Definitely a worthy title to add to your collection and a wonderful new story and set of characters to experience. June 24, 2012
Utterly enjoyable! There are times where a shorter playing rpg game comes in handy, and this one delivers. For those who enjoy a good storyline, some humor and most of all...not having to grind as much, this rpg is for you! The graphics are beautiful and delightful! The music suits the moods and literally *pumps you up* and the unique challenge is to figure out how to "augment" your equipment for the best possible outcomes. There are different difficulty levels to choose from and you can change the level at any time for an easier or harder play. Waiting for a sequel to this! June 23, 2012
I'm in Love! Just played the demo. So Far: -super cute, loved the steampunk graphics and setting, everything is really well done, clear, colorful, charming -controls with a click of the mouse. navigation is very easy as the character will walk around things to get somewhere -interface is awesome for both regular wandering and combat. it's all super easy to use and presented no problems whatsoever -story is fun and the dialogue is so funny sometimes, i really enjoyed it immensely i'm definitely buying this game! June 23, 2012
A True Masterpiece! This is by far, the greatest independent RPG I have ever played. I have been playing RPG's long before I discovered HO games and when it comes to RPG's I must have played hundreds, on console and PC alike. I have played from start to finish and It's very rare to see an RPG that reaches the level of good and high expectations and Skyborn delivers in all catagories of what makes an RPG great. Everything from the graphics, Awesome soundtracks, the threat battle system, and an in-depth storyline that keeps you compelled to know more about the world and keep you playing to the very end, You could actually feel for the characters because each has their own story to tell and the villans made you want to hate them. The gameplay was easy to navigate and well done, the augment system was a unique factor in the game that let you improve weapons, armor, etc. The musical scores really added drama to the game and battles and is very dynamic Kept me pumped up in battles. The ending left it open for a sequel which I hope they make. So hats off to the developers for making a true masterpiece. If this was made in the 90's for SNES it would have probably been one of the best sellers of all time. I can't wait to see if they make a sequel and top themselves. This is truly an epic RPG worth playing and replaying. Standing ovations and applause. July 4, 2012
Yah! A new RPG The storyline grabs you from the start and the player graphics are amazing. The controls are easy to use. A definite buy for me, thanks BF for another RPG! June 23, 2012
Great game! Gorgeous graphics and easy to see. Fun storyline and involving gameplay with lots of treasure to find, things to do, battles - you can choose difficulty level on the battles in options. Sound levels can be adjusted for everything. Great game - this one's a winner! June 23, 2012
Very nice game, hope there's a sequel I haven't played a lot of RPGs; I love the Aveyond series, but by the time I finish one, I'm sick of the gameplay style and will avoid them for a while. This game really hits a sweet spot; maybe a more experienced player will know several other games as good, but for me so far this is the best RPG I've seen. The graphics are excellent. Yes, the actual gameplay is entirely the blocky 16-bit style, but it's beautifully done. The character 'icons' and in-battle monsters are wonderfully illustrated. The character faces change expression during battle to reflect their status, getting angry or scared, according to their personality, as their life runs low. The characters have been well-thought out by their designers, and speak and behave consistently with their personalities and stories; although the player may not know the whole story yet. :) There are a wealth of non-combatants wandering around who are informative or funny or both. The main characters' dialogue is well-written and the story, though essentially dramatic, is also given quite a bit of witty banter. The battle system, and by extension the weapon and armor system, have obviously been meticulously designed. I readily admit they are more complex than I want to deal with; and it's another big point in the game's favor that I was perfectly able to enjoy it without getting deeply into the strategy and stats. You can choose your general battle difficulty from the options menu, a very nice feature. I chose easy, and although it was still interesting and challenging to me, I didn't have the frustration I've had with other RPG games, where the need to fight constantly to level up enough to advance turned the game into drudgery. Another excellent feature was that battle wasn't the only way to collect experience and level up. Tucked away in various corners of the landscape are sparkly experience nodes that reward you for exploration. Especially nice when you're wandering a maze and starting to feel frustrated; oh, hey, I wasn't lost, I was gaining experience! There were only a few side quests, which were very enjoyable. I wish there had been more. One quibble is that there's a major side quest that is built up as though it's part of the story, but isn't necessary to complete the game. It's easy to get swept along by the demands of the story, knowing that you still have that big thing to accomplish, and feel blindsided by a seemingly abrupt ending. I only have two other issues with this game, both minor. One is that there are only 4 save slots. This is plenty for one person, but my teenage daughters like RPGs too, and 4 save slots is not enough for all 3 of us! The other is that there IS a lot of story here - good story, enjoyable story, but NOT gameplay. It does make the beginning of the game very slow. It would be nice to be able to skip some or most of that during the limited time trial or when re-playing. Well, ok, I have one more "issue" with the game - it wasn't long enough! ;) Playing all the side quests and going to what I hope was every single area, I played over 11 hours; and still wanted more! And there were a few loose threads at the end, which I hope means a sequel will be in the works. All in all a very enjoyable game and one I recommend completely! June 30, 2012
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