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Awakening: The Skyward Castle tells the tale of young Princess Sophia, who awakens from a magical century-long slumber into a land threatened by an ancient evil. Braving the dangers of an unfamiliar world, Princess Sophia has travelled far to discover the fate of her exiled kingdom. Having no magic of her own in a land built with living magic, she must overcome the many foes, perils and obstacles with her wit, skill and allies. Can Princess Sophia lift the curse that plagues her people? Find out in this epic conclusion!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 445 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Mild Blood
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Use of Alcohol
Awakening: The Skyward Castle


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Awakening: The Skyward Castle

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Awakening: The Skyward Castle 4.1 5 80 80
Puzzles I have the series of these games. I found the first 3 to be very good, with Moonfell Woods being my favourite. However, this game was a little disappointing with the puzzles. Most of them are glyphs, some of them are extremely easy, but a lot of them are very frustrating. There are no clues as to how you are supposed to play them. I normally love the puzzles in games but these I passed on. Not like me! but they were just too mind boggling. Over all, I found the game to be visually great, but a bit choppy. October 8, 2012
Ugh! I thought a long while before deciding I should submit my review of this game. The short version: 7 1/2 hours of total frustration. Details: First, this game is VERY HARD. There are not good instructions for advancing the story and very little is logical or intuitive, and the hints and advice don't help. And because I play on a laptop, I had to exit out of the game every time I wanted to get help from the walk thru (which was almost ever scene). I like puzzle games, but these puzzles were just too hard. Some required a kind of mouse dexterity I don't have. Others I just never figured out what I was supposed to do to solve them. I got the impressions that there was a class of puzzles that had no logic in the solutions, just keep doing random things until it solved or skip. And skip I did - almost every puzzle after the first chapter. I skipped a lot because I just could not figure out what the object was. I also skipped many that I simply could not solve after many minutes, attempts and resets. I don't usually complain about this, but there was way too much aimless back and forth that did not add to the story. I also found the map really unhelpful, because you had to know the name of the location where you had to go in order to use it. The journal is pretty useless too, often updating after you've already figured out the information that should be there to help. And the Johnny Depp pirate?? PLEASE, NO, take it back! Overall, a very unpleasant experience, but since I had the walk thru, I had to finish it. Please make Sunhook Spire better. Oh, yes, the graphics and sound are quite wonderful and beautiful, but they don't make up for the horrible play. November 16, 2013
I Should Have Known Better. I'm not a big fan of past BOOM-ZAP games, and despite that, this one, for the meager 18 minute trial I got, seemed better than their usual offerings, so silly me, I bought it. To clarify my "poor" rating for Level of Challenge, typical of all task-driven HOGs by these creators, most of the tasks are disjointed, incredibly out of any order, impossible to figure out where to go next, and most times downright frustrating. I swear they use Excel spreadsheets and highlighters to keep track of everything while they're mashing it all together. Coupling that with too many really vague or pointless mini games at every turn means I won't be finishing this game any time soon, if ever. Very disappointing. October 7, 2012
Too Repetitive The story and music are good but the characters you meet are too random and the game just goes on and on. Also if I see those darn ruin symbols in another puzzle I'll lose my mind, it felt like doing home work. The story's nice but not fun to play. Save yourself the time and money, just ask someone what happens. September 30, 2012
Not a fan This wasn't a very good game. Most of the challenges didn't make sense and a lot of the mini games were hard as what they asked you to do made little or no sense. Not a fan of this one and quit after a while as I just couldn't handle it anymore. January 3, 2013
Worst Game Yet My favorite BF games are the HOGs. I wasted time and money on this game that other people obviously love. I finally gave up on it and deleted it without finishing because I really hated all of the minigames. I know now not to try any of the other awakening games. November 8, 2012
Worst of the three I honestly tried to like this one as much as the other two, but the strategy guide in this CE is useless as far explaining some of the new puzzles. That is my largest complaint. I had to just skip most of the new type puzzles, just too little info to go on to try to solve some of them. I had to wait until the SE and walkthrough came out to see how to solve puzzles that stumped me. I really did not enjoy this one. It was just frustrating. October 1, 2012
Kitty's Thoughts: The First Hour of Play is the Best part of the game. Hello, this is kitty, and I just beat this game. However, I had to say.... I was highly disappointed in this game. The start out was good, when you actually reached skyward castle, and you had to recover your alicorn or unicorn in the story. However, you encounter dreadmire who appears and causes destruction in the skyward land. You had to save people who were turned to stone, and at the same time find your parents that you've hadn't seen in a 100 years. So far soo good right, Well, that's what you get for the first hour. However, the interest doesn't really hold itself much with the gameplay. As I will explain each part. First the story line, I had to say, out of all the previous games, the story line seemed interesting at first. Believe me, it does start out really good. However..., the story tends to drag more as you go through the story. I even felt like when you get to one bit, it felt like the developers was just trying to drag on the story when all you want to do is finish the story. You feel like you are getting closer to the climax when all of the sudden... oh great more repetitive stuff to drag on the story. Which is my next bit... The challenge I marked at the lowest... not because it is easy.... it's because it has unbalanced puzzles with some that don't even give you better instructions on how to solve it. Which was the biggest issue in their past games. I am shocked that even up to now that they did not fix that issue about the puzzles. For example. I probably would like the patch puzzle enough if the first puzzle give you a simple diagram on what the numbers tell you. Do not be ashamed to look at a walkthrough because you'll be depending on it on most of the puzzles because the owl is completely useless. If that's not bad enough, you might find a problem with the puzzles. There's also no balance between the puzzles that take you hours to solve verses the puzzles that give you a break from those. Sooner or later, you'll get to the point that you don't even care to solve the puzzle because they throw at you a bunch of time wasting puzzles along the way. The worst part is that they keep repeating them in different ways. The only positive thing is the looks. I mean this game looks awesome and is unchanged from the last few games. As always, it feels like you're going through a nice picture book. However, the last thing I would like to talk about is the fun factor. The game would seem fun at the first hour. I mean I was pulled in and brought the game. However, when I got to the mid point I realized how much the game is not giving you much direction on what you need to do. In time, you might start depending on the owl. If it gets really bad, than the walk through. By all means, do not feel ashamed to use a walkthrough if you're a person with a life. Overall, for a kid with a lot of time may find this game fun, but if you're an adult and you only got limited time to play everyday.... this game is not for you. Avoid it at all cost because you will not have fun. If you want to play an awakening game that fits your needs. Play Dreamless castle or Moonfell Wood. Those are the best games that fit your needs. Goblin Kingdom is iffy, it has similar issues like this game, but it's not as bad. You might slide with Goblin Kingdom. It Sad because I really want to like this series. However, I won't delete this game because it was my free one. Overall, I would not recommend this game, and I believe this would probably be my last buy. I might as well save my money for the Dark Parable series. The ones that did it right. Overall, Kitty Out! June 1, 2013
Very sad how low this series has sunk! UGH! As a fan of the Awakening series, I cannot believe how boring this game was. This series has steadily gone downhill. As others have said, the game starts out great. At the beginning I gave it an "A+ 3 star" rating (my highest and equivalent to a 5 star here). But like other games I have played recently, it seemed that the majority of the development went into the demo portion of the game and the remainder was a bust. It slid very quickly to "A" and then to "F". What I liked: ? Fast HINT recharge. ? Beautiful graphics. ? Self-contained chapters. What I hated (almost everything else): ? WAY TOO MANY puzzles! This game should be classified as a puzzle game rather than a hidden object. At some places (seemed like most), every other thing to do was a puzzle. ? WAY TOO MANY repeating puzzles. Same puzzle, different colors / symbols / etc. ? Some puzzle movements were difficult to execute. ? Having to click YES after clicking SKIP on puzzles. ? Poor puzzle instructions. Walkthrough explanation was much, MUCH better. ? SKIP button took WAY TOO LONG to fill. I wasted a LOT of time waiting on the SKIP button. ? Voice-overs in the beginning seemed fine but as the game progressed, they seemed to get really slow and unemotional. ? HINT was not always that helpful. Sometimes the item I needed to complete it was not in my inventory and/or I had not ?discovered? that I needed to do what it said I should. ? Interactive map had foreign symbols for the names of the rooms so it was necessary to mouse over the room to see the actual name. It also didn?t show active areas. ? Changing scenes (especially going to pop-ups) was sluggish. ? Pocket dragon was overused and for many illogical tasks. Would not have thought to use many times except for a walkthrough. ? Information displayed was often too fast to read so had to repeat actions to redisplay. ? Some hot spots were very difficult to find. ? I don?t mind thinking ?outside the box? but a lot of the stuff in this game was downright ridiculous and extremely illogical. ? Beginning of story was good but went steadily downhill. I got to the point where I skipped everything I could just to get through the game. ? Some of the HOS I was hoping for a SKIP to skip the whole thing. And toward the end of the game, I just clicked everywhere... not so much because I hated the HOS but because I just wanted the game to end. My LEVEL OF CHALLENGE was low because if you don't have a lot of patience to wade through all the puzzles or wait on the SKIP, you'll hate this game. BUYER BEWARE! Do not take the demo as an indication of what the rest of the game is like. January 30, 2014
Don't waste your time with this one. Totally illogical, mostly annoying. Useless map. A lot of back and forth with nonsensical tasks. I was determined to finish it only because I bought it based on other's reviews. Sorry I did and it took three days to complete because I was so disgusted with the whole thing. I am very disappointed in this game. September 22, 2013
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Awakening: The Skyward Castle

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