Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition

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A classic Christmas tale tail, with a whole new twist! Help the Nutcracker rescue the princess from the evil Rat King in this memorable hidden-object puzzle adventure game.

You might be too late for the Christmas Ball, but you're just in time for adventure! The Nutcracker needs your help, and there's an army of rats running rampant through the kingdom. Luckily, a few cute little sidekicks have got your back. Uncover the Rat King's evil plot - and find out what created the toothy little monster.

This Collector's Edition includes a bonus game that tells the story of your agile sidekick and his super band of feline fellows.

Other fun extras:

  • Concept art - some that never made it into the game!
  • A special "Cat Cave" collection
  • Achievements under the Christmas tree
  • Wallpaper and soundtracks
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 952 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mild Fantasy Violence
Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition

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Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition

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Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition 4.7 5 301 301
Early Christmas present I have only played the sample, but am definitely buying the game, It is utterly divine with quirky little helpers. I thoroughly recommend this game. December 1, 2012
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent What an awesome beautiful and fun game. Gosh Big Fish your games get better all the time. So I buy them. I spend way too much money but they are the best games at the best prices. Thank You. What a delightful game. Go Elephant Games. Your colorists are GREAT! November 30, 2012
Beautiful Game!! I love Christmas. This game was the perfect fit. Beautiful graphics, good story line, fun. I didn't finish the demo as I loved it so I bought it right away!! Keep up the good work by having games like this to download. Thanks BF. November 30, 2012
a classic christmas story based on demo, the game is great. The graphics r smooth, the fun and challenge r well combined. i enjoyed playing it November 30, 2012
This is delightful and wonderful It is now 3:00 AM where I live. I purchased the game, yesterday, and, once I started, just couldn't stop except to take my dog out, fix coffee, and have a bite to eat. I encourage everyone to at least play the trial version. Beautiful graphics, really nice story, and plenty to do. The map is excellent and transports you places. The hint button is great and, in fact, I did not need to use the SG. Games were fun to play and not too difficult. As others wrote, lovely music especiallly if you like classical and more specifically, Tachaikovsky, This was just a real treat and brought back memories of having taken my children to see the actual ballet. I suspect gamers, who are on the expert level, will breeze through it. However, because of factors mentioned previouslly, I think they will enjoy it. I'll play the bonus game, tomorrow, or later today. <g> I highly recommend this game and would have checked all five stars except the challenge aspect did not, in my opinion, reach the highest level.. November 30, 2012
Adorable but sinister at the same time! I agree with some in that I'm not usually drawn to Christmas games which typically seem more juvenile but when I read a review that mentioned this one was by Elephant games, knowing what a great game developer they are, I decided to give it a try and I loved everything about it. Just enough adventure along with HOS to make it a great game, not to mention the beautiful graphics and sound. I love getting achievements as well. Great game to get you in the right mood for Christmas! November 29, 2012
Awesome! Love the demo. May have to buy the full version. Its mildly challenging with a great story November 29, 2012
Truly a wonderful fun game - bonus review at bottom This is going to be my new Christmas tradition to play this wonderful game every Christmas. From the Tchaikovsky music, to the setting and puzzles being part of story and setting. Everything is nearly perfect apart from the length of main game but we?ll come to that later. This is a game that you can play with your family and of all the games I?ve played all year it?s the one that has the highest fun factor, it?s a joy to play. The nutcracker?s love - a doll has been kidnapped by King rat and his band of followers and you go and help him to find her aided with some truly fun companions along the way. Graphics are stunning and it?s such a beautiful game. I?d say you?d have to be the Grinch that stole Christmas games if you weren?t at least enchanted by the beginning of the game (even if you didn?t like it.) Gameplay mechanics is exactly the same with any other recent elephant game but just in case you forgot ? transporter map with hints on all levels, choice of hardness setting which you can change midgame, no hint or skip on hardcore but as usual black bar hints, no random click penalty on HOS and you never repeat them. There is a lockable inventory bar. 12 HOS (hidden object scenes) While the graphics are super sharp elsewhere, it?s like they are 95% sharp in some HOS. They are well defined but it?s like they want to go the road of some other devs and blend some in slightly. There are some tiny items but I did find them all. Some are junk, some are very cluttered. They are all list type (as usual from elephant) and no mini games in them just mildy/medium interactive. 14 PUZZLES There is an info and reset button on them. I knew as this is more a family game that there wouldn?t be any hard puzzles but on a couple they were clever as a couple were unique and took a while for me to figure out the objective. One of the achievements is not to use the hint/info button on puzzles. By doing that I was OK with the hardness of them, mostly easy to medium. They had your usual (which please I?ve had enough of) rotating rings and rotating circles (here it was squares ? put your coloured icons on different parts of the board.) They did have some twists on some ? gear puzzle and loved the ? click on things in area to accomplish a task (cardboard cutout of girl) and the flag puzzle which took me ages to work out the objective. CE extras Achievements Collectables 25 dolls 4 Music 5 video (some cutscenes) 9 concept art Screensaver Cat cave (opens after bonus) I was disappointed that the cat cave which I thought could be like the dog area in MT:4 aces which you use your collectables to buy things just turned out to be a place you view the cats that where your helpers in the bonus. No interaction, which I thought was weird. There were no collectables in the bonus (just cat helpers you come across) but the collectables in main game where a nice variety of hard to see and easy, with none being in the impossible range. Achievements, although not many were good as you didn?t have to replay a game to get them all or have annoying timed elements in it (it?s not a TM game.) BONUS REVIEW Every aspect of the plot was completely 100% tied up in main game. The bonus was a pure bonus plot (not needed to finish the plot in main game), completely separate from the main plot. Apart from one of your secondary helpers (the cat) none of the other characters in the main game were in the bonus chapter. While I?m not really a cat person I thought it was very well done, quality was really there and I really enjoyed it. Gameplay was about 90% in old area. Along the way you find some cats with different strengths which help you out. numbers are in addition to above - 4 HOS 4 puzzles (untangle knots, fit correct end into correct slot, click on one thing others move plus another puzzle) Bonus length 1hr 15mins LENGTH The only reason I didn?t give this a glowing 5 stars with cherry on top is the length of main game. I played the whole game hardcore, and playing for achievements (so no puzzle tips or hints or skips) and I just got over 4hrs on main game. I was smelling the roses, and taking my time. Shortest game from elephant at just over 4hrs. I realise other devs do this and so maybe people are used to this length of game and accept it. Elephant was always known for super long and quality games and this is now the third game from them that?s under 5 hrs. This isn?t me getting faster as surface, grim tales is still long. If I don?t say something now then my favourite developers will go down the same route of others DEVS and give us shorter and easier (topic for another day) games. So I hope they are listening, please don?t. I recommend the CE as it had over an hour gameplay as well as all other the extras. And as much as it pains me, and it does as I really love this game, I have to give my new Christmas tradition 4 stars as it way under 5hrs for me. (I have a rating system to try and keep my ratings as objective as possible and time is a big factor in it.) TIME ? Main game ? Just over 4hrs Bonus game ? 1hr 15 min Loved every minute of it. November 29, 2012
Cute Game for the Holidays - A Guy's Review *Review based on completing the full game + bonus chapter in advanced mode* If you want ONE Christmas themed game for the holidays, I think this is the one to get. Beautiful locations, cute characters and plenty of stuff to crack your nut on. You're invited to the Christmas ball, but arrive late, and end up having to help the Nutcracker rescue his darling princess Mary. Along the way you get to meet several fantastic characters and get to know their background stories. I absolutely love how the developers made the story progressions as it kept things interesting throughout the course of the game. The story itself is nothing of grandeur, but it is cute and fit the spirit of the season. Along the way several of these characters come to your aid to solve the tasks you encounter. Each with their own abilities. Fantastic. The story is narrated and the characters voiced. And even though it is not done remarkably, they still do an acceptable job at it. Compared to similar games (genre wise) it has a lot of story to tell and is head and shoulders above many of them. Sure, it's sort of cute and sweet and fairy tale'ish, but it keeps the game interesting. Graphically the game is nice. Locations are interesting and fitting to the theme and looks quite astonishing. Nothing too dark and gloomy about this game. Everything is bright and crisp. The cut-scene animations are somewhat blurry, but by no means bad. Characters are animated nicely as well, but I was surprised to see that they weren't in the close-ups where they communicate with you. The music is fitting to the game and of course revolve around "The Nutcracker Suite". Sound effects and ambient sounds are also of high quality. One thing that wasn't particularly good though is that it seemed like the volume was a bit delayed during narration and cut-scene vocals. There is a good mixture of adventure, puzzles, mini-games and HO scenes to find here. Luckily it also offers a bit of challenge and some nut cracking is necessary. There is quite the bit of adventuring involved, and it is done creatively and engaging. It causes quite a bit of traveling back and forth through locations, but luckily for many, there is an interactive map you can use to fast travel on. You will encounter quite a few puzzles too, and these vary in difficulty from easy to quite hard. There are several familiar ones, but quite a few seemed original too (at least to me). The variations of difficulty keeps you on your toes, but does not make it frustrating. It is my philosophy that all games should do this, so it fits me perfectly. The HO scenes are really beautiful scenes that fits the holiday theme as well as other themed elements. You actually solve puzzles to get to them instead of them just being sparkled zones in the location. They are clutter scenes, but not too cluttered. They are also interactive to keep them interesting, but I didn't notice any revolutionary new elements. Most of them are bright and even the ones that aren't aren't too hard on the eyes either. Items are sharp and never hard to identify. The best of all is that you only have to do each one of them once. That is dedication from the developer, and helps keeping the game fresh throughout. Thumbs up. There are quite a few of them as well, so you do not need to worry if you are a HO fanatic. The game also features a couple of creative mini-games that also helps keeping the game interesting. You have three levels of difficulty to choose from: Casual: -Quick recharge of hint/skip -Sparkles on active zones and objects Advanced: -Slow recharge of hint/skip -No sparkles at all Hardcore: -No hint or skip -No sparkles at all Playing in advanced offered some challenge, which is good. If you like it very relaxing you should probably opt for the casual mode. I had to skip one puzzle (a slider (I hate them)). The game mechanics are smooth as far as I can tell. Movement and interactions works flawlessly. The HUD is clean and familiar. You don't have a journal in this game, but it didn't really feel necessary either. Instead of using the journal to tell half the story it is much more clever the way they did here. The map is interactive and transport able, and I found myself using it quite a bit. I wish every game came with that now. It could have been slightly easier to use with having the whole world on one page. Instead it has areas sectioned off and arrows to connect them. It does highlight the areas where you have actions to do. Bonus: Well, there is no surprise here really. You get one extra chapter to play (half of the locations are the same as the main game), strategy guide, wallpapers, concept art, screensaver, music, collectibles and achievements. If you are generally happy with what typical CE's offer of value for your buck, this should make you happy. I think it even offers more than what they typically do. I don't think it is worth the double cost, but that is just me. I want to see much more for the double price. I did however get this one at a discount and do not feel in any way ripped off. A plus with the bonus chapter is that you get to meet several more cute characters that will help you with your tasks. It is not very lengthy, but felt longer than what they typically are. You also need to find 25 dolls spread out through the locations of the game, and you get a selection of achievements that you collect under the Christmas tree. The game is very well suited for the holidays ahead and I can recommend it to anyone. Beginners and experts alike. It takes you on a joyful ride through snowy landscapes. The main game is lengthy enough to keep you occupied for a while. Should not be missed. For the guys: If you can stomach cute cats and a romantic fairy tale you should not miss out on this game. You might have to watch a good dosage of football afterwards to make up for it though ;o). TJ December 5, 2012
Loved It! I was really expecting not to like this game, as I prefer darker tones in my game. I was looking at it as a way to pass an hour. Well I was mistaken! The scenery was gorgeous, play was captivating and I hated when the demo ended. Some of the puzzles were a little to easy for me, but it does not take away from the game. Perfect game for the holiday season. I will be adding this to my collection. November 29, 2012
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Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition

A classic Christmas tale tail, with a whole new twist! Help the Nutcracker rescue the princess from the evil Rat King!

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