Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

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You are Dr. Ellie Wright, a botanist stranded on a strange planet called Botanica. Full of curious creatures and exotic landscapes, Botanica is like nothing you've ever seen! Test your wits as you navigate through lush forests, steampunk villages, and more. But danger lurks at every corner; make both friends and enemies as you try to outsmart the cunning Queen Kassandra. Can you survive Botanica and find your way back home?

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Hours of bonus gameplay!
  • Integrated strategy guide
  • Concept art and cut-scenes
  • Game soundtrack and wallpapers
  • Achievements and collectible items
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5
  • CPU: 800 Mhz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Drive: 705 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

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Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

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Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition 4.2 5 111 111
REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME Yes, I have finished it already. Not because it is short, it took me 5.5 hrs, but because it is so awesome I could not stop playing. These devs have just gone to the top of my Best Devs List. The graphics are wide screen and outstanding. Such exotic and fascinating locations. There is no need for backtracking as it is in sections, which close behind you, once completed. The story is really good this time, very original. There are unique puzzles which are a lot of fun to do, instead of the usual boring ones. The iHOS are terrific - clear and quick and fun, and actually rather few and far between, in comparison to the usual over-use we find in this genre. The characters all speak beautifully, quickly and accurately, but they are not voice overs as such, as the characters are not animated. If this sounds like a negative, I personally found being able to click out of them once read, to be a far more preferable format than those games which have such slow speakers, which are mostly out of sync and make you wait till they have finished speaking. The SG is bookmarked, but I mostly only had to rely on the very helpful hint button. Skip button is fast, but did not use it much. The music is rather haunting and good to listen to. There is a map but it does not transport. However, like I said, not necessary. The mechanics are perfect and navigating is as smooth as silk. There are collectables and achievements. The collectables are not hard to spot, but you need to look at each scene carefully. This I did not mind as I took such delight in looking at this game. The main game ends logically, which is good for those waiting for the SE. They will not be left hanging. The BC is, however, informative from the standpoint of the young boy. Both the main game and the BC clearly indicate a sequel in the works. This is the coolest game I have played in yonks and I look forward eagerly to the next one. Devs, your game is a shining star. Thank you so much for putting your all into this excellent innovative, creative and imaginative game. You are all outstanding. October 21, 2012
A Chance to Stop and Smell The Roses! Lately I have been getting a bit tired of the standard HOPA game mechanics and once in a while I really need to get my hands on a more adventurous game where it isnt all about the HO scenes and picking up inventory items. Botanica is a refreshing break and I really have been enjoying myself with this. As always, these developers do manage to bring us a great story along with stunning graphics, great musical soundtracks and an entertaining gaming experience. Our story begins with the disappearance of our heroine's father who went missing on an expedition. His reputation of being crazy had to do with his outlandish theories and experiments. After 20 following his disappearance, his daughter, now a reputable Botanist suddenly finds herself trapped in an alien world full of large and extraordinary flora and fauna. With the help of a fellow trapped scientist who by the way is a tall and very handsome gentleman, they embark on a mission that hopefully will take them back home. The Graphics are indeed stunning and the colors vibrant. There are voice-overs and environmental sounds, enhanced with a beautiful soundtrack that create a world where visuals are literally out of this world. I really did love all the different floras and faunas while exploring each scene. Game features include 3 modes of difficulty, an interactive map which you can use to transport yourself, and a computor pad (which I have to say say it is about time we use some electronics for a change) that not only keeps your notes but also has a task list as well as a botanist encyclpedia. You also have a botanist kit where you will be carrying out some experiments on some plants that you do find. There are intersting characters that you do meet on this journey and there are collectables which are not as easy to locate and a list of achievements to accomplish. Game mechanics is heavy on adventure with many puzzles and mini-games to play. There are HO scenes that cross your path that differ from what we ahve scene. They are highly interactive whereby you need to accomplish taks to retrieve an item. Botanica is not your average HOPA with HO scenes one after another. It does move at a slow pace at times while you explore each scene to figure out your puzzles. Min-games that I have come across were not very challenging but there was definitly a fun factor to them. Botanic is a game after my own heart and I really enjoyed my demo trial. I look forward to adventure game and explore this alian planet while helping our two protagonist to get back to their own world. Kudos to BoomZap who did after all bring us the Awakewakening Series that rank high on my list of favorite games. October 21, 2012
Whimisical different setting, quality all the way (bonus review at bottom) Boomzap just gets better, this it seems will be their next series (?) I have never really been a fan of hand drawn graphics although boomzap does it very well. Here I?m glad to see that they have sharpened their pencils and brought some colour to the graphics. This makes a huge difference in HOS as they are sharp and easily recognisable what an item should and nothing is faded or washed out looking like some other DEVs do. I loved the story a botanist your father finds portals to other worlds and you go and try and find him. It gives the plot originality as it does concentrate on plants and the HOS as well as puzzles are actually part of the game! Let?s get the two negative things for me out of the way, there is no transporter map and they do what they?ve done in the past and made this game a sequel, there is no finish. I don?t like sequels. Again boomzap makes all new chapters and you don?t ever go backwards and revisit old areas. I lOVE when that happens and it also cuts down on the time of backtracking so it?s not bad at all! Don?t select ?hard? which is the hardest of 3 choices of gameplay unless you are very confident as you can?t change once you start (and I do wish you could). You don?t get skip or hint buttons and you don?t get info button on puzzles but you do get some black bar tips on them. There is a journal with a to do list, a non interactive map and some fun ?encylopedia? on other world plants. You also get a botantical kit (when "i" appears you can do a puzzle in it) If you love puzzles, not so much the HOS or just want HOS variety boomzap is your DEV. 16 HOS ? Hidden object scenes I never say this but where do I start in saying why I loved them? No junkpile and only one very cluttered scene. This not only makes them lovely to look at but also I always find non junkpile way harder. Graphics, really clear and sharp, no tiny items. Even though there was no random click penalty on hard (thanks!) I didn?t use it as I wanted to take my time on them, that?s a first! They also never repeated them ? so rare but again shows they are not lazy. All but one list HOS were the highest interaction you can have. 9 list Find items from a narrative 2 (love this) 2 pictures of item you have to find in scene Reverse (put item back in scene) Find x amount Coloured pics at bottom and you find and colour it in the drawing Numbers may be out by a couple but I do try my best 41 PUZZLES (official) If you do back out of them they will reset (did this once). Thankfully boomzap has listened and actually made more hard puzzles as so many games they give us so many puzzles but are so very easy. Overall it was a great variety mostly about medium. I felt the objectives in all of them were clearer than in the last awakening game. It was the perfect hardness for me ? hard enough as to not be bored by them but easy enough to be relaxing although a lot of them took me a while (perfect). A lot of them were standard fare but I liked how they were done, a couple were unique. Graphics were lovely and sharp and clear. I did find this game way easier than the last awakening, as it was clearer where to go thus the 4/5 out of hardness rating. CE EXTRAS (don?t know if collectables will be in SE) Achievements Collectables (butterflies ? these were very hard to find and I wish a few where clearer as I felt I was pixel hunting a bit) Cutscenes (replay them) 4 music Concept art Wallpapers SG Bonus play BONUS PLAY All new area (feel with the floating islands it reminds me of awakening). Although the bonus follows on a different path with the boy from the story and doesn?t finish the plot in the main game, without wanting to do spoilers the bonus plot may be needed to understand the next game. Or it may not and just deepen a character story which I really hope the case will be. HOS 4 2 list 1 reverse Find 10 of something. 9 PUZZLES I think 3 of these were hard and took me a long time along with a couple of others. So if you don?t like hard puzzles or will skip them this bonus will be quite short. Official in game time ? Main game 5hrs 30 min (hard mode, no skipping, no hints) I say this as me giving you a time without information with it isn?t that helpful. Bonus another 1hr 15mins Total -6hrs 45mins October 23, 2012
Unique & Gorgeous! COMPLETED GAME IN HARD MODE Review based on completed game in Hard Mode (3rd of 3 options). Boom Zap really has their act together but have topped even themselves this time. This game is fun, original, filled with stunning and whimsical graphics and attention to every detail from beginning to end. The mini games range from easy to some challenge. The HOS are few and so well done they were a pleasure to come across. The storyline is straight forward-Ellie, our intrepid botanist finds herself in a strange new world looking for a way home. The evil Queen Kassandra hopes to cross over to Ellie's home as well so she can take over. I noticed they made her beautiful but gave her wrinkles and signs of aging on close ups! Like any villain worth her salt Kassandra shows up every so often to throw a wrench in things but there is no final show down with her. Bonus play is an epilogue. It took me a couple of hours (I am a slow player) and included puzzles not seen during regular game play making it worth the CE price. Things to note: -JOURNAL/TASKS: Ellie is given the equivalent of an iPAD that contains Journal, tasks, plant discoveries, and a map. -MAP: It seemed the map was tacked on because it is expected that every game have one. Like the rest of the game, there was attention to detail and it was well done. However, the doesn't call for a map based on its construction and since the map did not show active areas or allow jumping it wasn't used. -STRATEGY GUIDE: The SG keeps up with game play, a feature I love! No paging back and forth accidentally seeing too much. Open the SG no matter where you are and it is right there with you. The one exception ironically is bonus play where paging is required. I found myself referencing the SG very little during game play, but several times during bonus play. Not sure if I was tired or the puzzles were more difficult. -HINTS & TOOLS: Ellie has a botanist's kit where plants can be collected and identified. I didn't try hints so can't comment. -ACHIEVEMENTS & COLLECTIBLES: There are both. The collectibles were cute little lady bugs with their wings spread and masterfully hidden in some case. I had fun just finding the nutty places they were hidden in place sight. I found 45 of 50. :( Achievements can be seen at any time. -DIFFICULTY MODE: Game difficulty is set during the first scene with no opportunity to change it later. Hard mode still shows magnifying glass, hand, etc. I have run across some games offering a "purist" form of difficulty where the cursor never changes from a pointer to indicate anything - That sounds more like work than fun to me. True, I don't like the distraction of winks, twinks, and blinks but having to click every single thing in every single scene to figure out if there is something to do, pick up, or a HOS or mini-game seems tedious. I am not trying to prove anything - I just want to play a fun game. Anyway, none of that here. Boom Zap did a nice job keeping the glints away but couldn't resist embedding hints in the journal or in black bars at top of screen. -GRAPHICS: As already mentioned, beautifully done with uniqueness and every attention to detail from the beginning to end. I found myself pausing at each new scene just to enjoy the scenery - had their been roses in Botanica, I would have wanted to stop and smell them. :) Reminiscent of the movie Avatar, there are glowing jelly fish like things floating around in each scene. I never tired of seeing them. -MINI-GAMES: Of the mini-games we have seen elsewhere they were very nicely packaged "Botanica style". Of those that were new to me it was a pleasant surprise. They ranged in level of difficulty and I enjoyed each one. -HOS: There were only a few HOS. This had a nice effect as it made me appreciate the times I came across them. It also helped that they were not junk-pile and were very cleverly put together with attention to detail just like the rest of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and have a lot of respect for the team who put it together. Keep up the great work! November 13, 2012
Step Into Botanica Via BoomZap! What a beautifully crafted game! The graphics, storyline, game play and music is simply out of this world, literally!! Wow, all I can say is I cannot wait to explore the fantastic world of Botanica with Ellie! Thank you BoomZap for this wonderful adventure! October 21, 2012
Five star game I wonder if we have been so starved of decent games recently that I jumped on this one straight away and gave it 5 stars. No, I think it does deserve it. The puzzles are sometimes simple and sometimes more difficult. The hog scenes are different with puzzles to solve at every step. The game pace is just right too. I loved this game. October 21, 2012
Definitely a Buy This is based on the demo. Absolutely beautiful game! Such a nice change from the "scarry" "haunty" storylines. This is a definite buy for me. This game is fairly easy so far so I would recommend to up the level for more fun. HO's are Great.. not the same old find and click. music and sound effect tracks give a real pleasantness to the game play. Raining out and you are relaxing...??? Play this game!! Enjoy October 21, 2012
Truly unique and imaginative My review is based on completed game. The first thing I would like to say is that this game has one of the best strategy guides I have ever seen, which not just holds your place, but follows your progress, so you do not have to find the correct page you need. The story, many of the games, and the HO scenes were well crafted, and also quite uinque. The scenery is just beautiful and colorful, and really unlike anything I have seen. The game and epilogue took me about 7.5 hours to complete, and although there is NO MAP, the game is very linear, and there is little bactracking. Once you have completed one section of the game, you leave that environment completely, as you enter the next. Quite honestly, this is one of the most fun games I have ever played, and I was really sad when my journey ended. It is a great stress reliever type of game, fully enjoyable, with tons to do and see. The little bugs you collect, for which there is one achievement, enable the player to really enjoy the craftmanship that obviously went into the creation of this game. There appears to be a set up for a sequel, and I know that I will buy it right off the bat, since I loved this game so much. This game shoud not be missed. I appreciate the work put forth by the developers, who provided some really peacefuil and fun entertainment. Well worth the CE, for me any way. A bit disappointed that BFG put it on sale the day after I purchased, but I am happy with the purchase, nonetheless. October 23, 2012
BOTANICA....INTO THE UNKNOWN...BUT FANTASTIC PLACE! This game is absolutely a botanist adventure even though its virtual! I have been studying plants for three years now at college and this game is the icing on my 'carrot cake'! It has two levels of play. Get to collect achievement icons in the different scenes which are fun to search for because I for one was all into the great graphics. Storyline was super as it was very optimistic of the girl doing her own journey as her father had done for decades. Do not want to do any spoiler alters but this is a HAVE TO TRY IT! ... then it was discounted on todays game!..Double enjoyment! October 21, 2012
Surprisingly very good game I was not sure of this game when I started it, but the opening scene is stunning. The graphic's are great, the storyline is easy to follow and the game itself is quite challenging. It is a bit of a brain teaser, and It just has that difference that hold's your attention and is a treat to play. It will definitely be in my games to buy. October 21, 2012
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Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition

Use your botany skills to survive the strange new planet of Botanica. Can you find your way back to Earth in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure?

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