Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector's Edition

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Play as the fabled detective and defeat the Wolf Queen in Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters! Centuries ago, the first Red Riding Hood defeated the wolf and established the Order of Red Riding Hood Sisters. Recently, the nefarious Wolf Queen entrapped the sisters and planned to unleash legions of ravaging wolves onto our world. Assist the Red Riding Hood Sisters in this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Bonus Gameplay
  • Extra Puzzles
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1085 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Fantasy Violence
Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector's Edition

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Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector's Edition

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Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector's Edition 4.6 5 251 251
such a deal !!! This is a good deal if you have only one of the other Dark Parable games. This is the position that I am in so I was thrilled until I discovered it's a FROG. My least favorite type of HO game. That being said, I finished the demo anyway.. It opens with great music and a cutscene to set the stage.l I did cringe at the carnage; I can't stand to hear animals in pain. The artwork is good but very, very busy. You can play in casual, normal or expert. You can can adjust music, ambience and sound. I played with normal cursor as the custom cursor was swimmy. For the story, you are a Detectice sent to help the Red Riding Hood Sisters annihalate some evil wolves and their wolf Queen. By the time you get to the sisterhood, they have been attacked in their headquarters and now it is up to you. There are things to pick up, morphing items I couldn't find, puzzles and FROG scenes. The hint button works wonderfully well and tells you which way to go and will point to an area where something needs to be done, but you don't know if you have picked up what you need because the stategy guide only works if you purchase the game and not in the demo. What's up with that????? It looks like it will be a very good game. I'm on the fence with whether or not I will buy it. September 20, 2012
Very Good Game BUT Not For Me! Dark Parables series have always offered us top quality games with stunning graphics, top-notch game features and exciting gameplay, this current game is no exception. However I regret to say that after having played the demo, I did not paticularily care to spend money on the CE version and my reasons are mostly based on my own personal pet peeves regarding story content AND not being able to access the SG at the begining. I am a great fan of many forms of fiction and game with all types of themes that are laid out. Unfortuately one thing that I find disturbing in any form of entertainment is the killing of animals. Sorry, I am one of those people that cannot stand any form of animal suffering or any form of cruelty towards them, be in a game, a film or a book regardless of the fact that they are wild and viscious wolves. That is not to say that I am against this game, quite the contrary, I highly recommend it and will say that is does rank high in the series; although my favorite is still The Snow Queen. The Red Riding Hood Sisters is visually breathtaking with stunning artwork and beautiful graphics. The storyline is unusual where you as the detective are asked to rescue and help the Order of the Red Riding Hood Sisters defeat the Queen of the Wolves. It is a FROG that also offers adventure and puzzles. Game features include voice-overs, three play modes, a map that is not interactive and a task list. Game mechanics include Fragmented HO scenes that are not interactive and items are well hidden within the scenes. There are mini-games that I really found to be quite easy at first but then I am basing this review on the demo. There are morphing objects to find so that your hints will refill faster and you also need to collect puzzle pieces in order to gain access to the parables. As I am not able to access the SG which I find to be a very unwise practice when introducing a game, I really have no idea on the length and contents of the bonus section. As I said, a high quality game that will please many with the exception of myself. I found gameplay good but I have to admit, it just did not appeal to me nor did it excite me as the previous installments. Nevertheless I do recommend it but for anyone out there that may be advocates against cruelty towards animals, be warned: the opening scene was rather disturbing to watch. I secretly rooted for the wolves. I admit that is a bit over the top but I am always on the side of our four legged friends, even if they are possesed by evil magic and led by a wicked Queen. September 20, 2012
A few things fell out of Red's basket? What this presentation does well is worthy of superlatives. It is exquisitely, masterfully, intricately, skillfully crafted, visually stunning with enormous attention paid to animated detail. The story is well conceived. Little Red grew up and her legacy is the basis for this fairy tale. However? This would be an awesome picture story book, unfortunately the last few chapters felt rushed. As the detective on the case to defeat the Wolf Queen you meet and interact with several characters, the plot becomes quite involving. Then poof! In a few convoluted moments it's over. As a "game" -- something to challenge your mind, an adventure to piece together by completing tasks with found objects and solving puzzles, all with a sense of accomplishment -- it falls a bit short. This is a fragmented hidden object game -- find pieces of a whole object which will become an item in your inventory. Unfortunately only 10% of the pieces are really well hidden. The puzzles are beautifully, thematically presented, clever and enjoyable. Some have multiple parts to solve -- those are the most challenging. Others are very simple. One challenged your mouse skills; when I was sure I had failed, the game registered a win. Go figure. The Adventure flows well -- almost too well. You are never stymied by how to use an inventory item or what to do next. The one challenging exception might be finding the 20 morphing objects -- I didn't. The map is not detailed and has no teleporting feature -- a miss considering the scope of the game world you travel back and forth within. The bonus story is a prequel to the main story, but both stand on their own. It is equally well done. I enjoyed the story, and actually think the adventure had a bit more challenge. This review is based on the merits of this game. Compared to others, I would have to rate it better than many. It was a pleasant way to spend several hours. September 21, 2012
MIXED EMOTIONS ABOUT THIS GAME Forget about the way Little Red Riding Hood looked in your childhood 'cause this ain't it! LOL On to the review: HOS-Clear, large, bright, fragmented only, repeated, only get one object, look for silver/gold items, emblems and colored gems. Animation and VOs-Not often throughout the game. Most of your time will be spent looking for items from scene to scene Puzzles-Usual variety with the option to skip; Think one puzzle said trial and error Hint-Quick to recharge and acts as a guide Map-Doesn't work; go with Hint button for direction Misclick Penalty-Cursor turns into a purple ball Look for Cursed Morphing Objects for extra hints; I missed a few of these. Don't like morphing so I didn't pay attention Wolf Queen-She is a sight to behold LOL Love her hairstyle! There is a lot of jumping from scene to scene Fantasy/Save the Kingdom storyline. Would rather play games in the 21st century. :-D 3 Difficulty Modes-Casual (my favorite), Normal and Hard For HOPA fans, I do believe you will enjoy this game. October 11, 2012
Not the best Dark Parable, but still fun Maybe its my fault for having such high expectations after the previous Dark Parables, but this one was not as thrilling as the others. You get the usual Blue Tea signature assets, such as lavish graphics and well-suited music; however, unlike the previous episodes, this one departs way too much from the original fairytale. This episode is rather short, it is fortunate they added an extra story from another fairytale. I recommend it, but only to the Blue Tea fans and Dark Parable addicts. Now let's wait for the next episode, which is? (well, play the game until the end if you want to know, I'm not spoiling it here!) September 24, 2012
A sequel that can hold its own This review is based on completing the CE version, not the free trial version. I did not find the storyline as good as the Snow Queen or Blriar Rose, but it is as good as the Exiled Prince. I give this sequel a "Two Thumbs" Up. The storyline remains the same: you come along and save the world from utter destruction. But the graphics are superb. The FROGs #fragmented hidden objects games are plentiful. For me too many, but for my wife you couldn't have too many. I find this a marriage saver. I do the puzzles and she works the FROGs. Speaking of the puzzles, they are not too difficult and require a little thought. I play the game on the Hardcore mode and have found you can complete the game without the use of the startegy guide. Some things take a stretch to follow the logic when using an object. Again there are those pesky Morphing Objects to locate. They can be fun. We found ourselves holding off the final victory just to go back and locate the last Morphing Object. They did a good job with a couple of these. The music was the best part. It was off the charts and annoying. In fact, I actually left the speakers on. The conversation aspect of the game is a little cartoonish considering where some of the better games are today. But it didn't detract from the overall playing of the game. My issues wre not that great. I would have liked a interactive map that allowed me to jump from one point to another rather than having to back track all the time. I did find the map informative in locating where the palces of interest are. I must admit, I did not use the map for the basic game. I looked at it during the bonus game so I could comment on it. I am bad about not looking at the tutorial or maps. I just charge ahead and figure it out as I go. That is one reason I was back traking to get the Morphing Objects. I didn't realize they were part of the game until I stumbled across one later into the game. That is one of the liabilities of the "Darn (PC folks corrected the language#the torpedos, full stream ahead" approach to game playing. The bonus game is different that most in that it has its own storyline and is not dependent on the main game. Not to reveal too much, I am going out on a limb here. It was good to see Briar Rose. As it helped in a way to tie this game to the series since there is no Frog Prince. Bottom line: I would recommend this game and I enjoyed playing it. September 24, 2012
Great storyline, but.... The graphics and storyline is superb! But the one downfall I personally do not like as with some games in my collection is it's HOS, after HOS, after HOS. Take two steps-- HOS, HOS, HOS. Also there are very few challenges. April 15, 2014
Lovely graphics The visuals grab you instantly. Then the game play. February 16, 2013
it was fun and gothic ! It is very well designed, great story line, I got into it, great graphics, the puzzles are good. I thought I would not stay with it, but it got me ! October 21, 2012
A good addition to the Dark Parables series This a good, though not great, addition to the Dark Parables series. For the most part, it's well done, it just has a few flaws compared to the previous ones. However, it's still worthwhile and enjoyable game, provided you either like fragmented object hidden object games, or liked the previous games in this series. Much like the previous games, the graphics are beautiful, and the music is well done. This time, if the title doesn't give it away, the parable/fairy tale is Red Riding Hood, with the typical twists these games add to those stories. You are again the detective from the previous games, come to solve a mystery. It's fairly enjoyable, though not quite as much as the previous games. This one seemed a lot shorter than the previous ones. I was able to solve it within one day, playing on and off for about four hours. It's also easier than the previous games in the series, especially the mini-games within the bigger game. You can see some of the uniqueness from the previous games in them, but they aren't quite as clever and are definitely much easier. And, despite the fact that the artwork is still beautiful, the anime-like dressing of some of the sisters was a detractor. I don't remember anyone seeming quite as anime in previous games, but I felt a few of them would have been perfect in something like Sailor Moon with just some slight changes to their outfits. Sorry, but I have a hard time taking a sisterhood brought together to defend the land from mist wolves seriously when they're running around in big pigtails, tiny shorts/skirts, belly-baring bustiers/tops, and over-the knee boots. Sure, some of those could have been used without issue, but put them all together and it becomes a bit silly. Even given the issues, it's still a good game, especially if you're a fan of the previous ones. The bonus gameplay is also well done in that it brings a bit more depth to the story, but isn't necessarily a must play to understand the story. The other features with the CE are extra mini-games, artwork, and the other typical things that you tend to find with CEs these days. And just like the previous games, there are hints as to what the story for the next game in the series will be. Ultimately, this one may not be worth the CE to some, given the shorter length. (The bonus gameplay doesn't add much extra game time.) The previous games are certainly better. I hope the next one goes back to the excellence of those! But I'd still recommend the game, and if you're a big fan of the Dark Parables series (which I am), I'd also recommend going ahead with the CE version. September 26, 2012
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Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Collector's Edition

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