Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery

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Save the world from an experiment gone wrong in Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery! Nikola Tesla – villain or victim? It’s the question everyone asks after what should have been his greatest invention drained the world of color. Tesla disappeared in the Ether that fateful day when his experiment went horribly wrong. Help him get back and bring the color back to your world!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 405 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery


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Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery

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Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery 4 5 100 100
They say to tell time traveling, it needs to be as good as "Back to the Future". And this does it. We travel back and forth through time, each adventure task explained well. For a Non-Collector's game, this is worth the money. You get your time's worth. There's even voiceover! December 4, 2012
Great game The graphics were decent but too dark sometimes. I enjoyed it's originality, the puzzles and length of play was excellent for a none CE. Definitely worth it! Fun game. September 5, 2012
Unusual... In A Good Way This game is not you're everyday Hidden Object Game. It's setting and storyline make it quite intriguing. Here are my thoughts: Good Parts: The Setting The Storyline- you set to trael back in time to correct the wrongs of one of Tesla's inventions Quickly rechargng Skip button Being able to connect with ghost Tesla OK Parts: I say this with every hidden object game but... The puzzles. Some were easy and fun, but some were annoying and difficult. Bad Parts: Some of the sounds of the game. They drove me insane, like the sound when the hint isn't recarged yet. Slow hint recharge drags the game on a little Overall, this game is quite unusual. It's great if you're looking for something different, and I would love to recommend it! May 26, 2012
Fun for the whole family Tesla and mystery in the same sentence... I had to give this game a try and I wasn't disappointed. The animation is fun to look at and the characters are well done. Slightly too much conversation for me though. At the beginning Tesla says he will be there for help and I wish he would stop interfering with my adventure and just wait for me to ask him something! It's a light, fun game with nice artwork. Definitely rated E for everyone! May 26, 2012
LOOKS LIKE A GOOD ONE............ This review is based on 60min trial. As mentioned in game precis- your world has lost it's colour- therefore the game starts out in a very drab world... that said graphics are superb, nothing is hard to find but you have to look for it (mouse -over#. There is only one game- play mode but there is no hand holding here, the only sparkles I came across were for the h/o's which have a slight interactive concept. H/O scenes are clear and fairly easy although I think there were only 2 in the 60 min trial. You obtain a journal/diary that has the usual items- map, story and objectives. The map is not interactive but does show where you have been. I found the music very atmospheric and appropriate to what was happening on screen. The voice-overs are excellent- not too exaggerated, there is a dialogue box as well, so you can keep the sound down if you wish. One interesting thing to note in the OPTIONS, is that you can choose to accellerate the dialogue- I used this#because you can read faster than they can speak# and found it to be really helpful because this is one game where it seems the dialogue is intrinsic to the game - not to be skipped- although there is a skip button to use if preferred. Hints didn't take too long to recharge #unlimited# and the hint button will point you in the right direction without penalty out of H/O scenes. Now, to the story which I must admit I didn't really focus on- Tesla's ghost appears to his daughter #via phone)- hey, it's a game....... and it seems her goal is to restore his time machine, which failed, sent him into the Ether and removed colour from the world so I guess she has to help him fix it. Gameplay is smooth, no probs. Artwork/visuals I must say were really good. I can't say beautiful because it's a world without colour, that being said the game is not black/white/ grey- just drab, but this is part of the beginning of the story and it does change. To sum up, I think this game should be good, I really enjoyed what I played and will be using a credit- different story line to the usual- seems to be lots of fixing and finding, not too much back-tracking. I think this game has alot of promise but as I've only played 60 mins,please only base this review on that basis. As always, give it a go and hope you enjoy. May 26, 2012
yeah time machines!! Played 20 minutes of the demo and it's a buy for me. A little hand holding and tasks are clear but still challenging. There is a bit of running back and forth but that might just be how I go about things. Storyline is linear, you only pick up objects that you will need immediately- at least from what I played. More of a seek and find game than hidden object. I love time machine games.... May 26, 2012
A story to sink your teeth into and gameplay to match I have been waiting for a great standard game and here it is. The story grabbed me from the beginning. I'm a huge Tesla fan and I appreciate that the devs went with a fantasy version instead of trying to follow his often sad but brilliant life. This is Tesla as we wish he could have been. (Also keeps me from having to point out biographical errors. Game play leans a little more towards adventure than H0 which is perfect for me. The pace is great, a nice mix of inventory items, mini-games and the occasional H0. There's a lot to do but it doesn't feel like busywork. I'm not thrilled with the sparkles but they're the most subtle I've ever seen in a game. They don't distract too much and provide a teeny nudge not a push. This brings the challenge down a little for me, but others may find it welcome. The art is terrific and I loved the scenery. It's so nice to be in a laboratory without having some madman chasing me. This game has some tense moments but it isn't creepy, occult or spooky. All in all, a solid game that kept me entertained throughout and was longer than I expected. Good job devs! May 27, 2012
Different type of game I'm not sure I'd buy this, but just finished the demo and really like it. Not a lot of HO's. Interesting plot. I believe someone mentioned too much talk. I noticed, if you read the dialog and click the mouse, you can get through it a lot faster. It was fun. May 26, 2012
A nice change from the same old same old I really enjoyed this game. Some complain about the dialogue, but I found it to be a positive part of the experience. It was enjoyable not to be overwelmed with hidden object scenes and to solve puzzles that were varied in design and level of difficulty. The setting was a nice change from the usual dark gloom and doom. There were some hidden objects that were small and difficult to find, but the there weren't so many that it became annoying. I've been looking for a game that didn't constantly go back and forth with an object through countless scenes. And I especially like a game that offers a variety of challenging puzzles without an over-abundance of hidden object scenes. I recommend this game for those who like to solve a puzzle that isn't ridiculously simplistic but still gives a sense of success and for those who don't think reading is a chore! May 28, 2012
A unique and fascinating game! This game was, as my title says, unique and fascinating. The idea of time travel, the experience of the "butterfly effect", all of the sci-fi stuff you learned about in's in this game. Of course, it's a game, and, therefore, makes up its own rules, but some of the information in the game is accurate, which adds an element of fun you don't get in some other games. In the game, it is up to you to correct a problem caused by one of your relatives..a problem that has sucked all of the color out of the world. Your relative helps you out all through the game, as you travel here and there...and in fix everything that was broken. The hint system saved me in this game, as some of the game got a bit mechanical..not in gameplay..but some of the stuff you're asked to do is mechanical in nature, and I didn't understand it fully, but the hint button helped very much. Because of a helpful hint system, I didn't need to leave the game to access help outside the game, and I appreciate that in a game. I always enjoy a game a bit more if I don't have to stop, leave the game, access a walk-through, start the game..I'm sure most of you will know what I mean. The graphics in the game are wonderfully done. The scenes are bright and hidden object scenes were done well...most stuff pretty easy to see with some objects that really take some looking...but it's a hidden object game..not a "look..everything is in plain sight" The hidden object scenes were the typical junkpile, but fairly easy to get through. Some, but not all, of the hidden object scenes had limited interaction within the scene. There is quite a lot of dialogue, but the voice-overs are quite well done, except that the character seems to keep "talking" after the words are all the voice-overs are clear and well-acted, and the dialogue does move the game along and adds to the enjoyment of the game, in my opinion. The puzzles/mini-games were skippable after a minute or two, and there were a couple I did skip, but most were just right on my scale of challenging...and they were fun. The ones I had difficulty with had quite a lot of numbers...and I'm horrid with puzzles with others may have no trouble whatsoever. I did find that the instructions for puzzles weren't always clear to me, and I managed to get through them by trial and error...but..again..that is probably just me...but I felt that some of the instructions could have been better. The options menu offered the regular stuff...and was easy to navigate and was available without exiting to the main screen. I did find out that, if you leave the game without doing it "officially".....the game will start you out at the beginning of the scene you were in...not exactly where you were when you left. For example, I was working in a scene when I had to leave in a bit of a hurry, without all of the "are you sure" screens coming up...and when I started the game again, it started me out at the beginning of the scene, even though I had done a few things within the scene before leaving abruptly. You don't lose much...just a little stuff to do over if you leave abruptly. I didn't find it a problem at all. The length of the game did surprise me. At one point in the game, my "mission" was complete and off I went back to my "time"...and I really thought that would be the end of the game, but it wasn't!! There was still all kinds of things left to do, more problems to fix, more getting the best of the bad it's a definite thumbs-up for game length..I got about 6 hours or so and that's great for me for a standard edition game. I can't comment on the music, as I almost always turn music down. My only negative comment on the game concerns a couple of the lock-picking puzzles, and a "line up the parts" puzzle. The lock pick are the ones that ask the player to manipulate a lock pick and push up a column or something like it, leading to opening the lock. The two puzzles like that that I encountered were very may have just been my mouse, but utilizing the equipment within the puzzle was very awkward for me. The "line up the parts" puzzle had me matching up some lines one a round pipe sort of thing...and I usually like those...but this one just wasn't much fun. Instead of moving in a circular pattern when you clicked on the parts, they moved in more of an elliptical pattern...hard to figure out where I needed to go when I had difficulty manipulating the sections...I got through it completely by All in all, I really enjoyed the game. It was bright, with good graphics, interesting puzzles, good hidden object scenes, a helpful hint system, and a compelling story with good voice-overs. I will definitely be playing this one again! May 28, 2012
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Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery

In a fading world devoid of color, the ghost of Nikola Tesla reaches through the Ether and invites you on an incredible adventure through time and space.

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