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Awakening: The Skyward Castle tells the tale of young Princess Sophia, who awakens from a magical century-long slumber into a land threatened by an ancient evil. Braving the dangers of an unfamiliar world, Princess Sophia has travelled far to discover the fate of her exiled kingdom. Having no magic of her own in a land built with living magic, she must overcome the many foes, perils and obstacles with her wit, skill and allies. Can Princess Sophia lift the curse that plagues her people? Find out in this epic conclusion!

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Awakening: The Skyward Castle


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Awakening: The Skyward Castle

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Awakening: The Skyward Castle 4.1 5 80 80
Very appealing and delightful epilogue !! I repeat here the review of the CE, which I bought as soon as I finished the free trial. The final chapter of the story of Princess Sophia in the search for his family and his people If you played the others "Awakening", you will love this too. Outstanding graphics, very cute and colorful. Excellent story, great music and VO, gorgeous locations, many great characters. Developers maintained the high quality at all "awakening." Game very interactive, including the HOS, and even where you have to find several of the same object, like 12 switches, or pairs that complet each other, are interactive. Several mini games, some known, others new. Again hint is the owl and we have the help of the dragon! They are very welcome! A game that includes adventure, HOS, enjoyment and holds interest from beginning to end! For those who like to have the SG and play the bonus, I recommend the CE. Highly recommended September 28, 2012
Heavy on the puzzles, medium on the adventure, light on the HOS *SE players may feel that they know where the plot would be going in the CE version as there is a couple of loose ends but don?t worry. The bonus in the CE play did nothing to address it, it was a completely separate storyline# (and also the worst ending I remember in a game). The ending to the SE isn?t 100% tied up and is set up for a sequel even though this is supposed to be the last in the series. * see end for more info. Excellent game from boomzap, and I think the best in the series. If you are really into plot it?s best to play the series as this isn?t a stand alone game. It does give you some recaps so you aren?t lost re plot if you haven?t played the others. For those that love a lot of straight HOS this is not your game. I?d class this as a puzzle with adventure with a few varied type of HOS game (in that order). There are not a lot of HOS even the varied type, so this will either please you like me, or you will be disappointed. If you hate puzzles then this game isn?t for you. There are 3 choice of play settings and you can?t change them once you start and the hardest is hard ? no transporter map tips, no instructions to puzzles and no skip on puzzle but you do get a hint button. I rate this a 5/5 hardness if you play on the hardest setting (3/5 if on middle) The difference in hardness between middle and the hardest setting is HUGE due to the tips on transporter map on middle setting. What I love about this game is that the transporter map is completely new each chapter. You don?t go back into old areas ? each chapter is completely different setting. Also you don?t repeat any HOS. Thank you for both these things, it?s rare and it takes a lot more effort on the part of the DEV to do this. I give the following numbers so you can see for yourself the ratio to see if it's for you or not. HIDDEN OBJECTS SCENES (HOS) ? 20 8 list, 7 find ?x? amount of same item, 3 find ?pic? (ie runes) in the scene, 1 find pairs, 1 find silhouette. There is a random click penalty, they are all (bar one) very highly interactive on all the different types. There are no junk piles, no repeating of HOS. But even though there aren?t many most of them took a long time to do as there were very interactive. They are not sharp due to the type of graphics and some were hard to find due to blendness and a couple of tiny items. PUZZLES ? (numbers are very roughly as I didn?t have a skip button, it was hard to judge what was a puzzle) ? 67 in main game!! Puzzle lovers you will adore this game. Others don?t be put off as a lot of these are done in way under a minute and a fair few are super easy. What is ingenious as those of us who love a bit more of a challenge gets it by trying to work out what the puzzle is (if play on hardest setting). Some puzzles were easy but I thought they were a different type, so that was good. They were some original, a few were repeated and a theme in this game is runes. Boomzap always gives us a lot of puzzles that are far too easy and I wish the majority of them were harder. CHAPTER BREAKDOWN OF PUZZLES AND HOS Chapter 1 - HOS 6, puzzles 12 Chapter 2 ? HOS 7, puzzles 23 Chapter 3 ? HOS 5, puzzles 20 Chapter 4 ? HOS 2, puzzles 12 CONS ? -Journal sparkles -Transporter map could have been clearer and not have names in rune. -Some puzzles were repeated. -I did not like the ending in main game this SE version (although it was a LOT better than the ending to the bonus in the CE verison!) The main game was left like the others in the series it did not feel like a tied up conclusion to it. Either this is the end to the series or it?s not! If interested this is what is in the CE that is not in this SE version BONUS EXTRAS? SG Bonus play Achievements All cutscenes in game (15? + 2 in bonus) 7 wallpaper 6 music (soundtrack to game) 6 concept art 19 nonogram ? once you do one the next is unlocked #Bonus play seemed to be the first chapter in a new series (although this game is supposed to be the conlusion) and it says that in the next game it will be about the loose end that is left at the end of this SE game but in the bonus this wasn't addressed or talked about etc so believe me - you are not missing out on anything! Main game (SE) took me 7hrs 20 mins (official time) on hardest setting, I take my time and I?m not a fast player. If you will skip the puzzles, use hints/walkthrough or don?t play on the hardest setting it will be shorter. September 28, 2012
A Truly Beautiful Game I bought Moonfell yesterday-haven't had the chance to play it yet but still had to demo Skyward. What gorgeous artwork! I didn't get too far in the demo because I was so enthralled with the artwork and took alot of time just soaking it in. The music is lovely too. In the first HOS I kept clicking the unicorn so I could hear him nickering over and over-it was delightful. Even though I didn't get far I still played quite a few puzzles so seems there are alot of puzzles in this game-hooray. They're fun too with just the right amount of challenge for me. There's an excellent hint system and it refills fast. Items are used fairly quickly so no buildup in the inventory up to the point I played. There's an interactive map-most welcome however the map could be better defined. That's really a small negative though and does not detract from enjoyment of the game. This is a definite buy for me on the 1st, when I start my new punchcard, and I recommend it for everyone who wants an enchanting, relaxing gaming experience. Looks like I'm going to have to get the other two games in the series too since Moonfell and Skyward are so good. September 28, 2012
Terrific Sequel! I bought this game in the Collector's Edition version when it came out. It is extremely fun. Awakening: The Skyward Castle is a hidden object/adventure game that takes you back into the story of Princess Sophia, and the obstacles she must overcome to return to her home and people. I love this series of games. This game picks up right where the last one left off, in the storyline of Princess Sophia's journey back to her land. There are achievements, as in the earlier games. The artwork and music are quite beautiful, the games are fun, and the story is quite engaging. The hidden object scenes are interactive on this one, and are very enjoyable. The puzzles are entertaining, but not difficult. I played on medium difficulty, and finished the main game (which is the SE version) in around 4 - 4 1/2 hours, which is lengthy for me. The game was quite fun, and I do recommend taking considering the Collector's Edition. I got over an hour of extra play on the bonus game in the Collector's Edition version. It is not needed, however, to finish the story, like some games. The standard edition of Awakening: The Skyward Castle is complete on its own. September 28, 2012
As Always, An Enchanting Game..... I bought the CE version of this game when it first came out and although I was a bit disappointed with the ending as well as with the bonus game, the hours spent on this sequel was great fun. The Awakenings Series ihas always been a favorite of mine and I enjoyed Sophie' s adventures along with her companions. In this last leg of her journey, Princess Sopie is on the mission to find her missing people and battle wits with her evil foe, the Dreadmyre. As a CE version, this game came with all the Bells and Whistles; terrific Graphics , stunning artwork, voice-overs and a list of achievements to complete as well as mini-games. However like I said, I was disapointed with the Bonus game so for those who opted to wait for the Standard Edition, no really big losses there unless you enjoy the extras. Game options include three game modes and Game features include a journal with a list of goals, a trusty owl companion who acts as hint and guide and a pocket dragon who gives you the power to burn. There is an interactive map for fast-travel and a question mark on the bottom left that when clicked on, will give you directions as where to go and what to do. This is an addition help system other than the hint button so with this, who really needs a Strategy Guide. The game was an excellent HOPA, lots of adventure elements with HO scenes where you either find listed objects that are interactive, or pair off items as well. There are mini-games which were relatively easy to play but they did get more complex as you moved on and as always, were creative. This is one of those games that has re-play value, a game that gives you hours of good story telling and fun game play and seeing the SE version, I will go ahead and use a left over credit to purchase. September 28, 2012
awakening the skyward castle been waiting for another awakening game and this one didnt dissapoint,there is a map so u can jump from one place to another.hint soon fills up. quite a lot going on as for the length not sure yet as i am still playing it after 2 days and only on chapter 2 overall well worth buying, September 29, 2012
UNFORTUNATE END TO THE SERIES Princess Sophia, our adorable pocket dragon, and our most helpful owl make their last appearance. We also have an interactive map and a lot of things to do, plenty of HOS and puzzles (some quite unique). It is, unfortunately, the conclusion of this lovely series. What's not to like! The artwork again is very picturesque and beautifully drawn, the narrator pleasant to listen to, the story's appealing and the music very relaxing after a stressful day. This is a pleasant, creative and enchanting series and this final episode measures up the other three. September 28, 2012
Another Winner I was delighted to see yet another 'Awakening' game and it makes me wonder how the Devs are able to keep such a high consistency of challenge. Well done Devs & BFG. The visual quality is, as always, terrific and pleasing to the eye. I don't use sound and therefore cannot comment. I enjoy the challenges in each stage ... there isn't time to be bored. I bought it before I'd completed the trial(as I knew I would). Keep up the good work Devs... it's a sad day when there are no more 'Awakenings'. I certainly recommend this game to all level of players. September 28, 2012
Sophia is the champion! The series continues and now ends (Although it didn't seem to have an ending in the regular game SE version which is what I always buy. ) Again, the game play, graphics, voice overs (Can we say, "Jack Sparrow"?) were all as delightful as in the other games in the series. The game had a good amount of time. It took quite awhile to finish this game. It said 9 hours +, but I often forgot to pause the game when I walk away to do something. Repetitive in several of the mini games. I did like the variety of games they put in, but some of them tend to become annoying after awhile. There was one game I had no idea what they wanted me to do. I had to go to the walkthrough and read what it was. I solved it in like a minute once I knew what it was that they were requesting. Perhaps, looking back on it, I should have easily figured it out, but that was not the case here. I never use a "skip" on the mini games. I enjoyed the fact that the game was not "swimming" in HOG and that they were not repeated! Loved that feature! The "bad guy" appears, but not for very long at any one time. So, the story remains light. I so love that! My daughter is able to play it and I don't have to worry about the darkness of it! I tend to prefer these adventure games vs the HOG. There is more thinking involved. I will be looking for more games by Boomzap. They are great adventures, lots of play time with a good variety of mini games and a little bit of thinking thrown in! February 5, 2013
Loved this game I really enjoyed this game. Part of that is because it was a very long game, and you got plenty of game play for the purchase price. I purchased the standard version, so that is saying a lot. This game leans much more heavily to the adventure and puzzle side than to the HO side. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much, but those who particularly like HO games should be warned. The game is fairly complicated and some puzzles are challenging. I played in the intermediate mode, and had to consult a walkthrough 2-3 times during the game. Most of the time, it turned out that I had missed picking up a game piece at some location, so keep your eyes peeled while playing. For the most part, the map that comes with the game (as well as the occasional use of the hint command) is enough to keep you moving forward. The visuals are very nicely done, and I enjoyed the various characters during the game. Definitely recommended. June 20, 2013
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Awakening: The Skyward Castle

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