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Angelica Weaver, a detective on Chicago's Special Task Force, must use her renowned deductive skills to stop a present day killer. The only way for her to get ahead of this killer is to first identify a murderer who escaped justice over a hundred years ago. Angelica has the ability to connect with the dead. Through supersensory visions she is able to jump back and forth between crimes scenes on the streets of historic London and present-day Chicago where the victims reveal to her their final moments. Work with Angelica as she puzzles her way through the past and uses her insights to stop the pattern in the future in this hidden object puzzle adventure.

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Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can


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Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can

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Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can 4.4 5 60 60
Enjoy your weekend with Angelica !! I played the CE and now SE. I chose the SE since the only difference is the integrated SG. In SE also has the achievements, the collectible things, and even a bonus (unlocks a special unlimited HO play mode) if you find 40 badges (has 70 through the game). So I repeat here my review: Cutscene from the beginning is highly well made, like a movie! Walking through an empty city, you only hear the footsteps of Angelica. Suddenly, a man grabs a briefcase ... a car passes ... a noise ... and the city is in the past, with a chariot! It was a vision! Great game, very appealing, good level of challenge, specially some mini games that are new and difficult, as "stacking furniture" to reach the window. Others are less challenging, like "sudoku". Proper amount of interactive HOS, not very challenging. You have to collect 70 badges - I really like to collect things! Hint button fills slowly (it has 3 levels of difficulty - I played advanced) but has 52 dreamcatcher on the way to collect - and they are extra hints. In advanced mode you have to wait 5 minutes to skip mini games. Very good graphics, good VO (and on the menu you can choose "no VO") good sequence, several interesting and interactive locations . I loved that Veronica interacts with you! She shakes her head when you get useful objects, frightened by noises, wonders when you are lost, throws a dreamcatcher (hint) to indicate what to do. Not one hour of free trial, but it was enough to know that a game is unmissable Highly recommended for those who want to have great fun at the weekend! October 5, 2012
REFRESHINGLY UNIQUE STORY AND CHARACTER A unique and well-written story. Angelica Weaver is a visionary profiler who can be victim and killer simultaneously, currently investigating the murder of Andrew Chapman and trying to establish a connection with a murder she sees years earlier in London. This is an adventure game with a few clue-providing HOS and puzzles with a twist scattered throughout. Puzzles are sometimes incorporated with the HOS ? such as finding 20 pairs of matching shoes from the time period of the London murder, with some hidden in cupboards and under chairs. Angelica is the narrator (very pleasant to listen to). You start with only 3 hints but can earn more. The artwork is superb. The gameplay is challenging. A beautifully-crafted and polished story that is a joy to play. October 5, 2012
I Have Already Caught This And Added To My Collection Review Of Complete Game This is a HOPA (hidden object, puzzle, adventure). Definitely more on the adventure side and the screen also scrolls in some areas and while there is no map but does have arrows giving you direction on which way to go. I played in the hardest mode. The story: You take on the role of Angelica Weaver and find yourself traveling through time (present day Chicago and London 1888) in order to solve the mystery of the murders which becomes a cat and mouse game with a dangerous Killer. 3 play modes: Casual, Advance, Expert. There is a journal along with the goals down at the bottom. HOS (hidden object scenes) are interactive. Most found by word list. Items in blue are hidden from sight; items listed in green describe objects with a clue rather than just giving its name. There's also a few scenes find so many of an item or match up the pairs. HINT: Available by charge up only which is pretty slow only in the casual/advance modes you can find dream catchers to use for hints. This has been turned off for the expert mode. Also hint is helpful outside of the HOS as it will show arrows directing you exactly where to go and what to do from the inventory. Puzzles: Seemed to be very few at first but as I moved along more puzzles which ranged from very easy, some fun ones (and I'm not a fan of these) to some downright annoying like trying to move the pin ball along to unlock the chain on the door just to name one and the skip for puzzles in expert mode is 10 minutes. Casual is 3 minutes and advanced is 5 minutes. The SE version here you also collect badges to unlock an unlimited HO scenes at the end and these you will find everywhere and I do mean everywhere. My overall impression: I purchased the CE when that was released and don't regret doing so as it was worth it for me. Plus I don't mind extending my wallet to developers who put a lot of time/thought into their games such as this developer to keep encouraging them to bring me great games. The long cut scene which starts the game had me hooked right from the get go even with the bobble head lady character as it first she kinda annoyed me as well but the more I played she didn't bother me like some other game players. This cut scene especially along with some others in the game just excellent. Very well done here. The voice over and graphics are excellent for me as well. I also loved traveling through time present day Chicago and London 1888.. I also liked that while this has HOS and puzzles but more adventure and in the expert mode there were no black bar tips as it just brought up a wrench and I would have to figure out what to do, what inventory goes there but I'll admit I did get hung up a couple of times and also skipped a couple of the puzzles. I just thought the story was very well told, very intriguing and kept me well informed all the way, as to what is happening and how it is all piecing together. I really did feel like I had a satisfactory ending to the main game that is until I played the bonus chapter in the CE as I wasn't expecting that at all. For me and I do stress the FOR ME this is where the surprising true ending to the game really came. Game Length: For me this was a game I really took my time with and did not rush at all but I did use the hint a couple of times and skipped a couple of the puzzles. Main game was 6 hours for me. The bonus chapter was about 2 hours. Depending on your game play you may get more or less than this. Overall there was just way more I LOVED about this game and definitely outweighed a couple of annoyances so I can't help but give this 5 stars and it was also a long game for me that kept my interest as I played this pretty much straight through so I feel I definitely got my monies worth. Thanks Big Fish and developer for an excellent game here. I sure hope to see more like this one. This ROCKS! As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. October 5, 2012
This is one giant of a game! Absolutely top. I refrained from buying the CE because I had been fairly disappointed off late with these so-called Collector's Editions. Now, I have some regrets, because this game is really one giant of a game. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous... Angelica Weaver may easily be one of the most pretty characters ever digitally created and all the locations, decors, backgrounds are worked out in every detail, with beautiful colours and impecaable sharpness. The storyline of the game keeps you in suspense all along. You really have the feeling to conduct this investigation and the switches between current day Chicago and 19th centure London are fantastic. How about gameplay? You have no map, but you don't need one. The game is fairly linear, so you don't find yourself turning around and around in search of what to do next. Your notebook is usefull, as well as the hint button. I advise you to play in "advanced" mode and not in "expert" mode. In "advanced" mode, you have to search for dreamweavers in order to gain hints. I found this very amusing, because it is like a minigame within the game. Besides these dreamweavers, you have to look for sheriff's badges. When starting the game, the number of badges was 40 and when I found myself approaching this number rather quickly, I feared that the game would be over pretty soon. What a pleasant surprise to see that the counter of sheriff's badges to be found went up when I reached the first 40. There a re few HOS... they get repeated once, but are fairly easy to finish. I encountered some new minigames... not too difficult, but interesting. The greatest challenge resides in exploring the different scenes and finding out what to do with the items you find. I really recommend this game. It may not reach the same level as Syberia, but I sincerely hope this Angelica Weaver is the prequel to a long line of equally interesting games. October 5, 2012
Wow! Awesome Angelica Weaver! Review is based on the entire game (SE). Reviews based on the demo only are useless to me and should be avoided. How can you review an entire game based on just a small part of the game? This is probably the most enjoyable game I've played all year. Everything is just right in this one. Graphics are sharp and very realistic. The storyline totally dominates this adventure and is very well thought out and keeps you thinking all the way through. HOS are interactive and spaced out very well so that it does,not become annoying and the mini games range from easy to a bit difficult. This game feels like a murder/mystery adventure game all the way until the end and you feel like you are an active participant. You can tell a lot of thought went into this one. The cut scenes are realistic and extremely well done. I honestly can't believe that anyone would give this a bad review, but some people seem to find fault in the littlest things. I loved this game and if you like to think a little and not just go through the motions, you'll love this one. Thanks Bigfish! I hope we see more high quality games like this one. October 7, 2012
This made me Jump! I really enjoy these types of games, but especially when out of the blue they make you jump (maybe i should learn to play with speakers instead of headphones >.< ) Most of the puzzles aren't too difficult that you have to skip them, some HOS, but again not too many that you are inundated. This was just a review from the demo, but have just purchased the game so i can finish it :D The hints are good in the casual mode...if you need them...I am going to try this in the other modes just to see how far i can get.. October 5, 2012
Standard Edition is Remarkable! So Glad I didn't Buy the CE!! I agree with everyone who gave this game 5 Stars -- Graphics are awesome. Voiceovers are realistic. Not too many HO scenes. Puzzles are interesting and fun. The storyline is consistent and totally immerses you in gameplay. Honestly, I don't understand why people play these types of games if they don't like to read or follow a storyline. They should play something like "Mystery PI" or the "Escape From . . . " game series if they just want to find hidden objects and play simple puzzles. A few people hated the way Angelica sits at the bottom corner of the screen and reacts to everything around her. I thought this was a rather brilliant concept -- to try and put yourself, as Angelica, right into the game. I guess you have to like role playing to appreciate this feature. I highly recommend Catch Me When You Can for a refreshing and different way to spend a few hours! October 20, 2012
GET THIS GAME!!! But SE or CE? Let me help you decide. Played in two different cities at two different times with dramatic parallels drawn between the two, this is a very exciting game. Half the game is located in late 19th c. London and half in present-day Chicago. The protagonist, Angelica Weaver is able to "mind-port" from one time and place to the other. Angelica Weaver is the protagonist and absolutely the star. This isn't a "first person" game where you're you're pretending to be Angelica. Yes, you control the action, but this is a "third person" game: while guiding Angelica's actions, you watch her draw conclusions. To me, this makes the game a little more real than the make believe" games. Adding to the realism, Angelica has a very discernible midwest accent, (and, if I may say, a very clear midwestern sensibility. This adds to the feel of the story). When time travel is involved you know that you're in a total fantasy. This was treated as realistically as possible. As a result, the game is as believable as possible and the story line is SUPERB...especially as it juggles the different time and place settings. I don't want to ruin the story so I'll just say what becomes obvious early on: there's a killer who has plied his trade in both times and places. OR, is it a copycat???? The game features HOGs, Puzzles and something I can only describe as "challenges," adventures that are not puzzles but require accomplishment. Already this game is better than most because of the breadth and depth of challenge. One particular challenge took me at least 30 minutes to accomplish. DON'T LET THAT DISSUADE YOU: I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Yeah, it was hard. Yeah, it was frustrating. The longer I tried to "do it" the more adamant I was. I was going to beat it and not press "SKIP." I don't regret a minute spent on it. The HOGs were as good as, if not better than, others which I've played. The puzzles were better than most. The "Other" category is something I've never seen before and it is special. You'll know what I'm talking about when you play it. As for the "feel" of the game, or, the "set design," as I like to call it, it was excellent. I felt like I was in a Chicago neighborhood and I felt like I was in last-century London (or what I think last century London would be like). Every aspect of the game supported it. As a testament to how great the game is, the puzzles were "time-space" appropriate: you had to do things and solve puzzles which made sense for the era you were in at the time. I'm finding it's hard to do this review without revealing this seems a little spacey, I know...but the game is SO FUN and SO EXCITING that I don't want to take away a minute of the pleasure. Sorry. JUST TRUST ME. YOU WANT THIS GAME. The question is whether to buy the CE or the SE. With this dramatically reduced "Catch of the Week" price for the SE, I would jump on it! I bought the CE and I don't think it's worth the huge price difference with the special now available. Here's what you get for the extra $$$: a) A bonus chapter. It's not long. It's a surprise. I don't know if it really adds to the game. b) Achievements. Does this really mean anything? You're not entered into any Gamers Hall of Fame. You know what you've done. Personally, I think achievements are gimmicky. If you play the game well you'll get the achievements. If getting a "virtual trophy" for completing HOGs within a certain amount of time and without using hints is important, then, by all means.... It's a personal preference and not an important one for me. c) HERE'S THE ADDITION THAT MAY MAKE the CE WORTH IT: Collectibles. There are two. One is pure collectible, the other is tied to available instant hints. While not integral to the story line they absolutely add another level to the game and quite a bit of fun. Gathering the collectibles will cause you to flip the "be alert and watchful" switch. BUT: you will get to certain points of the game which, once completed, can't be revisited. If what you enjoy about collectibles is "getting them all," then once you miss one and can't return to the area, it's all over with anyway. UNLESS YOU START THE GAME OVER FROM THE BEGINNING. Determining the value of this feature will tell you which version to buy. If it were me and I could get SE at the special $2.99 price, I'd grab it in a heartbeat. ONLY AFTERWARD, if I loved the game enough to warrant it, would I spend the extra $13-$16 extra for the collectibles. d) An Integrated Strategy Guide. Definitely very helpful, but you can find walkthroughs without paying extra. e) Additional Skill Modes which, like most, give you options from "quite a bit" to "almost zero" in-game assistance. f) The usual "who cares" extras: Screen savers, Wallpaper and Unlimited Hidden Object Play." Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you get one of the versions of this game without a doubt. Make the choice based on the differences (and the only important difference is the collectibles). While I enjoyed them enough to play the game a second time after blowing them the first time, I would still jump on this special price. HEY I KNOW: download the CE, find out what the collectibles are and determine if they are worth it to you!!!!!! December 3, 2013
Firing on all 12 cylinders! This review is based on a complete playthrough of the game. I haven't given a game straight 5 stars since Fate's Carnival CE. This is a very different style of game, but it's just that good. The story is 100% tied up in the SE ending. THE GOOD: The graphics. A very 'realistic' feel, while staying away from trying to go 'photo' real. The bust of Angelica next to your inventory keeps moving as she makes different facial gestures or expressions. Sometimes she reacts to things you do. The music fit the game perfectly. No overbearing background music to turn off. Sound effects were done and timed as well as the voice overs. They solved the 'lip synching' issue by simply not showing her full face while she's talking. The character Angelica Weaver is brilliant. Think "Criminal Minds" meets "Dr. Who". You're a psychic criminal investigator. The focus is almost entirely on the investigative side with 'time travel' thrown in, though you do briefly meet two 'spirits' during the game. You have achievements to earn, some for getting things on the first try - so if you miss it it's gone (till your next replay). Others for completing the game with no hints or helps, or solving a puzzle 'efficiently'. You keep credit for ones already done when you replay. Collectible badges to find as well. The puzzles were creative and challenging. Some are variations on standards with a few that don't turn up very often. Enough challenge for me to work my brain without being over the top hard. HOS were clear and well lit: list type with some 'crossword puzzle' type clues and some things 'hiding'. You comment on some of the items you find (you're looking for clues, after all) even if they don't go into your inventory. Other parts of the list are random - so no simply memorizing the first scene to get the one minute achievement. THE BAD: No map. Personally, I found this to be a positive thing: you're an investigator, make your own; but I know I'm probably in the minority on that one. There wasn't a lot of senseless back and forth at any rate. Once you choose your difficulty level there's no changing it - even on a replay. If you want to try it harder/easier you have to make a new profile and start with a clean slate. Dreamweaver symbols over the HOS on the middle difficulty. There weren't that many scenes though, so it isn't as bad as it could've been. THE UGLY: In the beginning, and a few other places they do that 'wiggle' thing with the screen where the background moves a bit when you move your mouse. But it doesn't do anything: there's nothing to find hidden 'behind' things - it's just a 'feature' thrown in with no purpose, made worse because it doesn't even stay for very long into the game. BOTTOM LINE: A great game. It was plenty long, and felt 'complete' on its own. If you can live without the 'bling' and bonus chapter of the CE, this is a great mystery/adventure game (and my new current favorite, replacing Grim Tales: Bloody Mary). April 19, 2014
The Storyline I actually like the storyline on this game. Usually the storyline is boring or is so much like all of the rest of the games. I want to say so much more but if I say anything about it I may spoil for others. It's a very smooth running game no problems at all. The hidden objects scenes are not real easy but not extremely challenging. Would recommend this game to all who like HO's, storyline, and puzzle solving games. October 8, 2012
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