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Welcome to Top Secret Finders, the government created special division to investigate archives of extraordinary highly classified cases. Your first mission is to save a small town from a dangerous device. Use your Hidden Object skills to uncover the truth about a government conspiracy and stop the villain in his tracks!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Drive: 346 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Top Secret Finders


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Top Secret Finders

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Top Secret Finders 4 5 83 83
Good Eyesight Needed Where are Mulder and Scully when you need them? How I miss the X-Files and although the story behind TSF runs along the similar lines with our lead agent investigating a government cover- up involving a deserted Town, sadly the quality of graphics made this game somewhat painful to play. I was thrilled at the opening scene when the V/O began the story. However I then found myself in a world of blurry and very dark graphics where the most challenging part to be had was finding objects, ultimately causing great strain to my eyes. TSF could have been a great game to play had it not been for this very annoying factor. Game features offer you two play modes, you have a journal which gives you alot to read and a map that only shows you where you are. I liked the hint system which thankfully works outside of the HOG scenes and offers you a photo of where to go if you get lost. As for the HOG scenes? They are crowded, blurry and interactive. You have alot to do, finding inventory items which in my case meant clicking away blindly through the grainy scenes. On a positive note, I enjoyed the puzzles and mini-games and as I said, had the graphics been of better quality, this would have been a top-notch game. I will however recommend it for those who have extra credits to spare and are fans of the Sci-Fi genre. Just remember to wear your glasses...... May 19, 2012
Interesting HOG adventure - A guy's review *Review based on completing the full game in advanced mode* This is a good game, even though I feel that it could have been even better. The story about the mysterious ghost town and how it got to be that way and the mystery that unravels itself through visions in bits and pieces throughout the game keeps the story and gameplay interesting. It is a bit shallow, and could have been made a bit deeper with not too much extra effort. Nonetheless I found the storyline catching. The visual quality of the game is quite nice, even though it feels a bit grey and empty at times. The hog scenes (and there is quite a bit of them) are not really too crowded, but most of them are rather dark, and I feel that the graphics could have been slightly sharper here. Sound quality is good, and the background music is not annoying (still I always turn the music down low). The voice acting however leaves much to be desired, though this is not a big buck Hollywood production, so one does not expect too much in this department. I have seen (or heard) better in similar games though. The game has live acting as opposed to animated, and that too is somewhat flawed, but it is never annoyingly bad. The lipsync seems way off though, and it seems to me that this game is dubbed from another language. The game itself has, as mentioned earlier, quite a lot of HOG scenes, a good amount of puzzles and standard adventure elements of "pick-ups and use". There is quite a bit of moving back and forth through the map, but for those who hate that there is a hint function to take you directly to where you need to go without the penalty of using the hint. The hint function only needs recharging after getting specific instructions within the scene where you are at. Most of the HOGs and puzzles are from easy to intermediate in difficulty, even playing in advanced mode. A BIG positive is that the game actually comes to a conclusion in the end, and don't leave you hanging. For the ones who need a little extra guidance, there is a casual mode as well which will create sparkles and recharge the hint function faster. For the guys: As we can see these days most casual games are targeted towards the better gender, which is only fair seeing that we guys have been targeted in most everything else. I have no problem with that at all, but some do, and some like to stay clear of the most "girly" games. This game should be no problem for any guy. There is no gender bias except for playing a female character. There is no danger of fairies, unicorns, poems or knights in shiny armors ;o). I found the game highly enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who likes HOGs and puzzles with a good story to boot. It might be considered a little short, especially among the more advanced players, but I'd say it is worth the regular price. I think (and hope) we will see follow ups to this, and maybe we'll see a bit deeper storytelling then. TJ May 21, 2012
Why is This Game Getting a Bum Rap? It's a Great Game! **This Review Is Based Upon Completion of Entire Game" I initially passed on this game because I always rank the reviews by lowest first, so I can see what it is about a game that people didn't like. I can usually determine whether I am going to like a game that way, based upon a few certain things I don't like in games. If I see those things show up in the bad reviews, I know I won't like a game. For example, if someone, or even more than one person, says, "This game has HOGs every time you turn around," then I know I will not like that game at all. (Not a fan of HOGs.) Also, and I mean no disrespect at all, I find most people's standards of what they call a "really great game" are different from mine. I tend to be more critical of games and demand more. I mean, once you've played Syberia II, you start expecting your games to live up to that standard. But then, sometimes despite questions in my mind due to the bad reviews, I just have to go with my gut feeling. That's what I did with this game. I truly loved this game. I am confused as to why there are so many negative reviews surrounding this game. I found it challenging, the HOGs were not too frequent, and it was just all around a lot of fun. Half way through the demo, I even stopped and went to look for a CE version of this game. Too bad I couldn't find one. I also don't understand the "you had to go back and forth too much" complaint. Why do people complain about that? If you only went forward with every step, the game would be too linear and not at all fun. I enjoy moving around in a game, investigating scenes from different angles depending upon what new information I have uncovered. It is especially fun when there is an interactive map to help. So, I simply adored this game and would highly recommend it to anyone. This is one game where I also recommend you look over the bad reviews and judge for yourself. You might not like it; but you might be like me and find an unexpected treasure! Love to all my fishies! July 21, 2012
A Pretty Good Game I liked this game. After playing a string of bad ones, it's good to finally have a good review Good Parts: Chilling storyline that just urged you to play on. A very well done to the developers for coming up with such a brilliant story! Great Graphics. Very detailed and well designed. You could tell a lot of effort was put in to these. I'm not one to usually compliment the puzzles of a game, but I've gotta say, these were some of the best set of puzzles I've seen! Hint and Skip recharge speed was great. The Hidden Object Scenes were a great challenge and included zoom in areas and interactive objects. The game was great fun to play. OK Parts: I think the game slightly over-used the ghost theme. Bad Parts: Sometimes you would have absolutel no idea what to do. This was a pain and you cried out for a strategy guide. I really, really liked this game. I'd recommend it to anyone. July 5, 2012
interesting... not too "different" from any other hog game, but still fun...(the "severed leg" in the trunk of the car,scream added ahhhh! was too funny :) the music was dreary and quiet, just the way i like it, not overpowering..and if you notice the crows in some scenes that keep crowing..just run your mouse over them and they fly away...too cute...unless that was just go play, its fun! May 20, 2012
Game kept my interest! This game pulled my right in! After the trial I just had to buy it and don't regret my purchase! I just had to find out what I could do next and what scenes would open up next. The HO scenes were cleverly done and I loved the puzzles. It felt like a nicely balanced puzzle, HO and adventure game. Pros: Nice sound quality Great puzzles challenging HO scenes Clear voices Interesting storyline Map for orientation All discovered important codes stored in reference book Cons: Acting a bit overdone with excessive hand gestures, dubbing could use improvement. Overall, this is a four and a half star game in my book! I really enjoyed it! Well done. May 21, 2012
Surprisingly good game! Yes, I'm an X-Files fan, and yes, I'm a mystery fan, and this was right up my alley. I am very impressed with this game! It did not feel like there was a lot of hand-holding - I needed to explore and figure things out on my own, and the game honestly needed me to do that. On my own. I like that :). Good, original, challenging puzzles, fun storyline. The graphics were no problem for me -- I liked the dreary aspect of them. The artwork felt right, and not over the top creepy. Just right. A deserted, and desolate town looked like exactly that. I would buy more games from this developer. One more thing -- the VOs were mostly good. But, the woman.... what is up with the women VO actors? They are all starting to sound like 10 year old children to me. Ick. May 21, 2012
Worth my time and money This was a surprising find this morning, I was not expecting much so I was impressed. The graphics are well done, though a little dark and chaotic, the music was tolerable and even pleasant at times, the story is worth following and the action scenes are just long enough and well executed. Well worth the money for a few hours of distraction. May 19, 2012
Unabashedly sci-fi. I usually don't like games that would seem to have goofy, too-out-of-reality sci-fi machines, but this one turned out to concentrate more on the story than some ridiculous contraption (though there was one...). This made the suspension-of-disbelief a little easier for me, as did the appearance of ghostlike visions that showed different events leading up to the situation. The story was tighter than in alot of games, which I appreciated. No loose ends all over the place or too many unresolved questions at the end. There is some suspense along the way as to who exactly the villain is, and then how it will be resolved. It wasn't "wow" but I liked it and would look forward to another that the devs would produce. September 23, 2012
Annoying buzzing fly!!! now I've had to stop to write this review, i love the game, the graphics are crisp and clear though a bit dark in HOS but the hint button makes up for that and the storyline is great but please, why on earth is that buzzing fly constantly in scene after scene? it drives me nuts!! I've had to turn the sound off because i just can't listen anymore! I think the developers are having a right laugh knowing that a constant buzzing noise of a fly is going to rattle a few cages! Well done! it rattled mine!....enjoyable game though. July 19, 2012
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Top Secret Finders

Welcome to Top Secret Finders. Your first mission is to save a small town, uncover the truth about a government conspiracy and stop the villain in his tracks!

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