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Uncover the evil legend that haunts a forgotten town in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake! In 1973, something wicked took over the town of Bitterford, Maine, after an unsuspecting inmate unearthed a mysterious object from beneath the prison floor.

Years later, Bitterford lies in ruin. You must join forces with psychic Cassandra Williams, played by award-winning actress Lea Thompson, to investigate the events that led to the town's destruction.

Only you can expose the evil that lurks in the depths of Shadow Lake. But beware... What you discover may haunt you forever.

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  • Hard Drive: 1482 MB
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Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake


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Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

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Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake 2.8 5 209 209
Next Evolution To Hidden Object games I almost didn't play this game because of all the bad reviews. Within the first chapter, I was hooked to the game and anxiously awaited to next steps. I love Mystery Case Files!I have played all the games and have experienced every time how the creators keep evolving with new and creative ideas. They have surprised me once again. This game was very enjoyable with an intriguing story and beautiful graphics. January 1, 2013
fun hidden object excellent adventure, hidden object game , gets the brain working .and you need to keep playing as the suspence off what going to happen next recommended to all that love hidden object adventure well done well made December 26, 2012
I LOVED THIS GAME! This game has all of the elements that I like - hidden objects, challenging puzzles, morphing objects, great story, all mixed together with a very spooky atmosphere. December 27, 2012
Great Atmosphere I was so surprised to see the less than stellar 3-star rating for this game. MCF have been some of my all time favourite games. I think I avoided trying it because of that, but I recently played the demo and I'm buying it. I do loath those out of control inventory bars at the bottom of the screen that auto-hide so you are in a constant battle with calling it up when you are just trying to leave the room. But there's a strange kind of play to this game that I like, different and innovative and not easily boring. The video cut-aways and acting are really good for a pc game. Almost over the top. Has all the cheese of a Saturday afternoon mystery game with live acting. the graphics drew me in, like the old white wooden house with the fresh tree fallen through the roof, and the strange eerie look of the upstairs with a gaping hole to the sky and this tree laying there, while the sedate family pictures hanging undisturbed on the remaining walls. I played the demo out which ended at a puzzle that stumped me in a good way, and so I'm buying now that they have a good sale on. September 17, 2014
Interesting Game This game has received a lot of negative reviews, and I do understand some of them. However, I felt this was a very interesting game. It was laid out a bit differently than most HO games, but that was a nice change as far as I was concerned. Pros: The HOs were of two types. The first is the usual list of objects to find. However, they were scattered around several rooms in one location, rather than in a single junk pile. The other type was to match a small piece of a picture to an actual object. Sometimes you needed to put objects in a picture to make it match. The hints were usually useful, though I did need to go to the walkthrough blog for a couple of things. The challenge level was decent. The map allowed you to "teleport." However, it also forced you to teleport, and when you went to the library, it took several steps "forward" to get there. In several cases, walking the block to get to the teacher's house (for example) would have been faster. I didn't mind going back and forth to the medium. It gave nice chapter breaks in the story. Cons: It is a very large file and takes a lot of RAM. As a result, moving to a new location takes longer than usual. I hated the floating puzzles. I knew exactly where the pieces went, but it was a major nuisance to get them to go where they belonged. One of them was so bad I just skipped it, and I generally love puzzles! I really didn't like the exorcism. SPOILER ALERT! When the priest tries to do an exorcism, he and those with him are killed in an earthquake spawned by the demon. If you are going to include occult themes, don't use Christianity (or other mainstream faith) to fail to resolve the problem. Instead, it uses a more occult-themed resolution, which, of course, is entirely successful. I don't use the sound on my games, so I cannot comment on that. Overall, I enjoyed the game. It was different enough from the usual fare to capture my interest, and it was challenging without being frustrating most of the time. December 28, 2012
I'm Going to Try It! After playing and watching the entire demo in casual mode, which took 44 minutes, I've decided to buy it today for $2.99. It seems like a bargain. This is the first game I've ever played where I actually jumped when something scary happened! It was fun. While I can see why Cassandra might get on some folks' nerves, I found her amusing and funny, after all she's a physic. What do you expect? The sound and visual are great, especially the cut scenes of things that have happened in the past (Cassandra is able to see into the past!). The HOS are interactive and can happen in multiple rooms. The list of items to find appears in rooms where some of the objects might be but it disappears when there are no objects from the list in that room. The hint button shows where an object is within a HOS. In game play the hint button tells you what you can do where. I prefer the directional hint, but this works okay here too. Towards the end of the demo there is a puzzle I had trouble with. I used the skip button and it worked perfectly and since this puzzle was the beginning of a cut scene, it presented the cut scene in its entirety. I read one review who stated the skip button didn't work, but it does in casual mode. I don't know about other modes. You have the opportunity to change modes in this game. I didn't see any down sides to this game and am perplexed by the over whelming amount of 1-star reviews. Although I consider myself an expert, as I know pretty much what to do in all the HOGs I play (and that's a lot!), I always play in the easy/casual mode and use hints and sometimes walk throughs to complete my journey. This game seems to have a good hint system, skips (when fully charged) and even a walk through. I can't imagine anyone passing up this amazing opportunity. Try the demo, read some reviews, look at the walk through, and even read the forum. I hope you read mine and it's informative. Great gaming and thanks to Big Fish for providing great games, with hour-long demos, and an opportunity to view our opinions of their games. May 17, 2014
Don't compare it to the other MCF! As long as you don't compare this game to the other MCF, it's quite ok. There are 2 game modes. The graphics are good. The HOS are clear, and the mini-games easy. The map allows you to jump, which is good since there is a lot of back and forth. The hint system is good, telling you what to do next. What I don't like: Either you watch the whole cut-scene or you skip... And the big problem for me: the psychic talks too much... The game is not too short; without skipping, it took me about 3 hours. October 11, 2013
not a usual MCF as in the old days - but a very good game! This is just a comment: A really good mystery game which is not following ways gone with the Ravenhurst story, which is good. I started my "gaming carreer" with Dire Grove and in some extent this new adventure awakens impressions I had when I played this one. If you are open to something new and do not expect what the past offered, then you should of course try Shadow Lake. March 22, 2013
Perfectly Within The MCF Tradition BASED ON COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS Well, here it is a year since I bought this game, and with Fate?s Carnival already waiting for me, and I am just now getting around to playing this game. I guess I was put off by all the controversy. And the really scary (as in, undoable) video-jigsaw mini-games. Regarding the controversy, let me say just this. MCF has always been about leading edge game play, like morphing objects and live actors, and testing the limits, as in Escape From Ravenhearst. So, OF COURSE it?s not going to be like the others, that?s a given. But there are, I think, two styles of MCF game. There are the Ravenhearst games, with their unique take on ?Spooky Mansion?. And the ?Sleuth? games, which include games made to an obvious formula. (You could make a case that Dire Grove and 13th Skull are the games that do not follow tradition ? no arguments from me.) This formula is, for example, the same as that used in Madam Fate. Each chapter is a unit in itself, with a daunting new type of puzzle at the end of each. And we are guided by and return to a ?seer? after each episode. SIGHTS & SOUNDS The game starts with a wonderful sepia-toned movie that flows into the ?real? scenes. Graphics are very good. A bit murky in parts, but this is very much in keeping with the story. The insertion of live acting is unbelievably well done, and it?s wasted on Lea?s appallingly histrionic performance, but I do like the Ghost Patrol, Jack Talon, his overacting is delightfully in keeping with his role. The sound track is innovative and fun. As well as the usual ambient sounds, sometimes a radio might filter in and then disappear again, and sometimes the background clatter is an identifiable pop song! WHAT?S HAPPENING A spiritualist calls for our aid when things get out of hand in Shadow Lake. She is one of the team who produce the TV show, Ghost Patrol. We arrive to find everyone else is gone, and the team of Ghost are hastily packing up and getting out too. Eventually we find the person we?ve come to see. And we embark on an investigation of the history of the local prison and a strange artifact. MAKING PROGRESS The gameplay is indeed new and different to other games. Whilst still a HOPA, the emphasis is on directed action, and the HOPs are almost invisible. The puzzles are even fewer, and I don?t think I skipped more than a couple. The HOPs take two forms. The ?seer? gives us a list of items needed, and they can be found in any of the scenes-within-locations-within-a-building, that each ?chapter? involves. The second type is a group of drawings that mimic the true scenes in your search for clues. Finding them in the scenery is the way ahead. The ?video jigsaw puzzles?, which could keep you occupied for hours on their own, are brilliantly conceived. They are challenging and totally absorbing, yet not so difficult that I was tempted to give up ? even when it did take me forever to finish them. And they differ each chapter with increased difficulty. The ?seer? controls a great deal of our movements, so the map is a joke. Looks great though. You can use it to jump, but it really is useless. The hints are very good, giving you hints that are usually enough to get you back on track. There?s a journal with important clues. FINAL VERDICT I am very impressed. I don?t know what I expected, but this game was absolutely wonderful to play. I even forgave the ?seer? her performance, but she is a large part of the game, so it does lose a star. December 9, 2013
Not bad as an SE I'm copying this over from the CE review - they're virtually the same: This review is based on a completed playthrough of the Standard Game and Bonus Content: First, the Bonus Content (or why should I pay double for this game?): There isn't any. Ok, there is - one tiny (seriously tiny) little area that when you finish the two puzzles you get to find morphing objects. No bonus chapter, no extended storyline, yes you get wallpaper and screensavers and other stuff I don't care about but maybe you do. To me, the Bonus Game is the heart of a CE, and this game just doesn't have one: Ok, now to review the rest of the game: THE GOOD: It's different. Not the storyline, we've seen that before, but they tried some different mechanics out. Rather than finding a hidden object scene, the hidden objects are part of regular scenes (you see the list on the screens you can find objects). Then you get 'pictures' - reminded of the old 'viewfinder' reels. You match up the pictures in your inventory with the parts of the scenes that they match. It gives you a reason to remember what you've seen. There were 'scares' without it being a scary game, if that makes sense. Those moments that make you jump even though you see them coming a mile away. Not too many of them - enough to keep you on your toes. THE BAD: Lighting in the scenes. Way too much dark where 'hidden' objects were. I can easily say I have never used the Hint button more times in a single game ever (more on the hint system later). Dark scene after dark scene. The 'puzzle' skip timer restarted whenever you exited and re-entered a puzzle, which wouldn't have been a bad thing if the puzzles didn't make you want to do that to try and figure them out... I can almost always figure puzzles out. I don't know whether these were just that difficult or that unclear or the darkness simply sapped the will from my soul, but I skipped more than a couple. Glitches in the 'task list' (and Strategy Guide): Sometimes going back to an earlier area and 'looking' at something would reset the task list. The worst was at the end of the game when it suddenly went back to Chapter 3... The Strategy Guide was the worst I've ever seen (not that I do many CE's or even use them in the games I have) - all you get are pictures with no instructions. Figuring the SG out was a puzzle all its own. THE UGLY: If you've read any of the reviews you've heard about the acting. Honestly, it's not the acting that was bad - but the script she was given: "The mother in me says that bringing that <object of immeasurable EVIL> home to his family was irresponsible, but part of me says he wasn't in his right mind." Audrey Hepburn couldn't pull lines like that off. The character herself was supposed to be an 'over the top' psychic working on a 'Ghost chasers' type of show: CassAHHndra. She played the role she was given, it was just subpar writing, to put it nicely. Which is a shame because these guys have shown they are capable of much, much better. Maybe after Escape From Ravenhearst they wanted to do a game that didn't take itself too seriously. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. Bottom line: I can give it four stars as a SE. CE I couldn't even recommend. December 7, 2013
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Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

The residents of Bitterford, Maine have fallen prey to a terrible curse. It’s up to you to unravel the series of mysterious events that led to the town’s downfall and uncover the evil that was responsible.

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