Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders

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How far will you go to save your only daughter's life? Is there a limit? Help Owen Wright rescue his daughter from the clutches of the Lonely Hearts Killer, the mysterious figure who kidnaps and murders people who have suffered a love gone wrong. Unravel the intrigue, put a stop to the whirlwind of crime that has paralyzed this late 19th century British city. Olivia must live! The killer must be brought to justice! Only you can do it!

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  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders


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Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders

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Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders 4.1 5 69 69
Sherlock Holmes feeling.... A very well made adventure, with lots of dialogues, which should not be skipped, as they are essential for the game... Thrilling story! I Loved the graphics: Everything?s very clear. There are lots of interactive HOS, aswell as some brandnew (but not very challenging) minigames. 3 modes to play. And we have a notebook and a map (not interactive). I recommend this standard version, as for me there are no interesting extras in the CE. A good opportunity to spend one of your coupon codes!! December 14, 2012
A Brilliant Murder Mystery NOTE: Review is of complete game ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow, I? I?m speechless. That was such a great story! I played the demo and knew I had to play to the end, so I bought this on sale. I don?t regret it at all. This was brilliant! The story floored me from start to finish. The amount of twists it had was amazing. Each twist added that extra bit of excitement to the story, and it ends brilliantly. I?m a sucker for murder mysteries, but because of that, I judge them harshly. This one went above and beyond my expectations. I congratulate the developer on their effort. Yes, this isn?t the most fun game in the world, but the story is brilliant. Don?t be put off by the demo just because it isn?t ?fun.? Also, there are quite a lot of cutscenes in this game, so those who don?t like too many cutscenes might be a little hesitant, but I assure you every cutscene is necessary to the story! For those wondering, the game has 4 chapters. Don?t let that fool you, these chapters are LONG. Each chapter took me about an hour, adding up to 4 hours gameplay. Like I said before, this game is far from the most fun game I?ve ever played. Although this was easier than Dorian Gray, I still found it to be rather challenging. I was constantly having to use the hint and constantly having to skip puzzles, but that?s what you get when you buy a game from Magicindie; a really good challenge. HOS and puzzles are fairly evenly spaced out, although there seemed to be more puzzles than HOS. The HOS had some extra step items and were fun to play. What I loved about them, though, was that the hint let you choose which item you wanted to be revealed! Yes, you heard me right! You have NO IDEA how long I?ve been waiting for that! It was such a joy. Ideas like this erase the annoyance we players get when the one item we need help with is not the item that gets revealed when we use a hint! Developers need to use ideas like this. It will make their games so much better. The puzzles were quite challenging for me. I skipped a lot of them, but at least I was able to solve some. I don?t mind skipping the puzzles, because I don?t like puzzles anyway, but I like having some that I can solve. Overall, good work to the developer on the gameplay. The graphics were good but could?ve used a small bit of extra work. What I mean was, the graphics did not amaze me, but they weren?t horrible either. Everything was clear, especially the HOS, so I have no complaints on the graphics. I have one comment about the voice-overs- there were different accents (British, not the usual American), which was a nice change. Other than that, nothing really stands out for the voice-overs. They weren?t amazing, but weren?t horrible either. FEATURES - No journal. - There is a map, but it is not interactive and not very helpful at all. - 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hard. I played Casual. The only difference is hint recharge and sparkles. - Hint and Skip- both recharged fast on Casual and the hint is extremely helpful outside HOS. This game is not meant to be fun; it?s meant to be thrilling. I did not have fun with the game, but I was sucked in by the storyline. If you?re wondering whether to choose the SE or CE, I 100% recommend you choose the SE. The game ends conclusively and you do not miss out on much. Plus, the game is rather long, at approx. 4 hours on Casual mode, so the extra length of the CE is not needed for me. I was happy with the SE. August 22, 2013
great mystery hog There is a lot of talking that slows down the game process, but if you have patience the theme of the game is very interesting.puzzles are fairly easy to figure out. Graphics are great. December 14, 2012
Interesting game play and logical sequences Usually HOG can make you feel bizarre at how certain tools can open or repair some items but this one feels really logical so it doesn't make you wonder what one should do with each tool. The dialogues can be skipped through. Puzzles can be a little too easy. Skip button recharges at appropriate intervals. Additional steps in HOG screens are really interesting! December 15, 2012
I prefer the first game but this is still a good addition to series.... Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome totally blew me away and was one of my favorite games of 2011, so any sequel in the series would have a lot to live up to for me. I found this sequel to be a very good game, and I enjoyed playing it, but did not find it to be as expansive or as addictive as the first game in the series. Dorian Gray Syndrome seemed like a much longer game to me (as with this game, I played the SE and not the CE, so I am basing game length on the main game), and I couldn't stop playing it. Where as the Lonely Hearts Murders did not grip me in the same way, and I spread out my playing of it over a few days. It is broken into chapters that take place in different settings so it gives you a good stopping place after each chapter, where as Dorian Gray Syndrome took place in only one setting, but it was an extremely expansive one with tons and tons of places to explore. I guess I prefer that kind of setting since it made the game feel longer to me. I also liked the villain better in Dorian Gray Syndrome. He was one of the most creepy yet charismatic villains that I have ever come across in a game, and when this sequel to the series came out, I was disappointed at first that this game was not a continuation of the first game's story, since I feel as if there is so much more that the devs could have done with that villain. Lonely Hearts Murders does not have a great villain like the first game, but the main characters, Logan and Owen, are very interesting and I enjoyed being a part of their investigation. I guess my point is, if you loved the first game, don't expect this game to be exactly like it, since it is not. The only thing that really ties these two games together is that in both you are trying to hunt down a serial killer, and stop them from murdering someone you care about. Other than that, the settings and stories are quite different from each other, and could even be seen as stand alones, since you don't have to have knowledge of the first game to enjoy this one and vice versa. As far as the game play goes, Lonely Hearts Murders felt more like an adventure game than a H0 game. H0 scenes were very spread out and there did not seem to be a lot of them, which I prefer in a game. It has been about a year since I played Dorian Gray Syndrome, so my memory on this might be a bit hazy, but I think that game had a lot more H0 scenes than Lonely Hearts Murders. I do remember Dorian Gray Syndrome having some fun and unique puzzles, and the same is true for Lonely Hearts Murders. I did most of the puzzles without skipping and enjoyed them. I was satisfied with the ending of Lonely Hearts Murders, which tied things up nicely but also left room for a sequel (and I hope there will be another game in this series since I would definitely buy it), and I do not regret missing the bonus game ending. Most bonus games that I have played do not add much to the story for me and feel like they were tacked on at the last minute, which is why I often prefer buying SE over CE. I don't really care about extras like wallpapers, and I did not need a strategy guide to help me with the game since the hint system was helpful enough. Different players have different preferences, but I don't regret buying this game as an SE and feel as if I got more than my money's worth. The only thing that I didn't like, and which also had to do with why I decided not to buy the CE, is that in the talking scenes the voices often didn't match the speaker, and sometimes those scenes would even freeze for a couple of minutes, but that might be because of my computer and might not be a problem for everybody. I was still able to get through the game despite that and it did not impede my enjoyment too much. December 22, 2012
it wasn't a bad game played casual. low sound. skips/hints charge in about 60 seconds? a lot of voice overs and i do mean a lot. you can skip them. there is a map but it is not interactive. the hint system is good. i didn't enjoy this one as much others because of the voice overs. i like to read them but when they go overboard i get tired of them. December 29, 2013
Gear Up for a Great Game! After checking out the trial version, I decided that I MUST get this game. Chock full of HO's, mystery and interesting dialogue Brink of Consciousness doesn't miss. Enjoy extreme graphic quality along with a Sherlock Holms appeal. Finding that I enjoy Collector Edition's more I'm sure this version in CE rocks! gotta go...I must continue my adventure. December 19, 2012
Decent Hello, all. It has been quite a while since I've perused Big Fish, playing games and reviewing them otherwise. The last time I actually played on a regular basis was probably back in 2012, but I let my monthly subscription keep going until about late 2013. I started back up again this year because I missed playing. With that reintroduction out of the way, I'm deciding to review this game (which are few and far between). Usually something specific compels me to add my input about a game, and it's either something really spectacular or spectacularly bad. In this case, Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders is a solid HOG. The story is a run-of-the-mill formula for HOGs; there is a murderer/evil spirit/scary thing that has kidnapped/killed/is endangering your family member/significant other/you and/or everyone around you. In this case, it is the Lonely Hearts murderer that has kidnapped your daughter, Olivia (and others), who has gone through a (bad?) break-up (and so have those others). I feel like the severity of the break-up(s) is questionable, but who am I to argue with the reasoning behind a psychotic serial kidnapper/killer? You are Owen Wright, everyman and loving and concerned father, who is assisting your detective friend in finding your daughter who has disappeared. I played through the demo (which was excellent) and it made me want to purchase the game. The story is okay and was different enough that it kept me interested. I couldn't get past a few things, but perhaps I am a being too critical or I've played so many of these games that it isn't anything exceptional to me. The setting and scenes are beautifully rendered. I had a problem with the detective's slow movement after dialogue and I felt that it could have been shorter. The voice acting was above average, except whenever Owen (you) would speak. It was as if he was more over-the-top than everybody else (even putting into account that his daughter was kidnapped and he is buddy copping about with that detective whose name eludes me at the moment). Aside from Owen's voice acting, I had a problem with the actual text scenes themselves: I appreciated the ability to skip through them, but I was hoping for more of a click to continue instead of a skipping the whole thing. Case in point: in one of the interrogation scenes the pacing of their dialogue was a bit slow, so I was reading faster than they were speaking and I wanted to be able to click through without skipping. I didn't realize that it would skip the entire thing and I ended up not getting to see the whole thing and it was the next part. (Or maybe I was doing it wrong, in which case, ignore the part about text skipping!) I felt like finding things was too simple. I had it on the hardest difficulty setting, and I was still finding things quickly. I never used the hint or skip buttons. I didn't mind that so much except I couldn't wrap my head around the logic of finding things so I could use other things. What I mean to say is, I don't understand why something that would belong to Owen would be locked away in some mechanism at someone else's house or in some other area that wasn't anywhere near Owen's home. It made me feel like characters, even Owen himself, was part of the kidnap/murder conspiracy. Maybe the developers were trying to keep you guessing as to who the murder was, but it just seemed ludicrous that those items would be there. Tl;dr Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders* is a solid HOG that kept my interest. I'd say the it is worth the price, but even more so because I purchased it as a Catch of the Week, although I would have purchased it at full price. *I only played the SE and not the CE version. May 25, 2014
Good, but Less Challenging than Dorian Gray Syndrome This is a good follow up in the Brink of Consciousness series, although less challenging than its predecessor. The storyline is again intriguing, you are in Victorian Britain chasing the lonely hearts killer, who seems to murder his broken hearted victims once they have been held prisoner for 30 days. There is another damsel in distress to save, once you find out the identity of the murderer. There are great voice overs, excellent graphics and nice music. There are also HO's and puzzles to solve. I was impressed with the HO's as they required a little more effort than before. However the puzzles were much fewer than in Dorian Gray, and unfortunately very easy to solve, apart from the final chapter where the hardness goes up a notch. I played it on the hardest of three levels, but still, the puzzles were few and way too easy, what a shame. September 1, 2013
Good but wordy Let me say, I love detective shows and games. I love a good plot line and I don't mind a lot of dialogue and that is a MUST for anyone that is going to like this game. This game plays more of a novel than a game. Its like a novel with interactive bits. I am happy I bought the standard edition and not the collectors as it has an ACTUAL ending and even gives it a bit of a twist. Even though the dialogue was ok at first, near the end it did wear me out a bit listening to it because there was a lot more near the end. It tells a great tale though of broken hearts, how far you go for the one you love and how evil is sometimes right next to us even in people we trust. The gameplay has 3 modes. I chose the hardest mode which has no hints or sparkles BUT you can skip the puzzles. I did not find that having no hint was a problem either in the main game or the hidden object scenes. The main game is set into segments and once that scene is done, there is no reason to go back. Playing on the hardest level gives you skips in the puzzles and I only felt a couple were hard to get. All the others were doable and unique. I never got a pipe puzzle, thank god. There is no map in the hardest level but there is in the other levels. I personally like wandering around in detective games so I found this was not a problem for me. The first in this series was way better, in fact I own the CE but this one is still great in its own way and I found the voiceovers really made this game because without such good ones or any in general, this game would have been quite lacking but with them, its the best part. Kudos to good voice acting. The accents even appeared realistic too. July 30, 2013
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Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders

Olivia has been kidnapped by the mysterious Lonely Hearts Killer who murders those suffering from a shattered love. Save her!

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