Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition

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Stop a devious conspiracy in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces! The entire town of Brightfield was evacuated after a series of bizarre animal attacks. Now, strange creatures roam the streets, danger lurks around every corner and you’ve just landed smack in the middle of it all. As you begin to investigate, you discover that the attacks may have been part of a whole series of crimes committed in town, all tracing back to an organization called the Four Aces. But just who are the Aces and what is their plan? With the help of your trusty canine companion, Elf, you must keep digging to get to the bottom of things. Good luck out there, Detective. You’re going to need it!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A bonus chapter that reveals the Four Aces' final plan!
  • Stunning wallpapers, screensavers and concept art
  • Downloadable music tracks
  • Integrated Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 854 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition

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Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition

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Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition 4.6 5 126 126
Worth Tracking... Any IHOG with 'Mystery Trackers' in its title usually tempts me to buy without trying, and this one doesn't disappoint. It's imaginative - includes very amusing morphing objects; as well has interactive hidden object scenes; a small dog which has incredible pester power #but does actually assist# and some novel puzzles. It's pretty busy. Hints are handy and informative. There's four levels from casual to outright ridiculous to choose from. I'm not usually one for story lines, but this one is a little on the scary side and so has pulled me in. Graphics are good but could be better imo. Anyway, I'm off to complete. October 11, 2012
Chimeras run Amuck in this HO/Adventure The Story: The town of Brightfield has been evacuated after a series of bizarre animal attacks. As the detective you are sent in to investigate but unusually low temperatures along with heavy snowfall have complicated the scene. Something else odd? weird animal hybrids seem to have run rampant over this town. Game: 8 Chapters + Bonus Chapter, Morphing Creatures game(?) and Bonus mini-games. Options: Casual ? relaxed, sparkles, fast hint Advanced ? longer Hint, no sparkles Hardcore ? no hint, no mini game skip, no sparkles Detective ? no hint, skips or sparkles and active areas are not indicated Hidden Object areas are crisp and clear, and have a little bit of puzzle mixed in ? Fun. You get a Mr. Toad for helpful advice and he will definitely indicate what needs to happen next if needed, there is an audio diary that can be activated via the map; and the map which can be used for navigation will show the player location, objectives, blocked areas, and current tasks. You get a dog named Elf who can be a helpful buddy if you need digging in the snow, and extra bonus hints can be achieved by finding morphing chimeras throughout the game. Mini-games I encountered are properly challenging, but not mind-numbing. First few were a Tangram type puzzle where you have to fit blocks into a square, a circular puzzle game where you have to rotate and push pieces toward the center to create a sun, and a slider puzzle where you have to use strategy to slide suitcases across a grid so that they all hit their mark correctly. Honestly, I was not even finished evaluating the game for this review when my time was up. Yes, I?m buying it. October 11, 2012
Based on full CE game I don't like having live actors (they just look cheesy in a drawn world), for some reason I don't like being addressed as "detective," and the super-dramatic music gets old. Ok, so there ends my pathetic attempt to find something wrong with this game. The story is absolutely enthralling and believable, despite its mythic quality. It comes to a satisfying ending in the main game. The bonus game has you going through a few of the same locales from the main game (there is no new area). It is also it's own story, of descent length and quality, but it gives you a little taste of what the next Mystery Trackers will look like (squee!). There are 4 levels of game play: the traditional 3 (fast hint, slow hint, no hint), and a "detective" mode in which the cursor doesn't change for active areas. You can switch modes mid-game. You can adjust the volume of the sound effects, music, environment, and voice over. You can also adjust the lighting if you find things too gloomy, though I didn't have this problem. There are no achievements (pout). There are a few morphing creatures and you can look through the ones you've found and read a quick zoological description. You also have a dog, Elf, who helps you through out the game, and you can buy him things with coins you collect. He will play with them and it is rather adorable. Personally, I would have preferred to find tons of individual coins, rather than a few individuals and several large stashes (like clovers in midnight mysteries). The Elf feature is, I believe, a development from the cat in The Wishes and the office in Noise. HOSs are of the traditional variety. You get a list of objects to find and some of those objects require an extra step. You end up keeping one object for each scene. You do not revisit scenes. I did not notice a clicking penalty. I can't comment much on the strategy guide as I never needed it, but it does include a menu of all the chapters and I assume that it is as thorough as any other SG. There is a map which you can use to jump to any place you have already discovered. It will also show you places to go for the "current task". I didn't use this because the layout of the game was fairly linear. I didn't get lost and it was fairly easy to back track a bit if I was unsure of what to do next. I like doing this because it makes the game feel a bit more real to me. The graphics are superb! They reminded me of Raincliff (which despite this game's quality is still my favorite in this series) because 4Aces is set in winter and there is a light snow falling. The locations were as beautiful as could be expected, considering that the town is abandoned and rapidly decaying. You can't click through the cutscenes, which is unfortunate because I am a fast reader, but the voice overs were fairly well done, though they were a bit melodramatic. Overall, this was a wonderful little excursus from the real world! It's totally worth the CE price, though I think you will be satisfied if you decide to wait on the SE. Whatever you do, don't pass this one up! October 13, 2012
Best Mystery Trackers yet Elephant Games set a particular standard in interactive story-driven HOPAs and previous players begin each new tale with certain (rather high) expectations. In Four Aces, the developers have once again produced a quality game to satisfy fans but also offer enough "tiny extras" to stay on top of their field and delight players with an excellent adventure. This review is based on the demo (which I didn't complete). Basics: - set in an abandoned town (oh dear) but very well done, with strange animals (both mythical and extinct) running around - excellent cinematics and frequent interspersion of well-integrated cut-scenes to progress the story - 4 difficulty modes which can be adjusted during play. I played on the second mode. - artwork is similar to Raincliffe (i.e. awesome) - lovely animations and other details such as clear labels on paths you can take - "extra clues" - a dog companion called "Elf" who is a persistent inventory item and can be used to solve various tasks - collect special coins to upgrade Elf's home Other settings: - 4 volume controls - custom cursor - fullscreen/widescreen - special effects on/off - GAMMA !! (love this option but didn't need it) Hidden object scenes: - interactive in a fun way that doesn't feel forced and fits the setting. Puzzles: - creative, easy to learn, take a little long to solve in my opinion but overall well done Map: - interactive, hover to see mini-views of the location, offers descriptions of the task that can be completed (if you find an inventory item in a different location) and instant-teleport Strategy guide - did not view as I was able to get by on hints when stumped. MT games are always a very decent length. Hints: - Let you know exactly where to look, what to try, and have a touch of personality. Very useful. Overall this game is a winner. It promises to be long and involving and I'd recommend playing it when you have a solid block of time to sit and sink your teeth into it. I'm a little disappointed at the setting, although beautifully done, but it suits the Mystery Trackers series. October 11, 2012
Back on Track - A Guy's Review *review based on completing the game in advanced mode + bonus chapter* This is the 4th installment in the Mystery Trackers series. I played them in sequence. After thoroughly enjoying the first two games of the series (The Void and Raincliff) i got a bit disappointed in the third (Black Isle). Therefore I did not know what to expect in this one. I can say right off the bat that I was more than pleasantly surprised. This was a highly enjoyable game, maybe the best one of the 4 and also probably one of the best of all HOPA's I've played so far. The graphics in this game is astonishing. Both in quality and aesthetically. Walking from one location to the next was a pure pleasure. Everything is wonderfully crisp. They have used real location pictures puzzled together and added some elements of their own. Animations too are neatly done, and the only complaint (and it is a slight one) is the integration of the real life actors into the scenes which at times seems a bit off. The story is engaging and interesting as they have been on the most part through the series. It is remarkably told through narration and voice overs of a high caliber. Very suiting to the detective theme as well. Wonderful. But, again, as many times before, they do a lousy job with the lip-sync. I can not believe that this can be so difficult in the year 2012!? A tip to the devs.: I understand that you want to make the game in your native language, but seeing you have a world wide market you should make the effort for the rest of us. All you need to do is double take the scenes with voice and make the actors do one in English as well. At least just to lip them. It's not that much extra work to replace those scenes for the international market, and it would make a world of difference. I wish to see better actors as well, but that is not a main issue. I have to praise the music in this game as well. I usually turn that down or off shortly after starting the game. Sometimes even before I start. The music here is well done and changes well with what is happening on the screen. Sound effects too are done very well. Well, we have established that the wrapping is of high standard, but the wrapper means little if the candy inside doesn't taste good. In this aspect that would be the game play. Luckily the candy is as good if not better tasting than the wrapping looks, and most of the other candies in the bowl to boot. As with its predecessors it has a lot of adventure elements that I highly enjoy. A good selection of creative and moderately challenging puzzles, and of course a fistful of HO scenes. The Mystery Trackers games are maybe the best ones when it comes to the HO scenes. They are clutter scenes, but not too cluttered. They are crisp and clear. They have nice and creative interactive elements to them. They are thematic to the scene you are in and the best of all: You only need to do each single one of them one time. That is a great dedication from a developer, as proven by many others who take the easy way out and have you revisit them up to several times, most often to find several of the same items. Oh, and there are no micro objects that you need to find either. The puzzles seemed really thought through as well. They seemed both creative and original (at least to me) and make you have to use your brain. I got through all of them without skipping, but there was a couple of them in there that took me some time to solve. The adventure elements as well are both creative and fun. Not all of them original, but most of them interesting to say the least. They do cause a bit of traveling back and forth through locations, but was to me less frustrating than previous games in the series. I longed for an interactive map in those (got a clunky one in Black Isle), but even though there is a good, helpful and interactive one here, I actually never used it. I still miss having a journal in this game, even though there is little use for one. It just helps sort things out, and easier to get back to information you might want to get. They log the cut-scenes instead, but I'd rather see that as a bonus feature. Speaking of bonus features. The CE does not really offer much for the extra bucks, but then again they rarely (never) do. There is a slightly short chapter of extra game play which is as enjoyable as the main game, collectable morphing animals and poker chips (I don't know if they are both excluded in the SE). The poker chips can be used to buy items for your best friend "Elf". I love that he is back in this game and that you need his help as much as you do. There is the other typical wallpapers, music, art, that is only interesting to the true collectors. But what happened to the achievements? Isn't there a law against making games without achievements these days??? ;o). I miss them already and vote for their return in MT5. I'd still recommend the CE though, if you have the extra dough. It adds to the enjoyment of the game, and something I missed out on in "Black Isle". The high quality of the game itself grants the higher price. So throw some money at these developers so that the next game in the series will keep shooting this series towards the stars. Almost forgot... There are 4 difficulty levels to choose from when playing this game: Casual: All active zones and elements sparkle, quick recharge of hint/skip. Advanced: No sparkles except for on HO scenes, slower recharge of hint/skip. Hardcore: No hints, no skip, no sparkles. Detective: Same as hardcore, but now your pointer won't change either. I played it in advanced, but only used the hint once to check if it worked outside the puzzles/HOS and to check how slow the recharge was. I guess I could have played it in hardcore, but I don't like taking the risk of getting stuck somewhere with no chance to get further. I might have ended up breaking something ;o). Don't waste more time reading this review! Gather your credits and get this game today and have a wonderful time :o). For the guys: The detective you are playing is "genderless" so it should be of no issue. There is a slight touch of romance in this story, but not enough that it makes you want to shave your legs ;o). TJ November 14, 2012
A Feast for New Fishies From the moment I saw a Mystery Tracker was available I knew I had to buy it, as the previous games had been amongst my favourite replayable games. So for new Fishes who have not had the pleasure of trying this series, I would recommend the great offer to buy at a discounted price. You will have days of fun. About this game, well we have Elf the dog and you will need to use his talents You wont get bored as there is a nice mix of HO and puzzles. You can play by walking everywhere or take a short cut using the map. You also have additional morphing animals to find, aswell as playing the game! October 12, 2012
Fun game Four Aces does not disappoint! The graphics are awesome. The puzzles engaging. The HOSs well done and challenging. There is a map and a little dog assistant! I really enjoyed the disappearing mutant animals and the descriptions - the arachmunk gave me the whillies! The trial ended way too soon - I consider this a definite buy. October 11, 2012
another great ERS game good long fun. Most of the puzzles are easy. The HOS are different in some areas where you have to find part to complete the item. Have to find coins for the dog. Have to find hidden creatures which are easy to fine. Just a good fun game. Cons. having to go all over the place to use items. Map helps and hint button works fast and good. January 4, 2013
A terrific addition to a great series I've been a little disappointed by the last few Elephant games because they just weren't very challenging. This game wasn't quite as tough as I like but it offered so much that I didn't mind. The graphics are gorgeous, the story is full of gleeful silliness, mini-games were beautifully crafted, H0 scenes were scattered perfectly, and there were fun little extras. Best of all is Elf, your adorable and super-smart canine companion. It all adds up to a really fun game. I do have a few small quibbles. Inventory items are too often on-the-nose, with an obvious use. The hardest part about them is remembering *where* an item needs to be used, not figuring out *how* it needs to be used. Black bar hints also take away a great part of the challenge and I do wish they would do away with them, at least for the hardcover and detective levels. The detective level (no cursor changes) is more frustrating than fun. Morphing items are one of my faves but these were just too easy, a few of them were huge and even on the harder settings would sparkle. The in-game bonus content is very nice but the bonus game play felt perfunctory - It's short, (40 minutes on detective level) the mini-games were dolled up versions of the same old stuff, the story is a bit silly, there are only two new "rooms" to explore and the adventure aspect is overly-simple. One of the joys of this game is finding coins to buy toys and treats for Elf (He's such a trooper!) but sadly there are no coins in the bonus level. Despite these small flaws, this game was a blast to play. I don't regret buying the CE because it is so much better than many of the games to come out recently. October 14, 2012
The best Mystery Trackers yet!! I have all the Mystery Trackers games and have really enjoyed them all but I have to say that this is by far the best one yet. I especially loved the Dog Shop and having Elf integrated into the games now. The graphics and music are classic Mystery Trackers; and my two very favorite aspects are having an interactive map to be able to jet from scene to scene and the HOS scenes that have a regular "click" sound effect instead of the extremely annoying music diddly every time you click on an object. ( a huge pet peeve of mine). The storyline is interesting and a little different but kept my interest throughout the game. I look forward to the next MT detectives case with his adorable & trusted canine mini detective. Thoroughly enjoyable! Happy Gaming fellow Gamers! October 26, 2012
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