Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition

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Every night you have the same nightmare. You see children wandering through a maze, crying for help. These sleepless nights are ruining your waking life. To stop them, you must return to Sullivan River Summer Camp to uncover what happened during that long-forgotten summer. Beware though, this camp isn't all that it seems. With every step, you can feel eyes watching you. Reveal the secret of the ancient labyrinth in this eerie Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Bonus gameplay
  • Full soundtrack
  • Wallpapers and concept art
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 879 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition

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Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition

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Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition 4 5 79 79
A 3.5 on my scale...Review of Completed Game I rate this game 3.5 out of 5 stars but I won't round up to 4 stars and here is why.... When this game first started, I was intrigued...a run down summer camp a lot like my favorite horror movie...Friday the 13th...and it was just a creepy new setting we don't see in a lot of other games. It started out with a person (you) going back to the summer camp to figure out why you are having bad dreams that relate to the place and then realize you need to save some children whose souls are being held in a labyrinth by an evil tree dryad who has possessed all the trees in the area and they try to block your path among other things to keep you away from the labyrinth and her secrets.... As this game progresses however, the plot becomes more and more disjointed. I longed more for a creepy summer camp then learning about a possessed labyrinth and weird tree people especially when children's ghosts started talking to me. The plot kind of fell apart in the main game. This game has an ending but its short and cuts off rather abruptly. You get to save the children BUT the bonus chapter goes more into detail about how it happened and how you save them completely. Since the whole main game mentioned this labyrinth special world, I felt cheated that I spent hardly anytime there whereas in the bonus chapter, you spend your whole time learning more about the labyrinth and the characters involved. I in turn liked the bonus chapter more than I liked the main game. On a imac desktop 10.6.8, it had full screen, no black bars. I played on the hardest difficulty level which said had no hints or black bar tips and no skips on games. There were no skips on games BUT still had hints and black bar tips...The puzzles I could all easily solve either with guidance from the strategy guide or without BUT the bonus chapter is why I rated this game so high. Otherwise, I would have given it 2.5 stars and really focused on the fact the main game fizzled out but the bonus chapter saved it... In this case, Id recommend the CE because of the bonus game but not the SE because it will leave out the best parts... December 12, 2012
Could have been better After working my way through all of the challenges. The ending was really lame. The maze doesn't come until the end of the game. I was expecting to spend more time wandering through the maze struggling to find and release the children. Warning: This review was submitted by a 73 year old curmudgeon. :-( December 31, 2012
Fun for Some Liked the audio thats how I fell into purchasing it. Then I found real characters instead of 3D as well as the hidden objects where annoying. The 2 step objects are usually highlighted but in this game not all were. So I spent more time clicking then doing. It just didn't turn out to be the kind of game I keep waiting for. To FLAT, more kid's style. October 1, 2012
Campfire ghost story This game reminds me of the horror stories told around the campfire when I was a kid. Once you've played an hour or so, the storyline becomes predictable. Good strategy guide, but not really necessary, because the game isn't that difficult. Live actors used for the ghosts, but the most evil tree is a little too cartoony. Good vocals. Very good ambient sounds. Sad music. Graphics are grainy in HOS, but the cut scenes have great graphics. Some of the puzzles are new, others are standard. November 18, 2012
Meh.... Big Fish Games is my go to for a mental get-a-way, so when I invest approx. $14.00 in a game I, myself want to be invested. This doesn't occur with Sable Maze. It's far to easy, even on 'Hard' mode. It wasn't challenging or exciting. I just wanted to get through it, be done, so I could move on. October 13, 2012
Just a so so game While others raved I expected it to knock my socks off. I played in Casual mode. It's a good game but nothing exciting and new in the trial. Positives: no penalty for over clicking in HOs, Hint button charges quickly and points where you need to go, the skip button in puzzles charges very quickly I'm still waiting for more games like Mystery Case Files 13th skull where real people talk to you, give you clues about how to help them before they will help you. October 2, 2012
Boring to death This game is just simply average. It does not feature anything new. The story line is boring to death. The game environment is way too small. Anymations are questionable so the sound FX. I did not even bother playing the bonus chapter. C+ is a fair rating. November 22, 2012
fun but not woth the CE edition i found this game very fun but it was not anything of what i thought it would be first of all it only had about 20 hidden object scenes and it did not last as long as i thought it would in about 17 hour i beat it overall it was a ok game October 6, 2012
Don't know I really can't say much about this game but It has a good story line and that is about it I have been playing for about 20 min and I can't play it any more cause the game its self is lame. I wished I haven't spent my money on it Its is not worth it save your dime. October 2, 2012
Sable Maze: Sullivan River I feel this game deserves a better rating, but I cannot give it one myself. :/ My experience with what looked to be a spooky, promising hidden-object game was severely marred by just how exasperating gameplay turned out to be; and even if it weren't for that, the plot itself was kind Thus my possibly disjointed or inaccurate summary, as I wasn't even sure what was going on! Plot: You've begun having traumatic memories of something horrific that happened at a camp you stayed at as a child. Your therapist suggests you return to the camp to figure out the mystery behind a group of children who went missing--the source of your traumatic memories. Once there, you discover the ghosts of the children, pleading with you to help them escape a strange creature which has captured them. What is this being's interest in these children, and what is its connection to a mysterious Celtic labyrinth on the campgrounds? Okay, firstly, the exasperating gameplay. Even on casual/easy mode this game isn't very intuitive, and I was often left wondering what to do next. But even that could've been tolerable had it not been for the minigames. ALMOST EVERY minigame was of the "Put all the items in their correct places" type, where moving one item ends up moving all of them, so once you have one item in its place, everything else you've arranged is again out of place. So frustrating! After struggling through a few, I ended up turning to the integrated strategy guide the moment I was confronted with such games, resigned to cheating my way through them...unfortunately, some of the games are random, so even looking at the guide can't help you, and you have to either solve them or skip them--the latter meaning you forfeit gaining an achievement. Speaking of achievements, the game cheated me out of one! There's one for finding three objects in a hidden-object scene within three seconds. I accomplished that repeatedly--but never earned the achievement. And even the hidden-object scenes were frustrating. It said that items listed in one color were in plain sight, whereas those listed in another color needed an action performed on them or were hidden from view--yet repeatedly, there were items listed as being in plain sight which were NOT in plain sight, and/or needed an action performed on them first! Plus, sometimes the #system# cursor turned to a hand in such scenes--indicating an interactive area--but other times it didn't change, and I had to click around at random before happening upon an interactive spot--thus forfeiting the "No misclicks" achievement. AGGHH!! Now, the plot. The reason I bought the game was the plot seemed so mysterious and intriguing--a long-lost Celtic labyrinth and its hold over the main character's past. But in the game, the plot just fell apart and made little sense. Firstly, the entire deal with the main character's trauma and memories was highly glossed over--after the intro with the therapist, not much else was brought up about how it had affected him/her. #Even the deal with all the missing kids is treated like, "Meh."# Secondly, there was a lot of emphasis placed on one of the missing kids being bullied by the others, and his connection to another lost boy, *and* his crush on the camp nurse, AND the nurse's relationship with the camp counselor#?#, AND! the nurse's connection to another female character...yet none of that was ever adequately addressed; so why was it all brought up? Thirdly and most annoyingly was the labyrinth itself. Based on the dialect and accents of the characters, I'd guess the story is set somewhere in what's the deal with this ancient Celtic labyrinth being hidden upon the campgrounds? How did it get there? No explanation is ever given. Even the characters seem blase about this and never question its presence. This lack of detail was beyond strange, and I hope it doesn't overly mar my experience with the sequel. The artwork, cutscenes, and environments were gorgeous #unlike other reviewers, the little fireflies/butterflies and whatnot didn't bother me at all#, and in fact are the reason I regret having to give the game such a low rating. Hopefully, somebody with a fondness for frustrating minigames, and an ability to overlook the muddled plot, can gain more enjoyment out of the game than I for me, I'd often find myself logging in, playing for a few minutes only, then logging out again in irritation and finding something more fun to play instead. I was glad to get this one over with...and kind of leery of starting the sequel. :/ The Collector's Edition of the game includes wallpapers #alas, they usually choose the gloomiest shots#, concept art, an integrated strategy guide, music clips, and a bonus chapter; the bonus chapter continues the plot from the main game so it might be in a gamer's best interest to invest in the CE as it ties up a few loose ends. I can neither recommend nor not recommend this game, but will err on the side of recommending it, if only because of the great graphics and interesting storyline...however muddled it is. There is a second game in this series, "Sable Maze: Norwich Caves," which I plan to play's hoping it's not QUITE as much of a letdown as the first! I obtained my copy of "Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition" directly through Big Fish Games. The game folder takes up 855MB on my hard drive. I ran this game on Windows 7 with no problems. April 16, 2014
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Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition

Unearth your forgotten childhood memories to reveal the secret of the ancient labyrinth.

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