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Be careful what you wish for... When her young son begins to wither and age before her eyes, your sister desperately requests your help. You arrive to discover that a deadly bargain has been made. You must set things right before your nephew pays the terrible price in Grim Tales: The Wishes!

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Grim Tales: The Wishes


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Grim Tales: The Wishes

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Grim Tales: The Wishes 4.4 5 137 137
fantastic, very long game! Just finished playing this game, I bought the SE, following the advice of the other reviewers, and they are quite right. This is a very beautiful Elephant game, it enrolls during day time, which is very nice, but the story itself is well... rather grim :) You'll have hours of fun, I played about 8 hours, so really long. Very very nice graphics, great storyline, good music and fine sounds. Some cute things as well, I adored the spinning baby-cat and baby-polar bear! Great hint which works a bit like an SG. Fantastic jump-map that indicates where there is action. Enjoy it and have fun! July 12, 2013
Quite Possibly the Best GT Game From a visual standpoint, I believe for me this was the most beautiful and most engrossing of the whole series. I remember standing at the foot of the tree house and that whole scene blew me away. While on the Siberian expedition, I can honestly say I felt "cold" through that whole trip (and it's 95 degrees here right now). I suppose it helped that this game was created and developed by a bunch of Russians! All in all, this game really drew me in to the environment, locations and side expeditions, so that whatever I felt was "lacking" in story line, was more than made up for in that regard. Pet peeves for me on this one were the VO/note scenes. It's apparent way before the credits roll that Americans didn't write this game (no little kid writes/talks like that). However, it's the fact that I can read much faster than these VO scenes roll, that I prefer to pick up a note, read it, and move on. The only other major point I will mention was the reference to the villain as both a "demon" and a "old lady/witch". I think for most people, there's a discernible difference and while they played it off as both, I would have rather they settled for one or the other and taken it to it's most convincing end. For my own preference, I didn't like the use of the term "demon" bandied about as though the two were interchangeable. However, the scenes involving the "enemy" were very well done and very convincing, although after all was said and done, it did seem that it should have been a little more challenging to finally capture and destroy said enemy. The puppet was an interesting addition, and his scenes I felt were more necessary and "enlightening" than the other VO scenes which we could have done without. Also unusual was the continued involvement of Fluffy, as it is not something I'm accustomed to in other HO games. I really, really enjoyed using the map (once I discovered it was there!). It made things "a lot" easier which was good because there were so many locations and yet not good because I always feel like it should be an arduous trek to have to go back to these locations. For as many scenes and locations and side-trips as were in this and the previous 2 GT games, I never got story/location/search/puzzle fatigue. I was actually thrilled that these kept going on and on and on. It made for me a more complete and convincing experience, since it required more effort, more thought, more time, etc. I don't think that you'd be disappointed with this game! May 5, 2013
Needed A Map another excellent Grim Tales, a very long game (SE) however, a lot of running around needed a map. If you did not write down what item you needed and where it was needed you could get very "lost" and confused. Puzzles are a bit tough, but fun. Makes you think. Enjoyed it verymuch, awaiting another Grim Tale which hopefully will be soon. August 11, 2012
AND THE GRAY FAMILY SAGA CONTINUES... GAME COMPLETED SEVERAL TIMES This time it is your nephew who has caused calamity to befall your sister?s happy little family. A demon, masquerading as a witch (um, sorry, make that a wise old woman from the swamp), convinces Brandon to take a magic quill. This quill allows any wish written with it to come true. Unknown to Brandon, the demon is of course setting him up. Each time he uses the quill, more of his life force is taken. Being a pretty bright kid considering his parentage (how could 2 SENSIBLE people get into so much trouble!), Brandon twigs to what is going on and he stops using it, but it is too late. He has made 3 wishes and it will soon destroy him. Enter SUPERAUNTIE. Beginning with a rather unimposing intro, followed by the ordinary house the Grays now live, it?s easy to expect things to be a little more laid back. Not a bit of it, nothing is of course ordinary. This game is as complex and ingenious as the last, with DOZENS OF BEAUTIFUL LOCATIONS. Again, there is a fairly heavy load of interactive HO SCENES, combined with a DELUGE of PUZZLES OF ALL DIFFICULTY LEVELS, edging to more difficult than easy. With all that is jammed into it, it is not surprising that this game is LONG, and you?ll want to set aside some time for it. As you?d expect from this series, we have SPECTACULAR GRAPHICS, along with appropriate MUSIC, ENVIRONMENTAL SOUNDS and VOICEOVERS. If you?ve not played any of this series before, you?re in for quite a treat. Another delightful concoction from one of our favourite developers. May 1, 2013
Great challenging game! I love all "Grim Tales" games, but I think this one's the best in terms of challenging. You have to free a family from a witch. I played in Expert mode, so no sparkles. - The graphics are crisp. The objects in the HOS are easy to find. The hint system is good in those. - The puzzles are sometimes really challenging and not the ones you get usually. - A puppet tells you what happened in the past. - A cat helps you often in your tasks! - There is no journal. - There is an interactive map. It shows you the locations where there are tasks as well as a list of these tasks. Clicking on a location brings you to it, so no time spent walking back and forth! - The dialogs have the option "click to continue" which is good when you are a quick reader. - The overall hint system is very good, since it tells you what to do next and where. There is a looot to do and even if it took me nearly 3 hours to finish, I really had the feeling of having played longer! August 24, 2012
***PERFECT! Huge Long Fun!!! OMG What can I say about this game. EVERYTHING about it is Absolutely ***PERFECT!!!*** It's Gargantuan! I don't understand how anyone can finish it in hours, it took me about a week! The graphics are clean and clear. There are a zillion locations. All objects, including those in the "interactive" HOGs, are easily found, there is no clutter & the "smart" HINT button is very helpful & recharges quickly. A live interactive Map with Task icons make it a pure pleasure to navigate & a breeze to "warp" around. The Storyline is Excellent & very easy to follow because it actually makes sense. There are speaking characters to keep you company. Plus you get a sidekick, in the form of a friendly puppet to help you out. There are many well-placed puzzles of various types and skill levels, some old, some new & some unique, & all FUN! Lastly, the game is totally immersive, meaning once you get into it, you're totally drawn into its world. This is mainly because the layout of the locations make sense. They are interesting & believable, for example: The Eskimo's hut has a fire nearby & a covered pile of wood. The Shaman's (hermits) hut has deamcatchers & a cozy fireplace. These little touches add semblance, continuity & tremendous value to the game. The Bottom Line: This game is a total no-brainer. Try it, Buy it, Enjoy it! You will LOVE it. November 17, 2012
One of the best ever played I don't put comment to often, but this time I wanted to say thanks to those creator. This game was long, fun,different, not creepy. A great game... August 10, 2012
Review of Completed Game... I rounded to 5 stars but I feel this is a solid 4.5 star game. It has amazing graphics and sound just like any elephant game. I feel sorry for this family! They have the weirdest stuff happen to them! If it wasn't for Luisa's sister, they'd be forever doomed! I loved the different places to go like the different worlds but also that when you came back to the start each time, you still had tasks to complete there. I could also stop this game once I went into another world and then come back and start at that world and not have to use the hint button a bunch of times to remember what it is I was doing. The map was jumpable and easy to follow. I felt like the puzzles were a little on the easy side for me AND there were a lot of the same kind like jumping over pieces or making more pieces of something. I would have liked a little more variety but I did have fun doing them. The hidden object scenes are very interactive and I liked that. It has a REAL ending in the Standard Edition unlike some developers who leave a cliffhanger if you don't buy the collector's edition. I felt satisfied with the conclusion of this game. My only criticisms are that the puzzles were repetitive BUT also a big pet peeve of mine is not being able to lock the inventory. It bugs me to see it bobbing up and down and I rather it stay put and have the option to lock it in place. This game did not have that function and every time I came back to this game, I wished it was there. For those 2 is why I took 1/2 star off. However, this game kept my interest and I loved playing it hence the 5 star rating. I definitely recommend this one! but play the whole series! because in order to love this series you have to understand how unlucky they are and how great the sister is! She always saves the day! October 10, 2013
I loved this game! I got this game as a daily deal for 2.99! The mini-games were fun and original. I especially loved the M3 with the blocks --that one would have made a good game by itself. The ones towards the end were especially good too. There was a couple that I didn't understand, so those, I just skipped. If you don't want to use the hints, I suggest you take a lot of notes, because there is a lot to this game, and it will have you running around. I loved it, but I didn't mind using the hints, and the map always teleported me to where I wanted to be. I loved that a couple of items you kept with you and reused over again, like the flint and Fluffy the cat. I feel it should be standard equipment that all players enter a HOG with an issued crowbar, screwdriver, pruners, lantern, scissors and knife, but I digress. I haven't played Bloody Mary yet, but so far this is my favorite Grim Tales. It's detailed and long, especially for a SE game, and it's well worth the full price. Don't forget to take breaks once in awhile --it's more fun that way. :) August 12, 2013
Pure joy I loved the story! Don't even want to miss any part of the cutscenes, it's so awesome! The visual artwork is incredibly stunning. Wonderful graphic, natural voice overs, perfect gameplay. Everything is extraordinary about this game - can't say enough good things about it. It's must be buy for me :) August 11, 2013
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Grim Tales: The Wishes

Be careful what you wish for... A deadly bargain has been made, and it's up to you to set things right before your nephew pays the terrible price!

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