Found: A Hidden Object Adventure


Magic! Mystery! Trading!

After crash landing on a mysterious and secluded island, you will need to quickly learn to survive while surrounded by pirates, magic, mystery and more!

Visit the island for:

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 198 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
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Found: A Hidden Object Adventure

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  • 5. Crashed Plane Load of Diamonds$ 49.99
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Found: A Hidden Object Adventure

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Found: A Hidden Object Adventure 3.7 5 291 291
Found a type of hidden object game worth a try My review is based on my experience of playing Found on ipad before trying it too by curiosity on my laptop. I do not enjoy that game for its storyline (having to find your way out of an island that is more hostile than you expected is a charming idea but not a new one) but for the right level of challenge it provides and the way it proposes to revisit the genre of HOG which I played several times before in the past. The hidden object scenes are fun, have to be completed in the context of quests to achieve that unlock even more possibilities, and do provide surprises that I will not spoil. This game is definitely worth a try. December 20, 2012
Be careful if buying any extra energy. Great game but doesn't come with any instructions that I could find so you have to fumble your way around at first. Your energy does replenish eventually so you don't have to buy extra energy (this is where I made the mistake) - quite addictive and easy to purchase energy - spent a fortune without realising. Also the quests become almost impossible with you having to get several sets of collections but the sites you visit only give out about one required/ essential item every 50 visits or so. It has become very expensive to progress so have had to stop playing. Started off with simple quests and gets you hooked there. Great game though just don't buy any extra money or energy January 14, 2013
Not your typical HOG! Unlike most HOGs on BFG, this one is has a few key differences. First off, it is free to play, but uses energy to limit how long at a time you can play free. Eventually you'll run out of energy, and you'll have to either wait for energy to recharge, use a food item, buy and use a food item with your diamonds, or buy diamonds with real cash, buy a food item with diamonds, and use it to regain energy. The only way you pay to play is by pressing the "bank" button and buying gold/diamonds. otherwise it really is a free game! That said, if you want to play it for free, you'll have to take it in modest doses. Use up energy, leave it and come back later when the energy has had time to recharge. The game itself is different from most HOGs in that you end up replaying the scenes a lot more than usual. Objects you seek don't change much, and there are places each item tend to end up, though they get shuffled a bit. For me it felt a bit easier than most HOGs are, and I've only failed to make the 5 minute timer once so far, on a night scene where I just couldn't find where the last item was located. You start out looking for 5 items each scene, but after you've repeated the scene enough times, it will grow to 7, 9, 11 and I suspect 13 may be the cap of items to find in 5 minutes, but I haven't gotten there yet! I've found I really enjoy a hidden object game where I can usually find all the items without a hint. I feel like I'm growing by collecting all the items and using them to complete quests or collections, and leveling up over time to slowly open new areas is fun too. For free, you can't go wrong trying this game out! December 22, 2012
addictive game really good game if you watch yourself. can cost a lot of money before you know it. your energy doesn't last long and you find yourself buying more, before you know it you've got $20 tied up in a six dollar game January 29, 2013
wendy good games just need friends to help. January 28, 2013
Coming Soon download Wish I hadn't downloaded the most recent update - Coming Soon download 6-21-13. I was enjoying playing a few minutes each day. With this download I lost tons of possible items to get from completing locations as well as less rewards for banning the floating icons. Not so fun any more. Maybe it is a technical issue with the download that can be solved. Prior to this, I would recommend the game for fun, not for challenge. June 21, 2013
Why? Overall, not bad. Run out of energy? Play something else for a while. But I have all this "stuff" in, meat, dried geckos, for Pete's sake...and no way to exchange any of it for something, say, ENERGY! Seems to me if I have diamonds I should be able to take them to the store and spend them. I won't spend real money on virtual items, so I have to wait for energy to recharge between sessions. Even so, I have to say that it's darned addictive! January 21, 2013
Found:A Hidden Object Game It's been way over a year, and the updates have never been done for this game. The last place to open has never been put on, and neither has some other things; i.e., the white box, etc. Will it ever be updated? February 17, 2014
A bit of a learning curve but very good when you get the hang of it. I am a big fan of HO games, but was somewhat confused at first by some aspects of this game. There isn't much explanation, and there's no tutorial I remember seeing, but I actually found it quite satisfying to feel my way and pick it up and develop strategies as I went. There are several strands of play going on at once, and different ways to collect the items you need to complete quests, craft 'collections', and obtain energy items, ingredients, bonus items, etc. I love games which are heavy on the gathering and collecting, and combining this with the hidden object style of play makes this a great game for me. You gain levels in the game by earning Experience, and you gain experience by completing quests, sometimes by crafting Collections, and by either banishing monsters which 'float' around the map, or bartering items with their friendly floating counterparts. As you level up new areas are unlocked for you to 'explore', ie. to complete hidden object scenes in. What makes it more complex is that items you need for quests, for banishing and bartering, and completing collections, are available in some of these areas and not others. (You can check to see which items are available before you choose to enter the scene.) Exploring a scene costs Energy. How much energy depends on the how early or late in the game the area is unlocked. It also varies according to your own level, ie. when you are level 3 or 4 it costs a lot less to search a HO scene than when you are level 20 or 30. Something I don't think other reviewers have mentioned is that you also 'level' within each specific area, increasing your status within it according to how many times you have completed the scene, and are called Newbie, Apprentice, Detective, etc, accordingly. The higher your status, the more items are available as rewards for each scene, and the number of items you are required to collect increases too. The first several times you search a scene, you are only required to collect six items. Later on it could be three times that number, but only a certain number are listed at one time, meaning if you want to chain items for the (very profitable) speed bonuses you have to be really on the ball, and become very familiar with each scene and the different objects it contains. The items to be found are selected from the same number of standard items for a particular scene, with more being added as you level in that area, but each item has several spots in the scene where it might appear, or not at all, which really keeps you on your toes if you want to maximise your speed bonus rewards. At level 17 I am still finding it fresh and challenging. I'm not sure how those people who are over level 100 feel, but presumably they are still playing for a reason! As noted by most reviewers, gameplay is strongly limited by Energy. Once you are out of energy you either have to use food items, which can only be purchased with diamonds, (available in a very limited number for each level), and cannot be purchased with the gold you win for completing quests, etc, or you have to stop playing while your Energy gradually recharges. It takes 3 minutes per energy point, so although it does recharge with the game either open or closed, it's too slow for sitting around and waiting to really be an option. If you want to play for a greater length of time at a stretch, you will have no choice but to buy diamonds with real money. That's just how it works. If, like me, you don't want to do that, you have to play for shorter periods and just suck it up. Once I realised it was intended to work this way, I stopped worrying about my energy getting depleted so quickly. The game is very 'more-ish', though, so I can understand very easily why people are impatient to continue. To simply turn the game off and wait until the next day is certainly very different from my usual play style, but I like it enough that I am prepared to see whether doing that will work for me. This will be a key limitation of this game for some people, I know, but personally I'm going to give it a go and see if I can get used to it. On the whole the game is easy to play, but harder to master, as there are numerous strategy elements involved which don't necessarily become apparent right away. My one piece of advice for those playing this game for the first time would be not to get too attached to your first session, or perhaps even your second. You WILL miscalculate the importance of certain things compared to others, and refine and interchange your strategies as you go along, and you may decide, as I have, that you have spent far too many of your diamonds trying to desperately keep your energy going when you should have just saved the game and done something else for a while. In a way, though, I quite like that side of it. It is definitely about learning the game as you play, with aspects of it becoming more apparent as you progress. I am often annoyed by games that don't give enough direction, but not here. It seems an intentional part of the game dynamic rather than careless design, and I like that about it. Enough to sacrifice my 17 and a half levels and start over, anyway. (Probably.) If you do decide to start the game over, you will not be able to keep your old scores. As far as I am aware, the only way to actually restart from the beginning is to uninstall and reinstall the game, deleting the saved games statistics file before you re-download. You can only have one player profile at a time. I am playing on a PC, using the post-December update version of the game. I haven't had any glitches or progress loss so-far, so can't comment on that side of things. (Famous last words!) Give this game a try. It's free, so what's to lose? Understand its (intentional) limitations, be open to a different dynamic, and enjoy the process of discovering your own strategies as you play. Don't get too hung up on your daily progress, and enjoy the journey. The rarest items can take a long time to drop, meaning you should expect to have to go back to areas many, many times before you can complete some quests and achievements, remembering that more visits to an area mean a wider range of items will drop there. Whether you buy diamonds or not, I'm guessing 'Found' is going to take a long time to complete, (or, according to some posts on the forum, to reach a place where you are waiting for the next update so you can continue!) I don't know that this is a bad thing, though, as I am often disappointed by games not lasting long enough. BTW, am I the only person who thought this game was loosely named after the TV series 'Lost'? I was vaguely surprised that some players found the buxom blonde character in the game objectionable. I just assumed she was a parody on one of the characters from the TV show, and was meant to be amusing. :) January 20, 2013
A hidden Object Adventure fun and some challenges, like how it offers different screens Could use more explanation at times December 20, 2012
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Found: A Hidden Object Adventure

After a crash landing, you find yourself stranded on a secret island. As you explore you will meet pirates, discover ruins and so much more in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

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